Chapter 60: The Dust Settles

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It was as if a bomb had been thrown into already boiling water.

The original tweets that had been eating melons were almost over.

Thanks to the words of Sheng Mingzhi, the incident was taken to a new and direct climax.

A perfect illustration of what it means to have a melon rise again before it subsides.

After retweeting this tweet, Sheng Mingzhi's comment section was completely swept up.

As the central party in all of tonight's events, this is the first tweet he has posted since his accident.

Surprisingly, it wasn't an explanation, it wasn't a clarification, it wasn't a show-off, it was another clash!

How to say.

It is surprising that JianZhong Internet users would not have been surprised if this person had been Sheng Mingzhi.

A thousand words turned into the number one hit in Sheng Mingzhi's comments section.

"Never forgetting your original heart, you still come back and tear it up first... you're really the one, Sheng Mingzhi .jpg"

And then it was the comments of other users that

"What to say, no surprise (lights cigarette)"

"I'm really going to say help. I'll be at work at eight tomorrow morning, who knows me?"

"Tearing it up are we, I've got the bench in the front row!"

"So Song Yi is really your family's adopted son and he was sent out of the country because you didn't like him?"

"Uh, see, Mingzhi doesn't seem to be the right word, what does stolen life mean?"

"Smells like a big melon ......"

"I've been jumping on Sheng Mingzhi and Song Yi's tweets repeatedly, and I've never been so serious about writing my thesis (lights cigarette)"

"Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.


Sheng Mingzhi's tweet was retweeted and soon made it to the top of the entertainment charts.

It also proves how strong the gossip is among millions of internet users.

The first person to swipe to his tweet was Little Wang.

He had meant to remind Sheng Mingzhi in a WeChat message not to talk nonsense on Weibo, but froze as he typed.

She used to think that Sheng Mingzhi was weak, pathetic and easy to bully, an orphan with no one to turn to in the entertainment industry.

That's why Little Wang was scared to death when he first retweeted Song Yi's tweets, fearing that he had made a fool of himself.

Now the truth about the identity is revealed.

As the young master of MingChen Bank and the lover of the Chairman of Sheng Jia Group.

--What the hell does he care?

Pups can post whatever they want!

Tear up whoever you want! No fear at all!

However, even Little Wang tried to delete his tweet this time.

Sheng Mingzhi has also gotten smart and changed his password before tweeting, now no one can log in but him!

The person who swiped to his Twitter account was Song Yi.

Seeing Sheng Mingzhi's reckless retweeting was unexpected and unwarranted.

Sheng Mingzhi has always been indolent.

It was like this when I was a child and it was like this when I grew up.

In the eyes of others, he will always be arrogant and willful, reckless.

And one is always polite and understanding, mature and stable.

But he knew that it was the crybaby that got the candy.

Who wants to be that polite and understanding person if they can be arrogant and capricious? Isn't all the forbearance and maturity because you know you don't have the stomach for it?

Song Yi is just not happy about it.

I am not willing to let my life, which is clearly my own, fall apart and become a mirror.

Is he, Sheng Mingzhi, the victim in this baby-swapping affair, but not himself?

As he watched the condescending face of Sheng Mingzhi's retweet, he pulled at the corners of his mouth and felt sick to his stomach. The phrase "stolen life" was a precise punch to Song Yi's lungs. For years, when asked, he would only admit to being a subordinate, but avoided the word "stolen" like a scorpion.

Now that Sheng Mingzhi had torn his face off, it was so naked. The word was thrown in his face so nakedly that it was like a hard slap in the face.

Song Yi, who has never given Sheng Mingzhi a second thought, finally seems to have relented and, for the first time, has not acted in accordance with the team's wishes.

Commenting directly under Sheng Mingzhi's tweet, he said

"Steal? If you blame me for what others have done, then I have nothing to say. I ask myself I have done you no wrong Sheng family, why do you keep refusing to leave me alone?"

Sheng Mingzhi is just waiting for his reply.

It's almost laughable to see this sentence.

Without even thinking about it, I replied.

"Don't you have any idea why I didn't leave you alone? You think I would somehow beat up a random dog on the side of the road with a stick? I guess you think making a movie of your stolen life to connote me is not offending me in your eyes, right big philanthropist?"

Sheng Mingzhi's mention of the film once again finally gave the dumbfounded netizens a slight clue.

Since her return to China, Song Yi has been focusing all her energy on the promotion of "My Dear Child".

It's a must-see in public, so you don't even have to search for it to find it on DouBan's list of films that are still in production.

The synopsis of the film is clearly written.

This is a story about two children who lead different lives after being switched as children.

The truth has finally come out.

I thought it was a conflict between a biological son and an adopted son, but I didn't realize that Sheng Mingzhi had such a complicated past with Song Yi.

No wonder Song Yi is said to be related to MingChen.

No wonder the DouBan rumour has it that Song Yi was formerly known by the surname 'Sheng'.

He is not an adopted son at all, he is the child who switched lives with Sheng Mingzhi.

In that case, the blogger who first broke the story at DouBan was right.

It is indeed the biggest melon in the inner entertainment since the start of the year, simply unprecedented.

More shocking than a certain top stream going to jail!

Twitter users were even so shocked that they forgot to retweet it.

"...... me really. For a few seconds my circle of friends was all meh inside."

"Meikai has had two family members, I thought the revelation that Sheng Mingzhi was the lover of Sheng Jia's chairman was outrageous enough, but I didn't expect anything more outrageous."

"Three thousand winds and snow couldn't write a plot this outrageous."

"So it turns out that kind of real and fake young master storyline actually exists ......"

"No, am I the only one who thinks Song Yi is a bit of a tea? If anything, it's not up to him to be switched, but making a movie connoting people is a bit of a downer, isn't it."

"Agreed, if I was the right person I would be pissed off to the degree that I am."

"You should see the plot of that movie, Song Yi's role is his own idea of a white lotus flower, I'm Sheng Mingzhi and I'm throwing up."

"It's a bit of a downward spiral to him, and on behalf of myself, this behaviour is really low."


Seeing that the public opinion on Twitter can't be controlled.

The Song Yi team then panicked a little.

At first, when it was first revealed tonight that Sheng Mingzhi had a gold owner and a $40 million top stream, Song Yi's team naturally couldn't let the opportunity to rub it in for nothing.

Besides, the melon is still in their favour, and even if it ends up being reversed, all they have to do is say they were completely unaware of it.

As originally planned, it almost managed to pick Song Yi clean.

But the story went off course from the moment Sheng Jia Group's official Weibo account came out to clarify the situation.

Song Yi's face visibly changed when she swiped this tweet just now.

Subconsciously, he wanted to deny this fact.

How could Lu Jiayan use Sheng Jia to help Sheng Mingzhi clarify this?

Lu Xiao once told him about Lu Jiayan's past, and that Sheng Mingzhi's involvement in the entertainment industry was enough to annoy him, otherwise why would he have left the country for three years?

He knows that Sheng Mingzhi has always had a deep-seated affection for Lu Jiayan, but he doesn't see that he is being ignored - Lu Jiayan has probably never given him a second thought as a child.

That's why he had the courage to prepare the film with impunity when he returned home, because he was sure that Lu Jiayan would not interfere in this matter.

As for the Sheng family.

After all these years, he was not unaware that Sheng Yuan had turned a blind eye to him.

But it was never this kind of neglect that he wanted.

He wanted to know how far he had to go before Sheng Yuan would take a second look at him.

Today, Lu Jiayan has broken his perceptions.

Song Yi wondered what Sheng Mingzhi had done to make Lu Jiayan indulge him as if he had lost his mind.

But at least.

At least MingChen hasn't said anything yet.

It was as if it was the last piece of driftwood he had caught.

To prove something in general.

The agent worries, " Brother Song, or else call it quits for now and take shelter. The internet only has a few seconds to remember anyway, so it'll be fine when it passes."

There was a moment of silence in the meeting room.

After a long time, Song Yi gritted his teeth: "No. You don't know Sheng Mingzhi. You don't know Sheng Mingzhi, he's already torn up and he won't let it go even if you want to make peace with it. Go and find some sailors to bring the tempo up to his bad temper, blur the shooting of the film and focus on the issue of being switched, he's not the only victim.

And he was right to plan so.

The person who switched the babies that year was Song Qiang, who has already paid the price for his actions.

It's none of Song Yi's business.

Wasn't he a victim?

The agent was still hesitant: " Brother Song, but Sheng Jia's side -"

The next moment, it was interrupted by Song Yi's fury.

"MingChen's family matters are none of his Sheng Jia's business! Do you need me to teach you how to buy an army to say Lu Jiayan is meddling in his own business?

The agent shut up in a hurry.

Like he wanted to say something, but hesitated.

In all the years we have worked together, she has never seen Song Yi lose her temper so much.

Perhaps it was his own return to consciousness that he was also in the wrong state.

Song Yi paused, pinched his brow and whispered, "MingChen won't care about this. For them, face is more important than anything else, so they won't bother with my personal business with Sheng Mingzhi.

Indeed it is.

Although Song Yi would like to think that the biggest reason MingChen has turned a blind eye to him over the years is that he still has some feelings for him.

But in his heart he knew beyond doubt that it was not.

It is only because an old YunJing tycoon like MingChen cannot afford to lose face.

They were afraid that he would break the mould and carry the scandal forward from that year.

But what's the point of hiding it for so many years.

It was only Sheng Mingzhi who brought the story to light.

Song Yi clenches his fists.

It would be interesting to see if it was their own son who exposed the scandal to the public.

What does Sheng Yuan intend to do about it.

Soon after, Song Yi received an answer from MingChen.

It's not that he didn't expect this worst outcome in his mind, but he still wanted to take a gamble.

Win or lose.

This result he had been waiting for for twelve whole years through countless tossing and turning nights, repeated suspicions and torments of apprehension.

Without warning, a statement from MingChen's official Weibo account was refreshed on the front page of Weibo.

@ MingChen Bank.

In response to the recent inaccurate statements made by some internet users, we would like to issue a strict warning.

1: Media and internet users who publish and reproduce false statements about Mr Sheng Mingzhi should immediately stop re-posting and reproducing them to avoid causing further harm to Mr Sheng Mingzhi.

2: Please ask @ Song Yi and his team to immediately remove the rumour, slander, insult and other related information and make a public apology to Mr Sheng Mingzhi in a manner approved by him.

3: Please ask @Song Yi, the creative team of @MyDearKidMovie, to immediately stop filming the content of the movie, remove the content of the movie that damages Mr. Sheng Mingzhi's reputation, and make a public apology to Mr. Sheng Mingzhi in a manner approved by him.

Since its inception, MingChen has followed the wishes of its Chairman, Mr Sheng Yuan, and adhered to the Group's spirit of putting people first and virtue in all things. The world is full of skills, but only those who are virtuous can make it work, which is also the fundamental of our development.

In the public sector, Mr Sheng Yuan has been leading MingChen's philanthropic efforts for ten years and is deeply committed to helping the poor.

In his private life, Mr Sheng Yuan, after the loss of his wife and son, still took in his adopted son, Mr Song Yi, and raised him to adulthood, without any financial or educational harshness.

"We have no intention to take up public resources and hereby request the online media and the general public not to believe or spread any malicious and defamatory false news.

We will not tolerate any illegal rumours, dissemination or defamation of Mr. Sheng Mingzhi's reputation by internet users.

Hereby declare.

In black and white, without mercy.

The faltering and meagre bonds that he thought existed in the past were finally reduced to nothing after the wind blew them away.

"With a swish, Song Yi's face was as white as a sheet of paper.

His mind went blank, and his hands gripped the corners of the table with such force that his bones turned white.

He and Sheng Mingzhi have been battling it out for so many years.

Finally the results are in.

The loss is clear.

There is no last shred of decency.

MingChen officials have named him and made him pay, and even Song Yi's agency team's skills will not save the day.

The dust finally settled at this moment after a long night of drama.

Meanwhile, Twitter hotspots were once again paralysed.

Sheng Mingzhi The tweet says "404" when it is refreshed halfway through the PR process.

To be paralysed three times in one night is really one of the great melons that will go down in history and will never be seen before or since.

But really, it's okay not to look.

He could have read MingChen's PR a hundred times, but he wouldn't have seen anything.

However, the anger in his stomach was mostly gone.

And, he was quite happy about it.

He thought his father's indecisive personality would leave him alone.

It seems that the old man is not completely blinded by his conscience.

Wait, but come to think of it, he didn't ask MingChen to do his PR for him!

Whether it was his dad or his brother who made the decision, it can't be considered that he's in the entertainment business under his family's banner anyway!

It's voluntary for them!

After the Weibo crash, Sheng Mingzhi didn't bother to wait for it to be fixed.

MingChen has already said this, so he doesn't believe Song Yi can still jump up and down.

As for the eater network.

Sheng Mingzhi is even more indifferent, he didn't care before and he won't care afterwards.

The main thing, of course, was the high intensity brushing of Twitter all night.

It was midnight again, when the body's immune system is at its weakest, and Sheng Mingzhi's afternoon low fever worsened considerably in the evening.

Sheng Mingzhi was so emotionally up and down that he ignored the physical discomfort.

Now that his whole body was relaxed, he really felt dizzy and uncomfortable everywhere.

Thoughts that had been deliberately suppressed slowly emerged.

He stares silently at the chat with Lu Jiayan on his phone.

Still stuck on top of his retraction of a whole bunch of messages.

Luckily Lu Jiayan was on the plane.

Otherwise it must have been seen!

He breathed a sigh of relief.

Full of scrolling pop-ups: the

--Dog man is not to say that the meeting is not even finished back home how so long has not arrived home good gas ah! The young master is now sad and sick and will soon be dead, even if he buys an aircraft carrier to coax him, it's useless! You better show up in front of me within two hours or the only thing waiting for you is divorce.jpg


Well, not so much as a divorce.

Sheng Mingzhi silently withdrew the last words from his mind and quietly changed his tone.

Even if Sheng Mingzhi really wanted Lu Jiayan to appear in front of him right now.

But even if Sheng Jia is rich, his family doesn't own the airport - and maybe it will in the future.

Lu Jiayan had initially planned to fly home on a private business jet, but it took time to declare the route and it was not as quick as booking a ticket.

However, it is also true that Sheng Jia has not been involved in the aviation sector, and after this incident, she may consider it afterwards.


Sheng Mingzhi lay down for a while, unable to wait for Lu Jiayan to return, and decided to fend for himself, digging out his cold medicine.

He briefly looked at the uses and picked out some of the more common ones to reduce fever and cough, but Sheng Mingzhi was the first to get sleepy while waiting for the hot water to get cold.

I already had a cold and fever, my eyelids were heavy and I was too sleepy to keep my eyes open on the way back to my room.

Nor did he look at the room he had gone back to, found the bed by some instinct and fell asleep in a daze.

It was noon the next day when Lu Jiayan returned to One XiShan.

He hadn't been able to get through to Sheng Mingzhi on the way there, and even though he was always calm and collected, he was a little anxious.

I was so relieved to hear from Sheng Xu that Sheng Mingzhi was only asleep.

In reaction, even he felt perverse.

I don't know when Sheng Mingzhi became more and more important in his mind.

If one day someone told himself that he would drop a billion or so in cooperation with a client because his date was at home alone and aggrieved with no company, he would not hesitate to make a mean-spirited mockery of the situation.

Don't be whimsical when you let a friend have a disease and treat it.

It's as if this kind of love-brain-on-the-head thing could never happen to you.

However, at a meeting not long ago, Lu Jiayan heard Yao Shen report with trepidation that the Weibo buzz was not as calm as he thought it would be.

His first thought was whether Sheng Mingzhi would be aggrieved.

Following this, a thought emerged from the back of my mind that I could not ignore.

I couldn't let him be aggravated or left alone.

So strong that I couldn't stay abroad for a moment and returned to XiShan One without any hesitation.

Lu Jiayan never imagined that he would one day be like a brat who has just fallen in love.

Doing so many unthinkable things.

XiShan Villa One is quiet.

Lu Jiayan came home with little noise and pushed open Sheng Mingzhi's bedroom door, not seeing him in bed.

He took a step.

A sudden realisation of something.

Folded back to his bedroom.

When he pushes the door open again, the bed is a mess, the duvet is slightly propped up in a curve, and Sheng Mingzhi is sleeping soundly, sunken quietly under the covers.

Lu Jiayan stood for a long time in front of the bed.

The eye falls on Sheng Mingzhi's face, tracing it inch by inch.

Halfway through the day, Sheng Mingzhi seemed to sense something and slowly opened his eyes to see Lu Jiayan.

Clearly not awake, he looked away and then closed it again, as if not realising that this was reality and not a dream.

Until Lu Jiayan sits smilingly on the edge of the bed.

It was only when Sheng Mingzhi closed his eyes and went back to sleep that he realised what was going on.

The next second, his eyes snapped open and he turned his head.

Those fox eyes instantly went from confusion to clarity, with a little shock underneath them.

Sheng Mingzhi blurted out, "Why are you here?!"

Me? How long had he been asleep? When did Lu Jiayan come into his room?

Wasn't the sight of Lu Jiayan just now a dream? He thought he was dreaming about him because he missed him too much?

"This is my room, where am I if not here."

Lu Jiayan curled his lips and his peach blossom eyes were unkind, seemingly remembering Sheng Mingzhi's action just now, and said brazenly, "Or else in little Mr. Sheng's dream?"

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