Chapter 72: The Right Ear

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If it was another support act that had spoken at this point.

The director will probably just pretend that nothing happened, that it was taped anyway, and that it didn't affect the show. The episode will be edited on air and the episode will be over.

Unfortunately not.

The man who spoke was Sheng Mingzhi, the director general who immediately felt that he was in the grip of fate, and that fate had a stranglehold on his job in the process.

After a dead silence, someone finally spoke up.

It was Lin Xi who was standing on the stage, the smile on his face froze as he slowly said, "I don't know why Mr. Sheng would say that, is there some kind of misunderstanding?"

Sheng Mingzhi didn't bother to look at his face.

He was already on the verge of exploding with anger, he sneered: "Are you not clear about whether there is a misunderstanding? Do you need me to tell you if you composed it yourself?"

The fox of a thousand years was playing some kind of chat with him.

To be honest, when Lin Xi was accused of plagiarism on the spot by Sheng Mingzhi, he was panicked for a moment.

But he soon calmed down. The score he was holding had come to him inadvertently during his studies abroad.

The international student community likes to hang out in groups and have parties in villas.

Lin Xi was impressed by the villa, and when he walked in, all the cars were parked in the garage.

The owner of the villa is a racing driver, as we learned from friends.

It was in the study that that manuscript was seen.

As a violinist, he saw the music at first glance and stared at it for a while in a casual manner, but couldn't look away.

By some miracle, Lin Xi captured this piece on her mobile phone.

In retrospect, it had been preserved for years.

When he cleared his phone's memory some time ago, this forgotten score came to him abruptly.

It just so happened that his manager asked him if he had a good original composition, and as if he was tempted by something, he took a chance and sent this score to his manager.

After all, no one would even care about such a chance shot of a score.

Besides, it was made many years ago and there is never any news of this composition on the internet.

Plus that villa owner doesn't even mix in the entertainment industry.

Lin Xi is even more emboldened.

And the score he sent to his manager was only half the tune he saw back then.

Lin Xi excused herself from writing the remaining half of the book, and the agent found a professional team to fill in the rest.

In the end, not being the original author, it would be difficult to reach the level of the first half of the book, even if it were made up.

It is not audible to the uninitiated, but those who have studied composition can detect the subtle fracture of the piece at first listen.

I just never thought I would be so unlucky.

The first performance was revealed to be plagiarism.

But plagiarism is also about basic law, so as long as he bites the bullet and doesn't admit it, who knows.

He didn't believe Sheng Mingzhi could turn out an original copy for him.

Lin Xi's voice was loud and clear: "I think there is a misunderstanding. Mr. Sheng, first of all, I don't want to deny that you said I plagiarised, but even plagiarism requires evidence, so you're jumping to conclusions. I know that I am a small violinist and I have no influence compared to you. But I don't think you would deliberately make things difficult for me by virtue of your position. If you really feel that I have plagiarised, please come up with a reason that will convince everyone."

After a pause, Lin Xi added a seemingly visceral note: "But I think Mr. Sheng might not know much about violins, or perhaps he heard similar music before and got sidetracked?"

He was green tea and white lotus with this comment.

Picking themselves clean and innocent in their words.

He first said that it was a misunderstanding with Sheng Mingzhi, and then asked Sheng Mingzhi to produce evidence of his plagiarism.

The influence of Sheng Jia's wife is so great that she can't create a proof if she can't get one. To bully me, a newcomer who has not yet made her debut, is it not as simple as killing an ant?

There was a final connotation of Sheng Mingzhi, saying that he was an amateur who came to instruct an insider and thought he was copying after hearing a few tracks.

It's almost as if the whore is clear and unmistakable.

When Sheng Mingzhi heard this, his fox eyes widened slightly in anger.

He stood up from his guest position, grabbed the microphone and opened the microphone: "I'm giving you face, aren't I?"

The directing team took a look at things going haywire.

The recording was interrupted and the HeMu executives were rushed to report this to them.

Sheng Mingzhi's microphone was too big for anyone to turn off.

All the people on the floor were already too breathless and tense to move with their full faces in a daze.

"Someone who can't even draw a staccato bow with a jumping bow talking to me about original compositions? I see there's a shortage of sawing positions in Daxinganling, it's not too late for you to audition!"

If Sheng Mingzhi had not seen the posture of Lin Xi's playing earlier in his anger, now that he has calmed down, he finally realises why he thought it sounded so awkward.

The Lin Xi piece is fractured, with a subtle gap between the compositional styles of the top half of the curved surface and the bottom half, as only half of that score by Sheng Mingzhi was written back then.

Like his crush that collapsed halfway through the year, it ended in vain.

He was suddenly at peace and said slowly, "Right. I did misunderstand you, and I can't say that you copied it completely, you copied half of it."

Lin Xi froze.

I almost blurted out "How did you know?".

Sheng Mingzhi raised his eyes, "Are you wondering how I know? Because I only wrote half of it back then."

You've copied half of it!

The more she thought about it, the angrier Sheng Mingzhi became, the more she put down the microphone and sat regally at the judges' table.

Looking at Lin Xi's ghastly white face lightened the mood.

It's a "go ahead and make it up, I'll see how you act" kind of gesture.

Plagiarism copied from the main character and performed in front of the main character.

Lin Xi really didn't think he would be this unlucky.

He was not the only one who heard Sheng Mingzhi's words, but everyone in the room.

There was little expression visible other than shock.

Lin Xi was copied from Sheng Mingzhi ?

No, this dramatic image is not quite as shocking as another fact.

Sheng Mingzhi actually plays the violin?


Isn't the boss lady always one of those crotch-pulling personas in the entertainment industry who can't do anything right!

Thought he was one of those rich playboys who went home to inherit the family business when they couldn't make it.

With this skill ...... how come I've never seen Sheng Mingzhi demonstrate it?


Lin Xi was also shocked and did not speak.

But he didn't give up yet and opened his mouth, "Since Mr. Sheng is so sure that I copied it, how can Mr. Sheng prove that the piece is your original-"

The microphone mutes at once.

Lin Xi knew he was being turned off.

The director's team is really impressed by Lin Xi.

If it wasn't for that coal boss who had asked for connections to get him in, he would have wanted to go down there and beat someone up himself.

It has come to this irreversible situation, but it still has the audacity to repeatedly jump on Sheng Mingzhi's minefield.

Lin Xi can pack his bags and get out if he doesn't want to make it, he has a job as a director to support his family!

I don't know if I should say a word about the first born.

Lin Xi is about as broken as he can be. If he admits to being a plagiarist in front of Sheng Mingzhi today, how can he hold his head up in front of others in the future?


He really didn't believe that Sheng Mingzhi could turn out an original manuscript.

When the mic was turned off, Lin Xi could be heard shouting from the stage: "Mr. Sheng, how can you say I copied you? With your mouth? You said you composed the song, so you composed it? There are so many people watching, why don't you show us some proof? Don't just deny someone's work without proof, okay? Do you know how difficult it is for me to stand on this stage, denying all my work in one sentence?

The director was so angry that his eyes turned black and he was furious: "Get security to take him off! Why are you still keeping him on stage talking nonsense? I guess you all don't want your jobs anymore!"

Sheng Mingzhi, of course, also heard these words, and was simply exasperated by this copycat dog, he can really do it and can really do it himself, what?

What proof do I need? I can just go on stage and play the remaining half of the score, okay? How dare you claim to be a violinist with that level of crotch playing? I can play better than you with my feet!

However, Sheng Mingzhi just sat there and didn't move, even though his heart was mocking him.

After Lin Xi was taken down by the security guards, the violin was still on the stage.

Sheng Mingzhi's eyes fall on it and pause for a few seconds.

In just a few seconds, the memory explodes like broken glass as the violin clatters to the floor, gradually reuniting with the lone instrument on the stage before us.

He knew the next scene was one in which he was slapped against the wall.

As if stimulated by the image.

Sheng Mingzhi reflexively ducked back for a split second, then subconsciously covered his ears.

It clearly didn't hurt.

But mentally, it was like being torn apart.

Sheng Mingzhi noticed that his palms were a little sweaty.

The palpitations were intense.


Lin Xi will definitely not be able to continue recording the third installment of "Trainee Battle".

The official microblogging service was very efficient, and a PR message was prepared and made public on Weibo half an hour after the security guards took Lin Xi off the stage.

With your job at stake, whether you can please the boss's wife depends on how fast and firm this announcement is made.

The Lin Xi contestant was unfortunately unable to participate in the recording due to personal reasons.

A sprawling announcement of termination was written and hung on this text

Comments are blowing up on.


"WOC, what's going on with your show, this is the second contestant to be released, right?"

Lin Xi has been marketing himself well for some time now and with his violinist persona, he has already built up a fast following on Weibo for the talent show.

He was waiting for his brother to crush all the contestants in the third episode of the show, and then he was waiting for this termination announcement.

You can imagine how barbed the rest of the comments were.

"What the hell, I kinda like this new little brother."

"Help ...... It's not that your show has already decided the winner, right, and then dismissed all the contestants who were better than the winner?"

"Laugh out loud. New idea for the draft, un-contract the best and the rest are champions.jpg"

"Since it's because of the player's personal reasons, can you please write down clearly what the reasons are, so that you're not the ones who forced people out of their contracts and then put the pot on the players."

" HeMu This kind of operation is not just a day or two, the light termination of contract is really unbearable, and the money previously invested in the fight has been given to Lin Xi to spend, can you refund the money ah?"


The official Weibo of the trainee's debut battle was overrun by Lin Xi's fans.

Lin Xi's own Weibo comments have also fallen.

Lin Xi has not come forward with an explanation for what has happened.

Fans who have always been aware of the rules of the entertainment industry know that Lin Xi is probably restricted by his manager and is not allowed to tweet.

That's the way it is with Netflix.

It is not curious for people to be generous with their reasons for withdrawing from the competition.

But the more they hid it, the more the netizens felt there was something to eat.

Gradually, DouBan began to spring up with posts asking why Lin Xi had suddenly withdrawn from the tournament.

Sheng Mingzhi, however, did not swipe these tweets.

At this moment, although he was clutching his phone, the page he logged on to was not Weibo, but WeChat.

It's Lu Jiayan's chat box.

The little ancestor had been waiting to hear from him for a full afternoon.

But the chat box is as good as frozen, no movement at all!

Sheng Mingzhi finds it outrageous.

He can't believe HeMu didn't report the incident to Lu Jiayan after such a big incident at the practice recording.

Why didn't Lu Jiayan send a message to ask him what was going on, since he had reported it to him?

Shit, it can't be the seven-year itch just after falling in love, can't a dog man cherish him once he gets him?

But then I thought that Lu Jiayan might be in a meeting this afternoon.

Sheng Mingzhi is a bit embarrassed to blame him, but if you think about it differently, you're not really making a big deal out of it.

HeMu's movements were too fast for him to react.

While he was still angry, the executives kept on reporting the new progress, terminating the contract, going public, kicking him out of the show, and not opening up all of HeMu's resources to Lin Xi in the future.

It was handled quite satisfactorily for him.

He didn't want to bother Lu Jiayan with the slightest thing.

Sheng Mingzhi put the phone down when he figured it out.

He lay on his bed and looked at the overhead light in the room.

A thought suddenly flashed through his mind.

--How come the villas at One XiShan didn't seem so big before?


When Lu Jiayan returned, this was the scene.

Sheng Mingzhi slept in his bed without a single quilt.

It was that extremely insecure pose, the whole thing curled up into a ball, crinkling the hair.

Still playing with the phone about bedtime, hanging breathlessly in my hand.

Lu Jiayan leans in slightly and takes the phone out of Sheng Mingzhi's hand.

This jerk awoke Sheng Mingzhi.

He opened his eyes, which were still a little dazed.

I don't know if I had cried before going to bed or what, but my eyes were red and I looked at him pitifully.

Lu Jiayan suddenly regretted that he had come back so late.

HeMu's senior management reported to him this afternoon that he should have been back when Sheng Mingzhi was on the scene and fuming.

Sheng Mingzhi froze for a few seconds before speaking, his speech slurring as he woke up, "Why are you back?"

Lu Jiayan said softly, "I heard from Yao Shen that you had a bad time recording the show this afternoon."

It's okay not to talk about it.

Sheng Mingzhi I'd forgotten all about it after a good night's sleep.

When Lu Jiayan mentioned it, he realised that his grievances were quite numerous and overwhelming.

Or perhaps the way HeMu gave him to take his anger out didn't work at all, but HeMu is HeMu, not Lu Jiayan.

Actually, to put it mildly.

He just wanted a word of comfort from Lu Jiayan.

Sheng Mingzhi nodded, thinking to himself, "I'm dying of anger before you come back!

Why don't you just wait for me to come back and collect my body after I die of anger!

Sheng Mingzhi grunted coldly, with a look of coaxing.

Lu Jiayan explained, "I had an international meeting in the afternoon and couldn't leave. I'll be back earlier next time."

When he said this, Sheng Mingzhi was out of breath.

With his temper half weakened, he leaned on Lu Jiayan's shoulder like he had no bones and muttered, "Forget it then, the meeting is more important."

He hasn't forgotten the last time Lu Jiayan dared to throw away a billion dollar contract for him.

Sheng Mingzhi's father has been talking to him about it, saying he's a loser.

Off the beaten track.

I am your son or Lu Jiayan is your son?

"What's wrong." Lu Jiayan smiled, seemingly thinking the same thing as Sheng Mingzhi: "Afraid that if I keep skipping meetings, I won't be able to earn enough money to support you in the future, right?"

He remembers that when he first returned to China, Sheng Mingzhi threatened to bankrupt Sheng Jia.

He was the first to divorce Lu Jiayan, determined not to live in misery.

For this reason Lu Jiayan is always secretly glad that he has money.

Sheng Mingzhi probably thought the same thing and punched him hard: "You're so boring!"

He knew that Lu Jiayan was rehashing his past and said, annoyed, "That was before."

"Hmm." Lu Jiayan nodded: "And now what? Willing to live a hard life with me again."

Sheng Mingzhi gave him a look, mentally spitting at you for knowingly asking, but nodded obediently, "A little bit of yes."

On a whim, he picked up, "I could steal my brother's money to feed you."

It seems that last time he also said that he stole Sheng Xu's money to support him, and this time too, he poked Lu Jiayan's funny bone again, and the man stifled a few laughs.

Holding Sheng Mingzhi in his arms, he lovingly drops dense, delicate kisses on his lips.

"Wouldn't let little Mr. Sheng steal the money."

Sheng Mingzhi suddenly became understanding: "Oh. Then you'd better not make a special trip home for such a trivial matter next time."

Lu Jiayan raised an eyebrow: "So understanding?"

Little Mr. Sheng nodded haughtily.

They are also good at making comparisons, and they are never ambiguous about important matters.

He then looked at Lu Jiayan with a look of "I'm so understanding, why don't you come and praise me".

Lu Jiayan laughed and said solemnly, "But with me, your business is never trivial."

Sheng Mingzhi was stunned.

Lu Jiayan intertwined her fingers with his: "So you don't need to know anything, you'll always be number one in my heart."

It was like some switch was flipped with that statement.

Sheng Mingzhi Suddenly, he felt his aggravation break out.

The mood that had been moping all afternoon suddenly poured out.

He was so angry that his voice stuttered and he told Lu Jiayan everything that had happened today, blathering on and on like a tattletale.

Lu Jiayan's eyes darkened slightly.

Although he heard his subordinates report on the whole process, it was clear from Sheng Mingzhi's account that there was more at stake than met the eye.

At the end, Sheng Mingzhi, the curser, was red-eyed.

"And he said I should get myself on if I could, laughing as if anyone couldn't play the violin, I can play it better with my feet!"

Lu Jiayan nodded: "And what happened?"

What happened?

Sheng Mingzhi froze.

It was as if all sound had come to a screeching halt.

Lu Jiayan's voice was gentle: "Why didn't you go up there, Mingzhi."


The instrument was lifted high by the lord and smashed hard to the ground, breaking it in pieces.

Then he couldn't hear anything -

All the resentment and regret were vented at this moment.

Sheng Mingzhi's tears came without warning, falling like a broken thread.

He remembered that afternoon, when he had gained everything and then lost everything.

Then he never had the courage to pick up the instrument again.

The nightmares haunted him endlessly every day and night that he could not hear.

Sheng Mingzhi refuses to communicate, to talk, to fit in.

But then he looked eagerly at everyone who passed him, wrapping hope in his sight and cautiously testing for help.

A father, an older brother, even an aunt, a nanny, even one, just one person would be good enough to find him and find him.

He had grabbed Sheng Yuan's hand in desperation and only looked at him with trembling eyes.

But at the sight of the weary look in the other man's eyes, the words caught in his throat and suddenly turned into knives, cutting his throat.

He wanted to say, "Dad, I can't hear things.

Can you, take me to the hospital, my ear hurts.

But he didn't want to be seen as a nuisance either.

Now in Lu Jiayan's arms, the bloodiest part of his heart opens up to him.

Sheng Mingzhi's voice was choked with emotion and he could not say anything.

Halfway through the day, as if asking for help, he whispered, " Lu Jiayan, my ears hurt."

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