Chapter 7: One metre four

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Sheng Mingzhi looks patiently at the chat sent by Lu Jiayan and lets out a long breath.

Then he looked expressionlessly out of the car window at the Golden Trade International Building, a gift from Old Lu when Sheng Mingzhi married Lu Jiayan.

Located in a prime location in YunJing, the International Tower towers above the ground in all its glory and splendour.

Well, look twice more.


Sheng Mingzhi put up a business fake smile and eerily spared no effort in outputting in the chat box.

"Dear, may I ask which optician bought such a large spectacle cloth for you to keep as your own shroud in the future ......"

Before the line was finished, WeChat showed that the other party was in the process of typing.

A quicker message was sent than his.

Lu Jiayan: [But it's nice to look at.

Sheng Mingzhi 咬齿敲字的姿态一愣。

He stared at the five words as if he had seen a ghost, completely unable to imagine Lu Jiayan, a venomous and mouthy young master, saying such kind words.

Sheng Mingzhi once suspected that Lu Jiayan's dictionary did not contain roots of a praiseworthy nature.

He clicked on a photo he had taken at the beach.

Admired it for a couple of seconds and thought: what an official answer to his bullshit, it would have been nice to see a bit of ivory coming out of the mouth of the count dog man.

The phone continues to vibrate, exiting the photo, and Lu Jiayan's message comes back.

[But next time don't shoot.]

After a few seconds, the other party continued to reply slowly and justifiably: [Or send it to me privately].

Sheng Mingzhi: [......]


What are you, teaching me how to do things?

Why should I send it to you privately? On the basis that I have as much fabric for my clothes as you have for your spectacle cloth?

He bellied up for a moment, but his fingers on the screen paused for a moment.

In the next moment, Sheng Mingzhi magically switches the page and hides the nine-frame circle of friends with beach photos taken in Hawaii, visible only to himself.

The Maybach drove on smoothly for another ten minutes, when Sheng Mingzhi suddenly picked up his mobile phone again and changed it from visible only to himself to visible only to Lu Jiayan.

Having done so, Sheng Mingzhi sighed and thought critically: since Lu Jiayan had withdrawn Qiao Yan's film and endorsement, it wasn't as if he couldn't graciously grant him his small wish.


Sheng Mingzhi returned home close to ten o'clock.

XiShan One is still as quiet as a painting, and after half a month, it still reminds Sheng Mingzhi of the day his society died.

Just after walking through the front yard, Sheng Mingzhi became acutely aware of something extra at the edge of the yard.

The luxury car, which should have been properly parked in the garage, is abruptly parked to the left of the front door.

And it's a brand new car that Sheng Mingzhi has never seen before.

He had an inexplicable feeling of foreboding in his heart.

-- There are too many luxury cars in the underground garage of One XiShan to count by twenty, but this is clearly Sheng Mingzhi's long-cherished Lamborghini, a personalised version with his initials on the number plate.

Market offer 60 million.

The line of sight is frozen for ten seconds.

Sheng Mingzhi struggles to tear his gaze away from the car.

Oh, what do you take him for? Is he the kind of man who is easily bought by money?

Lu Jiayan If you sincerely want to apologize and make up, you should at least kowtow to yourself two more times.

It was only reluctantly that he chose to give him a chance to change his ways.

This firm idea was shaken for a moment when Sheng Mingzhi entered and saw the bespoke Patek Philippe watch on the living room table.

The dark blue mechanical dial is engraved with the sun and the moon, clearly echoing his name.

Market offer 20 million.

At that moment, Lu Jiayan turned around at the centre island counter, holding a bowl of steaming soup fresh from the pot.

Then it collided in the air with the sight of Sheng Mingzhi in the living room.



The atmosphere is subtly awkward.

Lu Jiayan's posture is somewhat diffident, raising his eyebrows and looking at his lover, whom he hasn't seen for half a month, with good grace.

Sheng Mingzhi wore a camel-coloured trench coat today, with a belt that slimmed his waist, as sophisticated and expensive as ever, but also exuding an air of "I'm difficult now" from his bones.

As a result, just as he was about to spend the evening talking to the little one in front of him, she suddenly blinked and spoke in a purely innocent manner, "Jiayan."

The last time I called him 'Brother Jiayan' was three years ago when Sheng Mingzhi wanted a $500 million yacht.

The title, however, reminds Lu Jiayan of Sheng Mingzhi's teenage years.

At that time, the little ancestor had not yet developed the arrogant temper he has now.

He follows behind him and calls him Jiayan, honestly and quietly.

Lu Jiayan raised his eyebrows a little higher as he listened.

To sell a good thing for nothing is to be a traitor.

The little ancestor pointed to the watch on the table, "Is this what you gave me?"

Lu Jiayan leaned against the centre island and said slowly and deliberately, "No."

Sheng Mingzhi didn't care at all about his answer, and picked up the watch with a skillful movement, speaking mechanically in a fake and emotionless voice: "Great, I knew you gave it to me. Thank you Jiayan, I love it, so I forgive you."

It's as yin and yang as you want it to be.

The aim is to kill Lu Jiayan, the old man, straight away.

Sheng Mingzhi was clearly in love with his new wristwatch, which he put on his wrist for half a day without giving Lu Jiayan a single look.

Until Lu Jiayan put down his meal and reached out to clasp his hand on the table, "Talk?"

Sheng Mingzhi only just returned to his senses, his expression somewhat puzzled.

Their plastic husband and wife relationship was built up with vulgar money. Now that the money is in place, Sheng Mingzhi also says that he has the grace to forgive Lu Jiayan for his "cheating", and will continue to give him a few more pointers for the rest of his life, as you play me and I play you, to make their precarious married life last a little longer.

What else is there to talk about?

It was probably the look on his face that said "I don't have a word to say to you".

Lu Jiayan continued, "Is there nothing you want to say to me?"

Sheng Mingzhi paused: "I said so."

For the love of Patek Philippe, he mercifully repeated, "Thank you."

80 million in exchange for a heartfelt "thank you".

Lu Jiayan nodded and said, "That's something you should be thankful for."

Sheng Mingzhi: "......"

Die or die, dog man.

Give some colour and you'll open a dye house.

Sheng Mingzhi felt that his mood, which had just been soothed by the $80 million, had been rekindled by Lu Jiayan.

Just as he was about to make a pre-emptive strike, he heard Lu Jiayan speak up.

" Mingzhi ."

Rarely, he did not call it by its first name.

Sheng Mingzhi's breath caught and his eardrums seemed to hear the heartbeat of his chest.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know about Qiao Yan and I went to the HaiCheng Film Festival on the day I returned to China to pick you up."

The room was suddenly so quiet that you could hear a pin drop on the floor.

Sheng Mingzhi's expression became abruptly astonished, as if in disbelief.

This was a little different from the reaction Lu Jiayan had expected.

Judging from Sheng Mingzhi's deadpan personality, isn't the thing he cares most about is that he's out there scandalising someone else, getting down on his face and making him look bad.

Shouldn't he be relieved now that he's explained.

But what's with this little ancestor's current expression?

Is it worth being surprised by what he said.

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing." Sheng Mingzhi took a long time to speak sluggishly, missing the point entirely, and said in shock, "I'm surprised you have the word 'sorry' in your vocabulary."

He thought Lu Jiayan's arrogant, venomous and uncaring bully would just say "Are you happy with what you see?" and "Well, man, you've managed to get my attention".

Lu Jiayan: ......

It turns out that Qiao Yan's endorsement and the film were really dropped because of Lu Jiayan.

Sheng Mingzhi was secretly pleased for a moment, but did not move on the surface, then grunted and said nobly and coldly, "Since you have apologised to me, I will reluctantly accept your gift of apology."

Is it.

You don't look too reluctant.

Lu Jiayan reflexively wanted to say something back to him, but remembered how hard it had been to coax the little ancestor.

Frozen, he swallowed the two words and put on a sardonic smile.

With his usual hypocritical expression, the fake Sheng Mingzhi wanted to roll his eyes.

Don't pretend brother, who are you acting for in private? The Oscars won't give you the award, thank you.

But the power of $80 million should not be underestimated, plus Sheng Mingzhi, who had been hungry all afternoon, ate a late-night snack made by Mr. Lu himself, and the little ancestor ignored his disgusted smile and was very comfortable physically and mentally.

An hour later, Sheng Mingzhi had completely forgotten all about the conflict between them and was gleefully running out to try out his new Lamborghini.

Of course the most important thing is to take a hundred or eighty pictures and post them on Twitter to show off.

Lu Jiayan, as the guilty party, is completely reduced to a handsome selfie stick for Sheng Mingzhi's photo-op.

Finally, a month after Lu Jiayan's return, a rare moment of peace came between the two.

So much so that Sheng Mingzhi, looking at his cheap lover taking pictures of him, is under the illusion that it's not a bad way to live.

After all, Lu Jiayan was rich, handsome and clean, and his relationship history before he married him was a blank sheet of paper.

Although venomous to the core most of the time, he also seems to have a very valuable gentleness.

Sheng Mingzhi has forgotten the last time Lu Jiayan looked so gentle, and when he puts away his aura of indifference and aloofness, he looks like a normal brother next door.

However, all this was completely disillusioned when he saw the pictures Lu Jiayan had taken of him.

Sheng Mingzhi looks at the photo of himself, which is only "1.4m", without expression, and then deletes it, destroying it completely.

You can't take a picture with an aesthetic this crotch-pulling without a decade of brain thrombosis.

How could he think that life with Lu Jiayan was okay?

Surely it was just a brain fart.


Can't really live with it.


Lu Jiayan still doesn't understand why Sheng Mingzhi, who was in a good mood one minute, was in a dark mood the next, and simply dumped him and went up to the first floor.

And the door slammed shut with such force that a "bang" resounded through One XiShan.

Lu Jiayan tells Lu plainly that his young lover is very angry.

In addition, Lu Jiayan is also open to learning and is not ashamed to ask questions.

Sent a weibo to Sheng Mingzhi at midnight: [What's up?

Sheng Mingzhi was simply furious and laughed when he saw the message he sent.

What else is going on?

You have the nerve to ask?

What's wrong with me? I'm 5'8" and you've made me 5'4"!

[I thank you.]

Sheng Mingzhi was so angry that he gritted his teeth and replied viciously: [My 5'8" is made into a 5'4" by you].


[One meter eight?

Lu Jiayan's message was highly sceptical, with a hint of sarcasm.

The question marks thrown over in particular made Sheng Mingzhi once again experience the anger of the morning.

Lu Jiayan slowly sent a message: [How did you measure it? With the naked eye?

"What do you care how I measure up!" Sheng Mingzhi had a sense of annoyance at being poked and prodded, and voiced a direct message, "You're taking an ugly picture."

Lu Jiayan is still in the mood to reason with him calmly: " Sheng Mingzhi, in theory, I'm half a head taller than you, and if I shoot from my point of view, I do get this effect."

Sheng Mingzhi was so angry that he didn't want to talk to him and lay in bed with his head in the sand, thinking about divorce and the division of the family fortune.

Just after he thought Lu Jiayan would not reply to him, another message came through.

[Send me a copy of the photos taken this evening].

The photos were taken with Sheng Mingzhi's mobile phone, so if it's a beautiful picture, forget it, Sheng Mingzhi is happy to share it with others.

But it would have been better to have his 1.4m photo fall into the hands of someone else than to just kill him.

Sheng Mingzhi let out a laugh and said stiffly, [Why should I send it to you? Don't you know that pictures of handsome men are the treasure of all mankind? You can extend your life by looking at them twice.

After a while, Lu Jiayan replied idly: [Someone thinks I'm old, so I'll look at me more often to prolong my life.

Sheng Mingzhi: ......

Those ugly pictures of a 5'4" person will only cost you your life, thank you.

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