Chapter 58: [Overhaul] Falling off the Horse

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# The phrases #Su Yang deleted and #Su Yang Sheng Mingzhi contradicted each other made it to the top of Weibo's hot search, with one being the fourth and the other the sixth hot search.

There were only a few genuine passers-by, and it looked like a team bought it, and bought a lonely one.

The hotspots are full of fans sniping and rhetoric.

This is what Su Yang's team is looking for.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars were dropped with a slight splash of water.

Just when the team was ready to take it to the next level, they contacted Big Pink to write their mini-essay.

Once refreshed, the topic was gone from the hot search.

Su Yang froze.

If both topics were gone, it would be understandable that it was time for a hot recommendation spot.

But the #SuYangSecondDelete thread is still there, and the one with Sheng Mingzhi's name alone disappeared instantly.

...... Twitter is buggy?

A fan in the square also asked.

"Why can't I open the entry for Sheng Mingzhi?"

"woc, what's going on, I was going to click in and eat the melon but the topic just blew up?"

"Pulled the hot seat?"

Hot searches withdrawn so quickly?

Su Yang frowned slightly, Sheng Mingzhi was just an eighteenth-string batter, how could his team have such a fast PR speed?

Until his agent's voice interrupted him, "Yang Yang, what are you doing, don't play with your phone when you walk."

The hills are slippery in the rain.

This side of YunJing Cemetery is very steep and the walk down is particularly difficult.

The anniversary of the death of my mother is celebrated every April.

The Su family's illegitimate status was sensitive and his mother could not enter the Su family after her death, but was buried in the cemetery.

Su Yang put away her mobile phone, paid her last respects to her mother's tombstone and walked down the hill with her agent.

Passing by the Qiu Yu public house, Su Yang saw a familiar figure.

As an entertainer himself, he is particularly keen to meet fellow artists on the road.

The man in front of him is wearing a mask and a duck cap, but his air is clearly different from that of a normal person.

It was the agent who recognised it first: "Hey, isn't that Song Yi?"

Su Yang was stunned and subconsciously snapped a picture.

Song Yi seems to have just come out of the Qiu Yu public house and hurriedly got into the nanny car to leave.

Before he could wonder what Song Yi was doing in the north of the city, his agent gossiped, "What rumours on the internet can't be true, right?"

Su Yang was stunned: "What?"

The agent is cryptic: "Song Yi's background. There have been rumours that he has a lot of connections with MingChen Bank."

Rumours of Song Yi's origins have been swirling since her debut.

In the early years, his agency team also hyped up the persona of some low-key rich kid who mixed the circle, and then as the entertainment industry developed, this persona was like wholesale one per capita.

In fact, the rich generation may not be as rich as their celebrity counterparts, after all, they all earn a million dollars a day.

Su Yang did hear, however, that Song Yi's resources within the circle were almost always greenlit.

"Why bring this up all of a sudden?"

The agent looked up and nodded his chin at the Qiu Yu public house in front of him: "This public house is named after the wife of Chairman MingChen. After his wife passed away, Sheng Yuan built a memorial hall near where she was buried in order to commemorate her. This place is in the suburbs and deserted, why would Song Yi come to Qiu Yu Mansion?"

Su Yang, with a jolt, took it upon himself to blurt out, "...... isn't here to visit his mother's grave, is he?"

The agent did not speak again.

But Su Yang's mind was set on a storm, as if she had discovered a surprising inside story.

Song Yi ? Sheng family ?

But the surnames are different. Did Song Yi enter the industry under a stage name?

It seemed to follow through on his suspicions.

The next second, the agent spoke up, " Song Yi's last name was Sheng before, you didn't know that?"

Like a hammer hitting the brain, something was strung together.

Su Yang snapped open her mobile browser and searched for gossip about Song Yi from the previous months.

Luckily the photo hadn't been deleted cleanly and a lot of effort was made to find the one that had been stolen.

Song Yi and a man are standing in front of the hotel, talking and laughing in an intimate manner.

The photograph is blurred, but Lu Jiayan's looks are so superior and memorable that there is no way Su Yang could be mistaken.

The man standing with Song Yi is almost eight times the size of Lu Jiayan!

The suspicion in his mind was almost completely confirmed.

Somehow, he suddenly remembered how Lu Jiayan had looked at Sheng Mingzhi on the first day of the show.

It's not that Su Yang didn't suspect Sheng Mingzhi's identity; after all, the surname "Sheng" is not uncommon.

But apart from that day, Lu Jiayan almost never came back to the programme.

The conversation with Sheng Mingzhi was more of a whim of the big boss.

And Song Yi is more like the young master of MingChen than Sheng Mingzhi's unpredictable and unpopular debut.

Had he been mistaken?

This makes it clear why Sheng Mingzhi was furious and retweeted Song Yi's tweet in the first place.

Isn't this the standard lover riding on the head of the main court?

Song Yi can really put up with this, letting Sheng Mingzhi bully him as if nothing had happened.

That Lu Jiayan and Sheng Mingzhi--

Wouldn't that be cheating?

He thought Sheng Mingzhi had something to do with the Sheng family, but it turned out to be a "male lover?"

But even though Sheng Mingzhi was only Lu Jiayan's lover, he was still wary of making a move.

The final straw that broke Su Yang's back was the day of the broadcast of The Internship.

All of his scenes add up to just under ten minutes, which could almost be said to be a single cut.

Even the netizens were shocked to see it.

This is not offending someone, this is offending the golden father, right?

It doesn't matter if an artist is black and red, in the end they can all be cleared.

The biggest fear is the lack of discussion, which is really a meaty paste.

On the other hand, Sheng Mingzhi's issue was a real showstopper.

His own reputation in the inner circle was not too good, and his several appearances in the circle did not last long.

Even with his finance degree from YunJing University, he still leaves the impression that he is a "vase" and a "loser".

But in this episode of The Internship Roundup.

It was Sheng Mingzhi who was the first to arrive at the office, who worked late at night, and who even hit the nail on the head in a panel discussion on a highly specialized issue.

As if to prove in action that a diploma in finance is not for nothing.

Eaters have been shocked to learn that

"To be honest, after watching the latest edition of the internship, the most surprising thing to me was actually the little waste ......"

"I actually got the impression before that he was still quite serious about his work."

"I'm quite impressed by the fact that you never pull your crotch when it matters."

"23333 Does no one find Sheng Mingzhi very harmonious, just kind of funny in a serious way."

"I quite liked him the first few times out of the ring and took him in as a wallflower."

"I'm so superficial, just by looking at his face he's really good looking good looking ah (soybean crying)"


Solid buzz and buzz.

People outside the circle don't understand the importance of editing.

But those in the circle can see it at a glance.

The clip is basically centred around Sheng Mingzhi, keeping him at the centre of all his highlights.

Even the beauty filter looks better than the others!

At first glance, it looks like the show has been given a shout out.

The eccentricity is off the charts!

Su Yang instantly thought of Lu Jiayan.

Who else but him could sway the directing team?

He never thought that Lu Jiayan would seem to be such a stable and decent person.

To go this far for a little lover? Is it worth it? What will he say to his real "wife"?

Sheng Mingzhi is not only making a name for himself, but he is also buying a water army to step on him.

Su Yang ate the perks of the group's favourites in the previous issue, which was clearly marketed well, and then flopped in the second issue amidst the word of mouth from passers-by.

"No, I said there seems to be that big disease with setting up a groupie persona in the workplace."

"Run away when you meet such a giant baby, you deserve to be scolded and cry."

"I thought how aggravated he was when I saw the heat earlier, and this is it?"

"If I were in the shoes of someone who skipped out on a job like this, I wouldn't just scold them, I'd beat them up.jpg"


Watch Su Yang's square get a bad rap.

He finally couldn't stand it anymore.

After discussing with their manager, the two arranged for a marketing number to come down and bring the rhythm.

In a flash, the front page of Weibo was flooded with vloggers, almost all of whom spoke out in Su Yang's favour.

The first time I saw him, I thought he was going to be a good employee because he was a loser and did something normal. Do you need me to make a compilation of his antics in the entertainment industry over the years? (crying with laughter)]

" 1."

"It's so breathless to see the front page all praising him, finally seeing a normal person come out and speak."

" Sheng Mingzhi's water army went down, right? All the sides are boasting."

"Laughing out loud, it looks like he's really making money, is the hot search wrapped up for the year?"

"Am I the only one who finds the editing of this issue strange, with Sheng Mingzhi not being a big name, but the shots all revolving around him?"

" Sheng Mingzhi, don't buy a water army, why don't you go back to bed and cozy up to your father, why don't you just do it alone in the next show?"

The last comment caught the internet's attention.

There are question marks all over the floor-in-floor responses.

"What does it mean to hug a thigh?"

The blogger who commented there replied.

The word "literally" means "literally". Some of them are lovers and are back to their old ways (soy beans showing their teeth) Don't think the crew is dead.

This is where it should have ended.

But Su Yang found that in addition to her own water army down the line, there seemed to be several waves of people on Weibo who were muddling through with the rhythm.

Several familiar marketing numbers have taken screenshots of this "lover's" comment and posted them on various forums.

The heat festered uneventfully, with fans and blacks mixing and tearing, though it didn't attract much attention.

The real trigger was 9:30 pm.

A few minutes after the second episode of The Internship had finished airing, a revelation suddenly appeared from DouBan's biggest eating group.

He is a very famous blogger in the circle, but everything he says is true nine times out of ten.

As if by way of foreshadowing, a post came out of nowhere.

[Top stream married with 40 million followers, male lover, another main character whose name will be blocked when spoken, post not deleted after an hour to put the hammer on]

The key word 40 million top streams brought things to a head at once.

In a flash, DouBan and Weibo linked up and almost everyone was talking about it.

Another 40 million followers and a top streamer, married and cheating melon, can it not be a shock!

And the information in the blurb is so specific that it's almost second pickings.

"There are only a few top streams with 40 million followers on Weibo, why not just name them and forget about them, sy?"

"No shit, he's married? I'm fucking caving in the room unawares?"

"Male Lover, is that what I think it is ......"

"Uh, I just saw this after watching the melon of a certain eighteenth line of interns with a golden master, the two melons can't be linked, right?"

"What's a melon for an eighteenth-string gold owner? How come I didn't get to eat it?"

"Pointing the way to Twitter @Breakout, comments there, s.z has a golden master."

"Holy shit I'm interested!"

"Why have you all decoded it! Who's the top stream? Who's the male lover?!"

"Help ah lake pen don't hit the abbreviation ah, decode not out ah!!!"

"I'm so messed up now that I can't eat a melon, as messed up as I was the day Yi-Ping went to ask Dad for money."


As a result, two topics were suddenly empty on Twitter.

#40 million top stream

#Male Lover

Hot searches clicked in and all sorts of speculation was going on.

The top stream and the male lover point too clearly, and after the fermentation of the linkage between tonight's The Internship's melon about a certain 18th line with a golden master, the square is starting to take the big names to eat the melon.

"It can't really be Song Yi and Sheng Mingzhi, can it?"

"woc, think twice, didn't Sheng Mingzhi retweet Song Yi's tweet earlier to rip him off, but deleted it in seconds? Who took the screenshot?"

"I have!"

"Fuck, what's going on now, Song Yi is married, to whom? Sheng Mingzhi? Is there a male lover between them?"

"...... I don't think it's them getting married. It feels like it's Sheng Mingzhi three up Song Yi ? Isn't there a golden father, you guys don't just eat half of the melon!"

"How come the more you talk about it the more it seems like it's happening, who's picking up on who the golden father is?"

" Isn't Sheng Mingzhi also married, and this wave is a two-way cheating?!"


Ferment until about twelve o'clock.

DouBan's teaser blogger has finally arrived late.

@extraordinarybehaviour: the guesses are pretty much the same, the male lover is S.Z, the 40 million top stream is SY, and the other main character is not to be mentioned (save your life) If you are interested, you can search for a famous "wedding of the century" three years ago (eat melon)

Just after the tweet, the internet exploded completely.

After confirming the two main characters, the ensuing melon was simply eaten to death.

By this point, it was only on the Twitter hotspot that the big names were brought in and the heat blew right up.

#SongYi is married and is number one in the hot 100, followed by a bang.

Then second is # Sheng Mingzhi Male Lover (pop)

Third is the Chairman of # Sheng Jia Group (Explosion)

The top 10 hot searches were contracted to five of them.

Twitter almost went down.

" Song Yi is married? I don't believe it!!!"

"The wedding of the century you're talking about isn't the one I'm thinking of, is it, Sheng Jia and MingChen's?"

"Save.... I'm really going crazy, it feels like this melon is too outrageous to be true."

"Nima. Is it true that Song Yi's life has been rumoured for years? Is it true that MingChen is behind him?"

"What's going on now, does any of the class representatives have a summary?!"

"My previous statement at DouBan 吃瓜 is true ah, Song Yi used to be surnamed Sheng ......草."

"woc, just reacted to Sheng Mingzhi also surnamed Sheng, so this is what Ivana class Qing's stand-in literature?"


Things have come to a point where Twitter control comments are completely out of control.

Three years ago, Sheng Jia and MingChen joined forces in the wedding of the century.

You hardly have to decode it, a search will bring up photos from that time.

The blurred back of Lu Jiayan is gradually overlapping with the man Song Yi was rumoured to be with some time ago.

With careful comparison by netizens, it is easy to see that the resemblance is as high as 70 percent.

It is as if it were the hammer of Thor.

After the dust had settled, the class representative belatedly summarised.

"So the melon on tonight's episode is that someone broke the news that a certain 18th line of the intern crew is holding onto a lap, so this issue is all about him. Then DouBan previewed the $40 million top streamer as married, and finally found out that the father of a certain 18th line's gold owner is the husband of the top streamer? To sum up, the 18th line is Sheng Mingzhi, the top stream is Song Yi, and Song Yi's husband is cheating on Sheng Mingzhi? (dumb.jpg)"

Comments Off on The water rises.

"It's true that men like vixens (no offense to Song Yi for being so ol' looking)."

"Finally, I've seen the full version."

"This melon shook my whole family, and my circle of friends who don't follow the stars are eating it."

"Me too, even my dad came to ask me, Nima just bought Sheng Jia's shares!!!"

"And before that Sheng Mingzhi still dared to retweet Song Yi's tweet, is this a lover provoking Zheng Gong?"

"How disgusting. ...... It was all supposed to be a bit good for him."

"Puked, before coming out of the ring to set up some kind of comedy persona, I didn't expect it to be so disgusting!!!"

There were also unbelieving comments about.

"Is there any rock solid evidence of Sheng Mingzhi's cheating, none of the three main characters have come forward to speak so far, right?"

The comment was instantly screenshotted by Song Yi's fans.

The fan then also took a screenshot of Sheng Mingzhi's latest birthday tweet, directly @ShengMingzhi calling him out by name.

Song Yi's girlfriend outside of his circle: @ShengMingzhi, you should be ashamed of yourself, are you addicted to being a lover? Sheng Mingzhi fans are begging for a hammer, so open your eyes and take a look.

In the picture, it is Sheng Mingzhi who is holding the bouquet.

The text is ambiguous and vague: caramel pudding with a little delay.

"Which is "extended"?

It already speaks for itself.

Turns out it wasn't a typo.

A secret show of affection?

Sheng Mingzhi's tweet instantly fell: "The tweets of Sheng Mingzhi have fallen.

"That's really you, Sheng Mingzhi ."

"Shit ...... I wouldn't have believed it."

"It's a bit disgusting."

"Are you dead, addicted to being a lover?"


In the meantime, Song Yi's Weibo

"Hot off the press, heartbroken."

"Damn, all of them are getting face ridden by their lovers and I'm empathetically angry!"

"Cuddle brother."


Sheng Mingzhi woke up to an explosion of Weibo and WeChat.

When I returned to One XiShan in the afternoon, he was a bit sick and drifted off to sleep without even watching the show.

It was only at 12pm that I was jolted awake by the life-threatening vibrations of WeChat.

Even some rich kids who don't follow the entertainment industry have come running to give him a question mark.

Little Wang, not to mention the dozens of phone calls and 99 WeChat messages.

What made him feel strange was that Shen Ling was also sending him messages like crazy.

As the hacked Sheng Mingzhi for many years, he is already a full-fledged 18th-tier black material curator.

He subconsciously opened Twitter, and then the moment he saw the hot search.

The brain went blank with a "buzz".

#Sheng Jia Group Chairman cheated on his wife #(Explosion)

# Sheng Mingzhi Male Lover (Explosion)

# Song Yi Married (pop)

#Heartache Song Yi


Sheng Mingzhi doesn't even know how this inexplicable hot search came about.

After being splatted and scolded, he didn't even react to what had happened.

Not to mention his retweets and comments.

The private messages alone have been a tirade of abuse.

Sheng Mingzhi is not a glassy-eyed person.

It's just that when it comes to Lu Jiayan, he can't be rational when it comes to things that concern him.

Sheng Mingzhi's psychological defences began to crumble at the mere sight of this hot search for the Sheng Jia Group chairman's cheating.

He found that he could take the blackmail about himself, but not the half-bad about Lu Jiayan.

Already a bit uncomfortable with the flu, this hit was like a trigger that burned Sheng Mingzhi's brain straight to a fever pitch.

Private messages continue to grow.

"Disappointing as hell."

"I didn't think you were this kind of person."

"The lover shall die."


Sheng Mingzhi was so angry that his head was spinning, and before he could get to the cause and effect of what happened, a refresh.

Twitter collapsed.

Sheng Mingzhi: ......

bTwitter, how true.

Caught off guard, Song Yi reappeared in his sight, igniting his hatred without any excess.

It was at this moment that he realised that he hadn't let go at all.

It seems like all the calmness is him pretending to be generous.

A decade of accumulation is like a stubborn scar, only the surface is scabbed over, but the inside is still bloody.

Song Yi's presence is like a thorn in his side.

Every now and then, he has to come out of the woodwork to annoy him.

Throwing away his phone, Sheng Mingzhi's mind can still conjure up a few hot topics.


What was clearly his and Lu Jiayan's wedding became, as if a nightmare had come true, his and his, and he became the lover in all but name.


I'm so angry that my heart hurts, my stomach hurts, my liver hurts, and I can't get it to work!

And to add insult to injury, Song Yi's eerily visceral film has been rebranded for foreign release after being blocked at home.

How come it is not enough to connote him Sheng Mingzhi in front of the whole nation, but this piece of shit has to be carried forward for the whole world to see?

His hands were shaking with anger, so he picked up his phone from the bed and took a screenshot and dumped it on Lu Jiayan's WeChat.

[Is this what you mean by banning him? To go abroad and let the world see me laugh?

Sheng Mingzhi was in tears of anguish at the moment, knowing that it was not Lu Jiayan's fault.

He just wants to blame him, just blame him for being bad.

You're the president of Sheng Jia, why can't you even get rid of a hot search? You don't care about my feelings. You don't even care about my feelings, do you know what I'm feeling now, somehow being called a lover somehow being shady, as if the things you promised me at the beginning were all bullshit, if you can't do the trouble then don't promise, can you? Then I won't expect anything from you and won't bother you again].

I really can't communicate or live with you, you just find me annoying, annoying and annoying anyway].

And with that said, the old scores were rehashed.

You think I don't know that you left the country three years ago to avoid me? I'm really disappointed in you, the dam doesn't collapse in one day, it's cumulative.

If you don't like me, don't be nice to me. Who the hell cares about those things you gave me?


Swiping the screen in general, it crashed and sent a dozen over.

Before he knew it, Sheng Mingzhi's face was crawling with tears.

Shen Ling's reassurance and Little Wang's encouragement in WeChat seemed to have no effect on him.

He just stared at the chat box with Lu Jiayan, and the more he stared, the more sore his eyes became, and the more tears fell down like a broken thread.

It was clearly him who said he liked himself.

Why is it still hard to feel bad?

Sheng Mingzhi looks like he can't take it anymore.

I wanted to send Lu Jiayan a message to tell him that he really, really didn't think he could go on, but when his fingertips landed on the screen, it just got blurrier and blurrier.

Memory suddenly returns to the day Lu Jiayan left the country in senior year.

The words he wrote on a post-it note as he sat in the cream tea shop at the ski resort.

-The god in me has the name of a mortal, and the first thing I have to do is renounce him.

-Sheng, 20.3.2017.

It was the day of his birthday.

Sheng Mingzhi remembers the first time he met Lu Jiayan, who was in his first year, also on the 20th of March.

Just as he was fuming, his phone buzzed and vibrated.

Twitter automatically tweeted a development.

From Sheng Jia's official blog.

@ Sheng Jia Group: Recently, some internet users have been spreading false, slanderous and malicious remarks about our Chairman, Mr Lu Jiayan, and our lover, Mr Sheng Mingzhi, on various public internet platforms. We have now commissioned YunJing Law Firm to collect evidence and will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringers through legal means.

With tears still on her face, Sheng Mingzhi sits dumbly on the bed.

The tweet automatically refreshes another one.

Or the Sheng Jia Group's Twitter feed.

Retweeted one of his most scorned tweets last year for showing off his wealth.

Sheng Mingzhi stands in front of the US$500 million yacht 'Prce' with a bright smile.

Comment: "I've seen people pretending to be something they're not, but I've never seen anyone pretending to be so outrageous... There can't really be people who don't know that Prce is a wedding gift from Sheng Jia president Lu Jiayan to his wife, can there?"

The Sheng Jia Group is not at all shy, and goes straight down to the big one with the yin and yang.

"Laugh out loud, there can't really be anyone who doesn't know that Mr Sheng Mingzhi is the chairman's wife, can there?"

--The same style as their president's "wife".

So Twitter, which had just been repaired less than two minutes earlier, was down again.

Sheng Mingzhi: ......

The buzzing of Sheng Mingzhi's weibo feeds and Yao Shen's anxious, head-banging tweets. He was abroad, a time lag from home, and by the time he realised that the Weibo search had exploded, it was too late.

[Second Young Master, I'm sorry, it's my job's failure to remove the hot search in time].

[Mr. Lu is already on the plane back to China, so if there's anything you need to do, just tell me directly].

Sheng Mingzhi.


[Isn't he coming back the day after tomorrow.]

Yao Shen.

[Mr. Lu was worried that you were having a hard time at home alone and left before the meeting was finished].

As if in a last-ditch struggle for his year-end bonus, Yao Shen, a man of science and technology, uses his life's language skills to try to recreate Lu Jiayan's expressions one by one.

The wording is pretentious and I don't know which Bully novel I got it from.

In order to reflect the importance of Sheng Mingzhi, he spared no effort to patronize him: [But this one billion dollar cooperation is nothing compared to the second youngest, although the boss has not slept for two nights in a row, and then he has to take an eleven-hour flight back to China, of course this is nothing, after all, in the heart of Mr. Lu, surely you are the most important!

Sheng Mingzhi stared at Yao Shen's message with tears in her eyes before she could retrieve them.

In the next second, he returned to his senses and expressionlessly switched to the WeChat window with Lu Jiayan, withdrawing all the messages he had just sent as quickly as possible.

[You withdrew a message]

[You withdrew a message]

[You withdrew a message]

[You withdrew a message]


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