Chapter 69: Confessions

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It was within these few short seconds of his brain going blank.

Sheng Mingzhi The comments on this tweet just exploded.

It has grown even faster than the tweets he made when he first tore into Song Yi.

So it's true that JianZhong Internet users prefer to watch human society die than watch x-rays!

He didn't even have to open the comments to read them when he was scrambling to delete the tweet on his hands and knees.

After reading a few random comments in a panic, I was in two minds, wanting to buy an aircraft carrier and flee the planet on the spot.

Is there still a shortage of people in Chinese research institutes.

He could volunteer to be an astronaut, the kind that never returns to Earth.

In particular, Sheng Mingzhi used to tweet in a high profile manner.

Most of the copy is copied from Little Red Book, and the style is literary and fresh.

After the revelation of the background of Sheng Jia's "boss's wife", she was even more reluctant to post more than a few tweets.

The work is clear and unambiguous.

Plus this crazy tweet before.

Posting a so ironic highbrow show of affection photo of yourself.

Let him die.

Now, immediately.

Except for the one you just saw, "You cut the wrong number, didn't you?".

The rest of the anti-fans have not hesitated to open up to ridicule.

"Help, help, help, help, help I'm embarrassed for someone again!!!"

"Told you, you'll get what's coming to you sooner or later for tearing up with a big number."

"I told you to buy a non-slip glove, you used to have slippery hands and like it, now you have slippery hands and cut the wrong number?"

"Who's gloating? Turns out it was me."

"Laugh it off, don't be afraid, a life will soon be over."

"Be reserved. Disgraceful (dog's head)"


And also in return for his earlier dislike of the internet: the

"Oh? Who just said that lovemaking is fast and furious?"

"Or what else? Or what else? Or what else?"

"Your redefined highbrow?"

"Is it worth screaming if you just like you?"

And for those of you who don't like to see what's going on.

"I didn't realize that you were so girly at heart when you were so invincible on the internet.jpg"

"Let's just say we're going to have to pay back sooner or later (light a cigarette.jpg)"

"No, am I the only one curious, why does it feel as if you and your husband just confessed?"

"Upstairs knows what it is to be a first love for ten years."

"Good. I can see you're a love brain now."

"He's so in love with him, it's killing me."


Sheng Mingzhi An embarrassed scalp.

Deleted the tweet in seconds.

But it was all too late.

Lu Jiayan and Sheng Jia have been in the news for a few times now because of the revelation of the identity of Sheng Jia's wife.

The storm has attracted nearly a million live fans, all of whom are stalking his Twitter feed, waiting for him to open for business.

Most of the boss and the boss's wife's cp fans were looking forward to this one.

The screenshots are all that should be taken.

He's got a lot of buzz and a lot of traffic, and his fans are happy to see it.

The marketers came to the site in order to get the buzz, so even if Sheng Mingzhi deleted his tweets, it didn't help that the content was still being distributed.

Amidst the uproar of cp fans and look-at-me-good roadies.

The marketing number's screenshot has already broken 10,000 retweets, and also brushed up the hashtag #ShengMingzhi 切错号社死끝#, which hung up to the end of the civic chart's hot searches in less than a few minutes.



Sheng Mingzhi is simply going crazy.

anti-fans also posted this screenshot to his Twitter comments.


"It's no use deleting it. Ready to print it out and pass it on to my son, and the children and grandchildren will be endless."

Sheng Mingzhi: ......

It's bad luck for your son to have a father like you.

I wanted to reply to the phrase anti-fans, but held my tongue.

Sheng Mingzhi is still on the Internet for the first time, learning to hold his tongue.

No way, too nifty socially dead for this screenshot.

The anti-fans have got their hands full!

The deep cabinet anti-fans also seem to have realised that Sheng Mingzhi seems to have been taken advantage of by them.

How can you not be excited to have the upper hand for the first time in a fight with a little loser? The more Sheng Mingzhi holds back, the more they get to bully people!

After reciting the Clear Heart Mantra ten times in silence.

Sheng Mingzhi replied to Hot Topic #1 with a heartfelt comment.

"Not in person."

Fearing that many netizens would not see this statement of his, which is a fatalistic statement.

So the comment was accompanied by a click to retweet.

Click, send.

--from sandwich without cilantro iphone 17 Pro Max.



The client forgot to change it!!!

So one cannot lie.

It takes a thousand lies to tell one lie.

Sheng Mingzhi almost screamed out loud and managed to calm himself down before looking for the delete button just after hitting send.

As a result, the moment he sent it, Weibo automatically refreshed, the timeline was immediately disrupted and his retweet disappeared from the home page.

...... anything b that catches him out.

Click into your own Twitter page again to delete it.

Comments have been laughing like crazy:.

"Help hahahahahahahahahahahaha, can't even lie, loser persona not down!"

"Plumming up the family."

"Let me see who this Chosen Unlucky Batch is."

"Dumbass. Don't you even know how to change your client when you lie?"

"Why did you give your phone to Little Wang too? (dog head)"

"Mami screenshot."

" Sheng Mingzhi翻車再-放-送-"

"Are we saying that anyone is going to pick up this b's trumpet?"

"How about you send a tweet now saying that the abbreviation in that crazy dynamic just now is 'chilli oil' not 'Lu Jiayan'."


Sheng Mingzhi was furious and pulled these deep cabinet fans straight into the comments.

As a result of hacking one, they also opened a small number to jump.

"It's no use pulling the plug, dad has a dozen crazy little numbers just like you hahahahahaha!!!"

Very good.

There was also a double entendre connoting him.

Pissed off little Mr. Sheng punching the air!

Probably, waiting for Lu Jiayan's confession tonight had used up all his good fortune.

He was the one who was so unlucky to have a succession of flops on Twitter.

Sheng Mingzhi holds his phone for too long.

The expression is so colourful that it finally catches Lu Jiayan's attention.

He looked back and asked, "What's wrong?"

Keep looking at your phone.

Is it talking to someone?

Lu Jiayan looked away indifferently.

Isn't it a bit scummy to ignore him after you've just confessed your love?

The expression on Sheng Mingzhi's face is not good, and it is even vague.

I don't dare to put too much screen on my phone either

Half a minute later, as if to be sure of something, he took a deep breath, " Jiayan brother. You don't like playing with Twitter, do you?"

Lu Jiayan raised an eyebrow: "Not really. But I can download one if you need it."

"Don't use !!!!"

Sheng Mingzhi almost jumped up to stop him.

A bizarre and perverse action.

Lu Jiayan's eyes are a little more inquisitive.

Sheng Mingzhi tried to be as normal as possible and said calmly, "That is. I think it's good not to play Weibo, after all, you're the boss, you have to keep the boss pushy."

He doesn't even know what he's babbling about himself anymore.

It's a good time for Twitter to give him a hard time.

XinLang Entertainment News seemed to have nothing else serious to do, bitchily pushing a message in his phone's dynamic bar that

XinLang Entertainment: The scene of a massive social death, Sheng Mingzhi double crosses and tweets the wrong tweet again [link ......


Slippery hands, my ass!


Lu Jiayan's phone won't receive this tweet, will it?

But listen to the tone of his voice just now.

I don't think I downloaded the microblogging app, thankfully.

Sheng Mingzhi was never going to sit back and wait, after pulling this tweet hard.

I went to WeChat, took Sheng Xu off my blacklist, and sent him a private message without even thinking about it.

Sheng Mingzhi: [Brother (poor soybean)]

The last time he called him brother was the last time.

Nothing good can come of it at first glance.

Sheng Xu: [?

Mo has a chill down her back.

Sheng Mingzhi got straight to the point and dumped the hot topic on Weibo's entertainment list, which was the #ShengMingzhi cut the wrong number social death scene.

[Help me take down this hot search.]

[Thank You Brother (Poor Soya)]

Sheng Xu's end is being entered.

It makes Sheng Mingzhi a little nervous.

The first thing you said to me five hours and forty minutes after you blacked me out was this?


Why so vindictive.

Sheng Mingzhi playing dumb: [What's the pull?

He: [Oh oh, it wasn't me who logged on to WeChat this afternoon (poor soybean)]

The other person may have gone through Twitter.

Read the cause and effect of what happened from start to finish.

Sheng Xu: [thumbsup.jpg]

Sheng Xu: [Quite good, I believe it].

Sheng Mingzhi looked at the last sentence sent by Sheng Xu and had a bad feeling about it.

But he didn't think much of it, after all, it was just to help remove a hot search, and not a high one at that.

That amount of money is not as much as the pocket money Sheng Xu gives him.

His brother shouldn't be that ...... petty, right?

But that bad feeling was getting stronger and stronger.

Since he was a child, Sheng Xu had never done anything he wanted to do, so why was he so quick to agree this time?

Sheng Mingzhi hesitantly logs out of WeChat and into Weibo.

The #ShengMingzhi cut the wrong number social death scene is no longer there.

He breathed a shallow sigh of relief.

I thought to myself, it seems that I was overly concerned and misunderstood his brother.

The results are refreshed again.

Sheng Mingzhi suddenly froze.

After a few seconds, he jerked his phone up and looked closer.

I just saw the number one hot search on the entertainment list was #ShengMingzhi Cut the wrong number social death scene!!!



What the fuck?

Sheng Mingzhi was dumbfounded, frozen in place, unable to believe what he was seeing.


Me? Me?

How did this topic suddenly land at number one in the hot 100?

Next Next.

Sheng Xu sent a soybean smile over.

Exasperated, he said.

[Bought you a hot one.]

[Don't say your brother doesn't support your marriage, you have to say it out loud, you're welcome =3= (mua-da)]



You don't have to thank your sister!!!

Sheng Mingzhi is barely over the top before he is furious to the point of frenzy.

He was about to make a WeChat call to go over and argue with his brother.

As a result, immediately WeChat alerted him that he had been blacked out by his gorilla.

...... is very good.

The two of them had come to the end of their life as brothers.

The number one hot spot on the entertainment list can be compared to the number one hot spot at the end of the list.

Clicking in, in addition to the fans watching, there was an influx of mostly passers-by: the

"What's the deal with this hot search?"

"Hahahahahahahaha, laughing my ass off, suddenly parachuting into first place?"

"Grass. @ Sheng Mingzhi, you socially dead out of the loop."

"Help, what kind of social death scene is this, my embarrassed scalp is tingling!!!"

"@shengmingzhi, I say don't get too lovey-dovey."

"Is it just me, I feel so sweet and knocked out."

"The boss and the boss's wife are real and I'm dancing around in ecstasy!!!"

"Damn, who's cool to finally get a real dominatrix wife in your lifetime (I mean myself"

"You're really dainty, I let out a daughter off the hook @ Sheng Mingzhi ."


And that's not enough for Sheng Xu.

Carefully, MingChen's official Twitter feed was used to add fuel to the fire.

The official microblogging site retweeted the screenshot of the marketing number that broke 50,000.

@ MingChen Bank: Married off brother, spilled water (soybean smile)

Things have come to this.

Suddenly it was heading towards an irrevocable end.

Sheng Mingzhi watched the situation fester.

Finally it reached Sheng Jia.

That dog-legged official microblogger really came through.

Also commented right under this tweet retweeted by MingChen Bank.

@ Sheng Jia Group: Brother was right (roses)

MingChen official tweeted back, "Who's your brother, crawl (smile)"

The comments were as lively as New Year's Eve.

"God, I didn't think it would come to this, I can't really laugh anymore."

"Puked on me with laughter23333"

"Help, I'm screwed, why do I think even the official blog is so well knocked."

"A stoned chicken is one that does nothing, who thinks it's bad to be stoned? Who's against it? (meaning the objection is not valid)"

"Laugh out loud, that's your mother's family's attitude?"

"Am I the only one who thinks MingChen's official blog is a brother under the skin (dog head)"

"I'm offering myself as a sister-in-law."

"Someone write some official blog homages, I want to see them in five minutes.jpg"

"Absolutely, why is everything to do with Sheng Mingzhi so funny."


The matter has come to this.

Sheng Mingzhi is beyond love.

This succession of operations has led directly to his death on the Internet.

Won't be on Twitter any time soon!!!

The only thing I'm glad for now is that Lu Jiayan, an old fogey, doesn't like to tweet much.

Just wait for the heat to pass in the morning.

...... has it.

The hands were heading towards eleven o'clock after half a day's fuss.

Sheng Mingzhi unplugged the internet connection and finally remembered that he had not given Lu Jiayan his birthday present.

It is a watch that he started customising a few weeks ago.

Sheng Mingzhi himself likes to collect watches, but he prefers the fancy, full diamond type.

This one for Lu Jiayan is a very simple and atmospheric piece.

It also fits his overbearing persona on his hand.

Before going to bed, Sheng Mingzhi solemnly placed the present in Lu Jiayan's hand: "Brother Jiayan. Happy birthday."

Lu Jiayan thought to himself that his little ancestor's birthday had a sense of ritual and a sense of beginning and end.

So laughing, he said, "Can I unwrap it."

Sheng Mingzhi nods his head.

Inside the velvet box is a watch.

There is no price tag, but the workmanship alone tells you that it is worth a lot of money.

Afraid that Lu Jiayan would think he had bought it at his expense, Sheng Mingzhi hastened to explain, "It was bought with my own money."

Meaning, not a gift bought to fool you like before!

After buying it, Mr. Sheng Jr. is now dumping his money.

A six-digit PIN for his bank card, protecting his two-digit deposit.

Sheng Mingzhi squirmed for a moment and hesitated before speaking, "Yes. Brother Jiayan, do you remember you gave me a watch once, when I was in high school?"

Lu Jiayan raises his eyes.

Sheng Mingzhi: "Don't be offended if I tell you. I broke that watch."

As if to tell what was most on his mind, he stumbled a little: "At that time I felt that being married to you was like this broken watch. Because it was broken in the beginning, every step I took afterwards was wrong."

The room gradually fell silent.

Only Sheng Mingzhi's voice remains.

He stared down at something, not looking into Lu Jiayan's eyes.

To himself, he said, "So I'm giving you a new watch now, and you're going to take care of it and start over every day from today."

End of story.

Sheng Mingzhi is a little hot in the face.

I don't know if Lu Jiayan could understand what he was saying.

He just wanted to say that little Mr. Sheng didn't want a plastic marriage, from this moment on they were both in a serious relationship!!!

His heart pounding, he waited apprehensively for Lu Jiayan's answer.

Lu Jiayan, however, spoke softly in response to the question: "Mingzhi. Have you heard of the determinism of Laplace's demons."

He spoke in a smooth voice, like some eloquent university professor, and slowly said: "This determinism begins with the inertia principle of Newtonian mechanics, which allows one to mathematically project the arbitrary past and future of the universe, as long as one knows the exact state in each particle of the universe. That is, the universe exists as a given from its birth to its demise; there is no past or future, all people just walk along a timeline and keep bumping into set events. For example, if you go to drink water, it is not your consciousness that decides, but the event is about to happen."

Sheng Mingzhi sounds a little bewildered.

Lu Jiayan, caught off guard, wrapped his arms around him and continued: "This means that we were destined to meet at the beginning of the universe's birth, that I will keep falling in love with you, it is not my decision, it is our destiny. Microscopic uncertainties do not prevent the macroscopic stability that constitutes them, and every step you say you took wrong was a microscopic uncertainty that occurred before the end of our destined love for each other. So no matter how many misunderstandings there are, I will fall in love with you according to the decisions of destiny. Understand?"

...... does not understand.

Little Mr. Sheng didn't understand anything though.

But I got the phrase "keep falling in love with you" right.

Lu Jiayan says he loves him.

And it's one that will fall in love with him no matter how many misunderstandings occur.

A moment.

Sheng Mingzhi's heart was beating like an exploding firework, "thump, thump, thump", and it felt like the echo of the heartbeat could be heard throughout the room.

I guessed that Sheng Mingzhi didn't understand it at all.

Lu Jiayan said, "It doesn't matter if you don't understand."

He just wanted to tell him.

There is no need to make assumptions that would not even exist.

There is no such thing as if.

If he hadn't been found by the Sheng family, he would have been with Song Yi.

If he had not agreed to marry him three years ago, would he now be a stranger to him?

What they have experienced has long been a predestined arrangement of fate.

Whatever happens in their process, it all leads to the same set ending.

In other words.

It just has to be him, not him or not.

Sheng Mingzhi didn't even know how he was lying in bed.

After Lu Jiayan's words, his whole body was as light as cotton, and for a while he wondered if he was dreaming.

Really with Lu Jiayan.

No, in fact, he has been with Lu Jiayan for a long time.

Only from today, something subtly different has happened between them again.

Sheng Mingzhi now really wants to go for a couple of laps outside XiShan One to let off some steam.

He can't sleep at all, his fox eyes open and his thoughts resting on Lu Jiayan's arm.

Now he is not afraid even if he is told that the world is coming to an end.

At least for a second he and Lu Jiayan were in love with each other.

It was about him being too small.

Lu Jiayan's voice came from overhead, "Can't sleep?"

Sheng Mingzhi didn't hide it from him and nodded graciously.

Admittedly, "A little."

Lu Jiayan let out a little laugh, narcissistically saying, "It's not like you can't sleep after hearing a confession, is it?"

He paused, "It's not that exciting."

It was expected that Sheng Mingzhi would have fought back in anger.

Like saying he's old and shameless and brazen and all that.

Who knew that the other was silent for a moment and silently found a comfortable position in his arms.

A meek "hmmm" was given.

The voice was soft, like a pout, "It's not the same again. You've never told me that before."

There's a bit of justifiable aggression, as if to say what's wrong with being excited.

An unanticipated development.

Lu Jiayan even froze for a second.

In this one moment, he seemed to realise something.

He had always done more than he said, so it was logical to assume that if something was done, Sheng Mingzhi would one day be able to see it.

But he overlooked Sheng Mingzhi's extremely insecure nature, and that even if he did something, Sheng Mingzhi would not necessarily see it, and even if he did, he would not be 100% sure.

Sheng Mingzhi may simply have wanted a few promises.

Even though he knows that promises can sometimes be deceiving, they are the source of all his strength.

With this in mind, Lu Jiayan clung to him in silence.

Sheng Mingzhi seemed to sense it, but didn't refuse, being overly obedient.

However, the little ancestor's good behavior did not last for a few seconds.

The angle then starts to get tricky.

"How did you get so skilled at confessions?" Sheng Mingzhi hesitates, "I don't think it's because I've had experience before, right?"

In fact, it's obvious on your toes that Lu Jiayan was emotionally unavailable before she met him.

But Sheng Mingzhi somehow remembered that when he was in his first year of university, he heard rumours from a small group of rich kids in YunJing that Lu Jiayan had settled abroad and had a wife and children, something that really bothered him.

Lu Jiayan was caught off guard by his question and simply gasped, saying, "Little Mr. Sheng can't doubt my past experience just because I have a talent, can he?"

Sheng Mingzhi grunted softly, "Who knows. Anyway, when I was in college I also heard that you got married abroad, no one can say anything about it."

So don't explain yourself to me yet, dog man!

There's anger in the air!

Who knew he would lose his horse this time.

Lu Jiayan paused and spoke slowly, "In that case. Then Mr. Sheng, how about explaining about the white moonlight too?"

Sheng Mingzhi was stunned.

Lu Jiayan looks down at him.



He averted his eyes sheepishly and muttered, "Why are you holding on to this? Didn't I tell you I don't like him now."

Lu Jiayan said lightly, "I've liked him for ten years. Little Mr. Sheng really said he'd forgotten?"

Sheng Mingzhi hesitates for a second before nodding his head.

For a second, Lu Jiayan caught him.

His tone soured, "You hesitate."

"Oops - you're so annoying." Sheng Mingzhi gave him an exasperated bite on his collarbone before saying fiercely, "Really don't like it anymore!"

Lu Jiayan was unrelenting: "Why?"

Sheng Mingzhi broke the jar: "Because he called me a little pervert!"

Lu Jiayan: "......?"

Sheng Mingzhi is getting more and more serious: "And he's married and happily married, so why should I still like him?"

"Who knows." Lu Jiayan downplays, "What if he's still hung up on you."

Sheng Mingzhi backtracked: "You don't believe me?"


Our fledgling marriage was about to fall apart!

Lu Jiayan said softly, "It's not that I don't trust you. It's that I don't trust him."

He laughed: "After all, little Mr. Sheng is so good looking, who wouldn't be tempted to look at him."


Quite a talker, you're forgiven (.)

Sheng Mingzhi scowled and said in a muffled voice, "No, I won't."

He coughed dryly, in the dark, his face flushed, and said quickly bb, "His wife is very good looking. And he's super in love with his wife."

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