Chapter 74: gift

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Sheng Mingzhi finally remembered which paragraph this was.

Isn't this the part where fucking Jiang Bie lies to himself that he's a senior!

Memories just unfolded so unexpectedly.

Jiang Bie did videotape it, and he did so on his mobile phone.

It's just that Sheng Mingzhi didn't expect Jiang Bie to keep the footage from his high school days for so long.

It's been four or five generations since Apple came out, and this man isn't changing his phone?

Sheng Mingzhi clicked on the video after watching it, and by now it had already been retweeted by over 10,000 people.

He didn't read the comments, but went straight to the blogger's Weibo account, where he posted very little, only flowers and plants.

Just very, Jiang Bie.

Sheng Mingzhi doesn't even have to go to WeChat for proof.

This is an extraordinary act of retardation to teach stray kittens not to fall in love at an early age, which no one but Jiang Bie could have done.

The video's retweets and clicks are still on the rise.

This video is the strongest evidence against Lin Xi's fans' claims.

The dust has finally settled on the plagiarism story that has been raging on Weibo for most of the day.

The comments were quickly taken up by netizens who had been following the events:.

"Bull's, I'll see what Lin Xi's fans can do next to weasel out of it."

"Seriously, their clarification logic is flawed, one moment they say Sheng Mingzhi is Sheng Jia's boss lady bullying them, I think you know he is Sheng Jia's boss, why is he bullying you for nothing? What's the point? What's the point of him bullying you?

"Well, I have to say, despite the hindsight, that Lin Xi's marketing was awkward to begin with ...... Also a violin student, seriously none of his awards carry any weight ......"

" Lin Xi fans were saying that even if they produced the manuscript, it could be faked, so I'll see how they explain it now that there's a video."

"You're not going to say that Sheng Mingzhi got a high school double to fake the video, are you?"

"He's just having trouble trying to get a facelift with that face ......"


Reviews of deep cabinet fans with Sheng Mingzhi.

"Only my attention is on Sheng Mingzhi Can actually play the violin? Although? It doesn't fit his wasted vase persona at all!!!"

"Damn, turned my outlook upside down, so I'm the only one who's really a loser."

"So, Sheng Mingzhi is known to have a degree from YunJing University, is a young master of MingChen, and now plays the violin? What's he doing in the entertainment industry?"

"So all those fancy personas he drafted were real ......"

"Don't tell me I'm really here for the dream. I'd really believe it."

"Oh he actually really didn't have plastic surgery ah, fifteen years old look so good reasonable, want to kidnap home and bully hard."


Lin Xi's hot search, which he was going to buy, has also been withdrawn.

In this video

The original skeptical passers-by were quick to fall back on the matter.

The plagiarism was already a bad thing, but Lin Xi still refuses to admit it. When Lin Xi was in his prime, no one dared to say a word, but now the wall has fallen and everyone is pushing.

You can imagine how quickly it backfired.

Sheng Mingzhi has been in the entertainment industry for three years and has never been able to walk away after making such a big fuss.

When I refreshed the front page, basically no one scolded him, instead they praised him for his frank character and daring to speak out.


It turns out that the word "mendacity" can also be interpreted as "frankness of character".

See what bill capacity is all about.

Sheng Mingzhi certainly isn't retarded enough to really think he's turning over a new leaf online to clear his name.

I'm not saying that Sheng Jia has a 100 per cent water force, but 90 per cent.

As much as Sheng Mingzhi hates to admit it, it's true that in the modern internet, whoever has the money has the power.

Whoever gives more money is XinLang's father.

It was the first time he had enjoyed the benefits of this status inside the entertainment industry.

From the beginning to the end of the "plagiarism" incident, Sheng Jia was in control of the situation, saying whatever she wanted to say, and Lin Xi was bullied into submission.

Although this looks a lot like the evil villainous forces in that medium.

But I have to say, it's really quite cool!

What's more, Lu Jiayan was by his side throughout the ferment.

Sheng Mingzhi doesn't even get too angry, occasionally pretending to be angry, just a little tantrum to get the other person's attention.

Thought it was all over here.

Sheng Mingzhi is going to brush up on his Weibo account and then head out to thank Jiang Bie.

As a result, when I refreshed, another tweet came out on the front page.

Carried over from DouBan's post, still related to the Lin Xi plagiarism story, and accompanied by a video.

-The band's live performance is also fake. Do you have any real stuff in you @ Lin Xi?

The poster claimed to be a senior student at the YunJing Conservatory of Music and, for fear that netizens would not believe him, put up his student ID card.

Immediately afterwards, he said that Lin Xi had faked his live performance and that several of the tones he heard were different from the ones he played in his performance.

Sheng Mingzhi was stunned, and when he clicked on the video, it was a live performance by Lin Xi.

It's quite high definition, the pose is clearly visible, and it looks like an official camera angle.

In fact, for the sake of the show, there are indeed contestants who record in advance and then perform afterwards, just like faking a song in case something goes wrong.

But the trainee debut is not a show, the talent of the contestants is a show of strength, if he fakes it, then what is the point of participating in the whole show for the other contestants?

The wave exploded and draft fans were shaken with rage.

HeMu's statement came out quickly, first dismissing the matter as unknown to the senior management, then quickly firing the director who planned the scene, followed by a letter of apology, promising that the fakery would not happen again.

Standard PR speed.

On top of that to make up for this miss, an offline meet and greet with the contestants and fans was arranged to take advantage of a wave of buzz to go straight to number one.

In this way, the blame is placed squarely on Lin Xi.

With the plagiarism in the front and the fake pull in the back, he is completely finished in the circle of inner entertainment, and even if the team has the intention, they can't do anything about it.

Sheng Mingzhi watched the video a few more times.

It looks like HeMu officials are giving it away to their fans.

But why reveal it to the fans ah, is it to kill a thousand enemies and lose eight hundred ......

It is true that Lin Xi's path has been blocked, although this is comparable to a blockade.

It couldn't have been Lu Jiayan who ordered it, could it?

Sheng Mingzhi gave Lu Jiayan a quiet glance.

As if noticing his gaze, Lu Jiayan looked up from his newspaper: "What's wrong?"

Sheng Mingzhi hesitated for a moment and asked, "Did you ask HeMu to make the official fake pull video of Lin Xi public?"

Lu Jiayan paused, his eyes moving back to the newspaper, not denying it.

Sheng Mingzhi, however, understood at once and hurried over, muttering, "Is this not a good idea?"

After all, HeMu has earned the heat and gotten free publicity for its latest campaign, but only lost a little bit of its reputation - wait, HeMu seems to have a lousy reputation in the minds of fans of the inner entertainment show.

There is nothing to lose either.

Sheng Mingzhi's careful analysis seems to suggest that HeMu has gained more than it has lost!

Instead, it was Lin Xi who was killed by a single arrow and died a horrible death in passing.

Seeing his reaction, Lu Jiayan laughed: "It's long past time to fix HeMu's internal hiring problems."

Talking about coal bosses stuffing people through the back door.

Sheng Jia is a behemoth, and Lu Jiayan is not unaware of the many shady practices among executives.

The problem of backdooring money and bringing money into the group can't be solved in a day, but Lin Xi, who came in through the back door during the trainee debut, was the unlucky one who directly offended Sheng Mingzhi.

Lu Jiayan will not make things easy for anyone associated with Lin Xi in any way.

One of the first things to be addressed was who had brought Lin Xi in, and when they did, seven or eight executives were fired in a row.

Lu Jiayan's methods and style were notoriously ruthless.

This was a warning to HeMu and a deterrent to the restless elderly in Sheng Jia.

I don't know what came to Sheng Mingzhi's mind, but I somehow felt that Lu Jiayan's actions were a bit like those of a dim-witted ruler.

But he can't be the demon princess, can he? Shit, he's a proper match for Lu Jiayan!

"Why not." Lu Jiayan speaks lightly, with a little bit of acidity: "If I do less, I won't be able to roll the photographer."

Sheng Mingzhi is still thinking about you a president who you roll with.

And who is the "photographer"?

The result was an instant epiphany the very next second.

Lu Jiayan is referring to the part where Jiang Bie helped him to break the video.

A real help.

Sheng Mingzhi was speechless: "How can you even be jealous of this? You're a reincarnation of a jealous woman, aren't you?"

"Did I eat the wrong thing." Lu Jiayan speaks aggressively: "A video has been saved for six or seven years, isn't that enough for me to drink."

Lu Jiayan reminded me of this.

Sheng Mingzhi suddenly felt strange too.

Yeah, Jiang Bie, why did you keep this shitty video for so many years?

...... can't really be interested in him, can they?

But on second thought, Jiang Bie is a very eccentric person.

He must have been with Lu Jiayan for so long that he's become brazen and narcissistic, how could he suspect his best friend of having a crush on him! You're crazy!

The thought made him feel doubly ashamed.

I feel like I won't be able to look Jiang Bie in the eye anymore.

"Geez, you're boring." Sheng Mingzhi muttered, "Who doesn't have a few best buddies in high school, why aren't you jealous of Shen Ling?"


It just doesn't say.

Lu Jiayan said slowly, "My high school wasn't as colourful as Mr. Sheng's. I had a best friend and a moonlight. I even wrote love songs."

In the last sentence, although it is lightly written, Sheng Mingzhi has a sense of gnashing of teeth.

"I'm not like you. I didn't have anything in high school."

And secretly pulling and stepping a little.

Sheng Mingzhi listened and said, "Neither, I guess."

He muttered, "Don't you still have my brother."



Lu Jiayan laughed out loud, "So, my high school life seems to have become even more pathetic?"

Sheng Mingzhi 狡辯:"I've told you I've long since stopped liking Bai Yue Guang, why do you keep saying ......"

"I know." Lu Jiayan's voice was soft: "I'm just jealous and want to be coaxed by little Mr. Sheng."

You pussyfooted out!!!

What a foul!!!

Sheng Mingzhi was stunned for a few seconds by Lu Jiayan's unexpected show of weakness.

Then the mood swelled up like a marshmallow.


The more Sheng Mingzhi thought about it, the happier she was, she hung on his neck and barks a bite at Lu Jiayan's lips, "Don't be jealous Brother Jiayan, I like you the most now."

Lu Jiayan's childish gesture of affection made him feel better, "Is that all you have to say?"

Isn't that enough of an indication from ......?!

Sheng Mingzhi was furious, but on second thought, Lu Jiayan had helped him too much this time and had fired a lot of people.

The anger subsided instantly.

Sheng Mingzhi was a little shy this time and planted another quick kiss on his lips.

The mosquito hummed in general, "Thank you husband!"

As soon as the words left his mouth, Sheng Mingzhi looked up and saw Yao Shen in front of the villa.

I guess I waited outside for half a day and didn't see Lu Jiayan come out to work, so I went into the courtyard to have a look.

And that's what we ran into.

In a flash, Sheng Mingzhi felt that his body had died a complete social death.

Red from neck to ears on the verge of dripping blood, his body fidgeted in embarrassment.

But Yao Shen was more flustered than he was.

Sheng Mingzhi is only socially dead, but he'll be really pissed off!

In a flash of lightning, Yao Shen immediately turned around and looked as if I hadn't seen anything.

You might as well not pretend!

Sheng Mingzhi snapped back to his senses and walked up to the first floor in a pretend calmness amidst his inner screams of madness.

Then clicked the lock and decided never to set foot outside the room again in my life.


Lin Xi's story was completely lost on the internet within a few days.

Such is the case with the melon of the Internet, it ferments and disappears very quickly.

It's better than the last time Sheng Mingzhi and Song Yi had a big melon.

This time, with Sheng Jia in full control, it was like a shower for Sheng Mingzhi.

The only people who still think about him are the deep cabinet fans on Twitter: the

"In? Don't play dead without tweeting."

"Drop your boss's wife act, is that bull, not still not getting me?"

"Can you play the violin and not show your fans the grandparents?"

"@ Sheng Mingzhi, come out for the talent show."


Sheng Mingzhi is also occasionally brushed.

But it was also very peaceful inside when I saw it.

He didn't know what he was waiting for, but the day came when Jiang Bie left the country.

Sheng Mingzhi knew beforehand that Jiang Bie would not stay in China for a few days, and at that time he was still a bit familiar with him.

After getting to know Jiang Bie, I was a bit sad to see him go.

It's the same as it was in high school.

He doesn't have many friends and the older he gets the more he should cherish the few he has.

On the day Jiang Bie left the country, the weather was not very good.

Sheng Mingzhi was so upset that he didn't even eat two bites of breakfast.

When it was time to check the tickets, Sheng Mingzhi finally couldn't resist and asked, "Where are you spending New Year's Eve this year?"

Jiang Bie tossed his hair: "It's still up in the air."

He spoke in a slightly hoarse voice, probably because of the cold.

With the mask on, you can see his somewhat pale face.

Sheng Mingzhi vaguely remembers that Jiang Bie's health was a little worse in his senior year.

Colds and fevers seem to be a common occurrence.

He seemed to notice that Sheng Mingzhi was in a very depressed mood.

Jiang Bie bends down slightly and deliberately looks into his eyes: "Are you crying?"

"Cry the hell out." Sheng Mingzhi was speechless and slapped his head away.

"So sad to see me go. Then I won't leave." Jiang Bie smiles.

He also said this to Sheng Mingzhi in his senior year.

One late afternoon, it was sunny, the sound of cicadas was heard in the playground, and the classroom air conditioner was broken and tumbling with heat.

Jiang Bie was at the table behind him and poked Sheng Mingzhi with a black water pen.

"Shu, what do you think about me going abroad to study?"

Sheng Mingzhi is hot and bothered: "You go out of the earth to study."

"Really. Ask for your opinion."

Sheng Mingzhi turned his head and looked at him hesitantly.

He actually wanted to say, "Didn't you agree to take the KYU exam with us.

But teenagers are chic in both love and friendship.

Although he was tempted to ask Jiang Bie why he had changed his mind on the spur of the moment, he resigned himself to it.

"Suit yourself. What can I do to stop you?"

"Oh. Do you think I should go?"


"If you can't spare me, I won't go."

Jiang Bie suddenly sat up and walked out of his seat.

In order to be level with Sheng Mingzhi, he buckled down on one knee and looked at Sheng Mingzhi from the bottom up.

It is a gesture that borders on pleading.

Only his expression was still dangling as he said, "If you tell me to stay, I'll stay."

Sheng Mingzhi How to answer.

The next second came his voice: "You'll do better when you get out of the country, there's so little motorsport in the country."

It is.

That's what they said back then.

Sheng Mingzhi hesitated for a second, remembering the last time Jiang Bie had left the country and hadn't heard from him at all, so this time he got smart and asked, "You'll send me a message on New Year's Eve, right?"

Jiang Bie shrugged his shoulders and said, "As long as you don't pull the plug on me again."

When they finished, both of them laughed.

Those years suddenly came back to them all at once.

"jenson, it's almost time for you to board your flight, get ready to say goodbye to your friends." The British-Chinese sare stands a short distance away urging, a nanny who has been with Jiang Bie for four or five years and is a standard British woman with curly hair and a round face.

"Got it." Jiang Bie waved his hand and looked over at Sheng Mingzhi.

He seemed to want to say something, the words came to his lips, and then finally stopped.

"Just send it here, I'm going to security."

Jiang Bie tapped him on the shoulder and gestured for him to look back: "Someone's waiting for you, go on."

Sheng Mingzhi looks back and sees Lu Jiayan coming in through Gate 2 of the airport.

He didn't tell Lu Jiayan that he was coming to see Jiang Bie off today, probably because Yao Shen had snitched on him again.

As soon as this thunderous idea came to mind, it was squashed by Sheng Mingzhi.

I also feel sorry for Jiang Bie, he's been so shameless lately!

Sheng Mingzhi said awkwardly, "I'm off, then. Remember to keep in touch."

Jiang Bie smiles: "Yes, I will."

Sheng Mingzhi turns towards Lu Jiayan.

The sunlight penetrates through the clear glass of the roof and is split into countless columns of light that spill out into the hall.

As if to himself, Jiang Bie repeated in a low voice, "Keep in touch."

Jiang Bie did not turn around for security until Sheng Mingzhi's back was out of sight.

sare teased him, "Does jenson like him?"

Jiang Bie takes it in stride: "Madam, please don't gossip during working hours."

At security, sare watched as the staff pulled a black musical instrument bag out of the suitcase.

Jiang Bie didn't stop when the staff member indicated that he wanted to take it apart.

The zip pulls open to reveal a brand new violin.

Pressed against a thin manuscript, wrapped in a distant memory.

Sara exclaimed, "jenson, how come you didn't give the gift to your friend."

Jiang Bie stretched and sighed, "No need for that. He'll have more than he wants."

The turquoise blue sky.

The flight to the UK trails a long tail cloud.


Sheng Mingzhi trotted towards Lu Jiayan, again feeling too eager in his gesture to meet him.

Stopping haughtily as he reached him.

Noble and cold, "What brings you to the airport?"

Lu Jiayan casually made up an excuse and looked bashful: "Lao Wu had something to do this afternoon, so I came to pick you up instead."


Turns out the driver who picked him up had something to do this afternoon ......

Big Brother.

Don't you have to lie?

How poor are you, Sheng Jia, that the driver who picks up the boss's wife doesn't have a new driver?

You don't need to come and pick it up yourself.

Sheng Mingzhi said deliberately, "You lie!"

Lu Jiayan pulled the door open for him: "What lies?"

Sheng Mingzhi finally couldn't help himself and jumped on him, shouting, "You still say you're not lying, are you afraid I'll run away with Jiang Bie so you don't even go to work to catch the adultery!"

Lu Jiayan shifted slightly and smiled helplessly, "So are you going to run away with him?"

"You wish!" Sheng Mingzhi said, "I ran away with him so that you could have your own palace in China! Do you resent my arrogance and dominance? I'll tell you who told you to marry me, you'll have to put up with my temper, I won't run off with anyone else, I'll just mess with you!"

As if that wasn't enough, Sheng Mingzhi threatened, "I'll wreck you for life."

Lu Jiayan laughed at this, "If you have such a good thing, remember to call me in your next life."

Sheng Mingzhi: "......"


What's the sudden titillation for.

I have to say that Lu Jiayan's words at some point really struck a chord with him.

So when I went to dinner with Lu Jiayan later, I was in a good mood the whole time.

After dinner, Lu Jiayan is still sitting in his seat.

Sheng Mingzhi's eyes fell on him, and the other man said slowly, "I have a gift for you."

"What is it?" Sheng Mingzhi raised an eyebrow.


"A sports car? A villa? A watch? A yacht?" Sheng Mingzhi counted them off on his fingers.

That's how unpretentious and expensive he wanted it anyway!

Lu Jiayan shook his head and said slowly, "It's not that valuable."

Sheng Mingzhi: "......"


How long has this relationship been going on and you're already being so perfunctory?

You used to give gifts of $60 million sports cars! Dog man, if you give anything less than 60 million you're dead!!!

Little Mr. Sheng in a fit of rage.

The waiter in the restaurant brought out the gifts prepared by Lu Jiayan.

Sheng Mingzhi's heart thumped the moment he saw the size of the gift box.

I don't know why, but I suddenly had a terrible gut feeling.

It was as if, the long awaited wish was coming true.

In the next second, the waiter opens the box.

On the black velvet, a valuable violin lies.

Sheng Mingzhi's heartbeat stops for a moment.

Lu Jiayan trailed off, his tone gentle: "Because it's considerably cheaper than the villa and the sports car, there's the added gift of myself."

After saying this, and fearing that Sheng Mingzhi would refuse, he shamelessly added: "The accompanying gift is a forced purchase and is non-refundable."

Sheng Mingzhi did not answer, as if frozen.

There was a silence.

Lu Jiayan speaks once more, in a soft and firm tone.

" Mingzhi. So would you still like to go back on stage?"

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