Chapter 33: The Slut Talk Card

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In the blink of an eye, it's New Year's Eve.

After four or five days of snow in a row in YunJing, Sheng Mingzhi was asked out by Shen Ling to go to a hot spring.

Inside the open-air private soup, the snow is melted by the hot steam before it has even fallen.

Shen Ling puts on a mask and chats with Sheng Mingzhi about the latest gossip in YunJing's high society.

Whoever has another lover, whoever is cheating on his wife, whoever is broke.

"Do you know about Su family's bastard son?" Shen Ling took a sip of juice: "He's also in the entertainment industry, and he's so high profile that he's in the news twice a day."

Speaking of which, Sheng Mingzhi is a bit impressive.

It is true that recently, we have seen a few times on the hot search, with the gimmick that the youngest son of a rich family is mixing with the entertainment industry, and that he will inherit a billion dollars of family property if he does not mix with the industry, earning a lot of fans.

It's probably because this ghost persona overlaps a bit with Sheng Mingzhi's.

Shen Ling, a thief, despises this Su: "He really thinks he's an onion, Su family, but if it comes out that he's illegitimate, he won't know where to lose face."

After a few words, Shen Ling changed the subject.

" Song Yi has been back in the country for so long, hasn't he come after you?"

Sheng Mingzhi shakes his head.

Shen Ling was amazed: "He's so calm and collected, it's not like him at all. Forget it, the further away from you this unlucky bastard is, the worse it makes me feel when I think of him."

After chatting about other things, it was around 10pm before the two of them emerged from the spa villa.

Sheng Mingzhi still feels a little uncomfortable when Song Yi is mentioned.

However, it is true that he has had no contact with the other party since he returned home.

Although they are both in the entertainment industry, they don't meet.

In fact, when Song Yi returned to China, Sheng Mingzhi had a colourful and colourful battle between the real and fake young masters, and fast-forwarded straight to the banning of Song Yi from the entire entertainment industry.

I even thought of a way to beat up Song Yi, laughing, but it didn't happen at all.

Sheng Mingzhi is not an idiot.

How degrading does it look for him to go after him when he doesn't come after himself?

And does Song Yi deserve it.

After a week of peace and quiet, Little Wang got a new variety show for Sheng Mingzhi.

A variety show that focuses on workplace reality, Chick Entertainment's heavyweight programme "I am an Intern", launched at the end of the year, focuses on the first experience of workplace life for the young people of today.

The programme is based on a combination of celebrities plus vegetarians and is divided into six groups.

The five workplace mentors, all of whom are relatively well-known industry stars, recorded content that basically revolved around commuting to work.

The biggest sponsor, Papa, is Sheng Jia, so the first issue was recorded at Sheng Jia headquarters.

After a month, Sheng Mingzhi retweeted the tweet once again.

Comments have followed.

"A fraud?"

"What, you still remember you didn't quit show business, huh?"

"Has the little wanker run out of money and come to record a show to make money?"

"Two months of picking your feet at home, really."

"Out of the loop once and you're drifting? Did Dad ever teach you to be grounded."

"Disrespectful showbiz get the hell out of Demolition that."

"Reflect on yourself and how long it's been since you've posted a selfie."

"To tell the truth, it's been so long since I've seen you that I've kinda missed it."

The anti-fans are still persistently clinging to him.

Seeing the last entry, Sheng Mingzhi slowly typed a:?

[Cure the sickness quickly.]

[Don't blame your father for not warning you if something happens].

As Sheng Mingzhi familiarised herself with the content of this programme, it was fast approaching the 25th of January.

It was just a few days before the recording of the show, and Sheng Mingzhi had an airport picture to shoot, but when Little Wang called, he excused himself.

Little Wang froze and looked at the date: "Oops. I didn't notice, it's the twenty-fifth again."

Every year, on the 25th of January, Sheng Mingzhi disappears for a day.

I don't know exactly what she was doing, but I've only vaguely heard that she was visiting her mother's grave.

Little Wang doesn't know much about Sheng Mingzhi's family.

The only thing he knew was that Sheng Mingzhi was rich, but he didn't know exactly how. This is why, despite Sheng Mingzhi's lack of effort in his career, Little Wang did not give him any special encouragement.

The more Little Wang spent time with him, the more he got to know him as a person, and the more he became a friend, compared to the days when he signed with Sheng Mingzhi and tried to make a name for himself.

In the end, Sheng Mingzhi's young man's temperament smoothed out the edges.

They don't care about the money anyway.

Sheng Mingzhi After hanging up the phone, the Maybach turned around and went to a flower shop on the corner.

His erratic behaviour was dutifully reported to Lu Jiayan by Yao Shen.

Yao Shen first reported in a businesslike manner, what time did the second young man get up in the morning, what did he eat, what did he do, coughed as if he had caught a cold, yawned and probably did not sleep well.

Only at the end did he mention, "Second young master went to the florist this afternoon and bought some white chrysanthemums."

Lu Jiayan's hand lurches.

White chrysanthemums represent mourning and remembrance and are usually used at funerals or tributes.

Sheng Mingzhi is survived by his father and brother, only his mother having died, but as far as he knows, the anniversary of the death of the second youngest's mother is not today.

"I got it."

Lu Jiayan returned the question lightly.

In fact, Lu Jiayan had only heard a little about Sheng Mingzhi's past life.

Lu Jiayan met him a few times, but he remembered him as a rather ordinary boy, a bit different from Sheng Xu's handsome looks.

In his senior year, Lu Jiayan heard again that Sheng Xu's brother was not his biological brother.

Even as a member of a wealthy family, Lu Jiayan has never encountered anything like this, something that would only happen in a novel. Sheng Xu is quite fond of his new brother and can't stop talking about him, which makes Lu Jiayan a little curious.

Later, on the afternoon he first met Sheng Mingzhi, the weather was similar to that of today.

Sheng Mingzhi, however, is, as Sheng Xu describes her, a girl, too delicate to be real.

The personality is not as arrogant and capricious as it was later.

Like a small animal in its first days, it surveys the new world with bewildered eyes.


On the 25th of January, Sheng Mingzhi got up early for the first time ever.

On the way downstairs, I met Lu Jiayan, who had already made breakfast.

Sheng Mingzhi was prepared to dawdle until Lu Jiayan had finished his meal and then go out on his own after he had gone to work.

After waiting for half a day, Lu Jiayan did not leave.

Sheng Mingzhi :?

What's the situation.

Is he not going to work today?


The dog man don't think that because Sheng Jia is doing so well now that he's not working hard, I will definitely divorce you if you go bankrupt.

It was not until Sheng Mingzhi got into the car that Lu Jiayan followed him as if nothing had happened.

What he had suspected all morning finally fell into place, and suddenly he had the feeling that this was indeed the case.

-- Lu Jiayan knows what day it is.

Sheng Mingzhi did not feel that Lu Jiayan would not be able to find out about his previous life, and he had been given a special person to report on his travels.

Lu Jiayan must have known about the flower shopping trip yesterday.

But to Sheng Mingzhi's surprise, he didn't expect Lu Jiayan to come with him to see Wan Xia.

Yes, 25 January is the anniversary of the death of Sheng Mingzhi's adoptive mother, Wan Xia.

When Song Qiang switched Sheng Mingzhi in the winery with malicious intent, he did not tell Wan Xia about it.

Sheng Mingzhi and Wan Xia were both victims in the baby swap incident.

During his years at his adoptive parents' home, Sheng Mingzhi rarely saw Song Qiang. The memory of this man is that he was either out gambling and not returning, or he was being chased around by loan sharks.

His adoptive mother, Wan Xia, had a job as a nanny, leaving at four in the morning and returning at ten in the evening, supporting the family on a meagre salary.

Despite this, Sheng Mingzhi's childhood was a warm one.

Although finances were tight, he, like most children, stayed on track with his studies.

Although Wan Xia was poor, he was given the best food and clothing.

He didn't miss out on any interest classes that other children were taking.

The carriage of the Maybach was silent all the way, Sheng Mingzhi was in a rare moment of silence, caught up in memories.

Sheng Mingzhi did not suffer much until he was twelve.

Only the day he was returned to the Sheng family was the darkest day of his life.

Suddenly, it seemed as if the world had abandoned them.

Lu Jiayan didn't say much either, probably because he was in a really low mood.

It's a three-hour drive from YunJing to YanCheng, and then another hour to the suburbs once you get to YanCheng.

The tall buildings outside the window gradually turn into low-rise bungalows.

Although he had been prepared, Lu Jiayan's heart was still slightly shaken by the sight of the place where Sheng Mingzhi had lived as a child.

YanCheng The suburbs have been slow to develop and haven't changed much in over a decade.

When the primary school and junior high school were not even dismantled, the trajectory of Sheng Mingzhi's life was revealed everywhere, and despite the bad timing, there was a subtle satisfaction in Lu Jiayan's heart that he seemed to know a little more about Sheng Mingzhi's past than before.

Wan Xia's headstone is in YanCheng Cemetery, a few hundred metres from his home.

Sheng Mingzhi did not say anything when he visited the grave, and Lu Jiayan stood two steps behind him, his eyes falling on Wan Xia's photograph.

It's a very ordinary woman.

Like the nannies you see everywhere in YunJing, hired by petty families.

Her face is gentle and calm, and age has left fine wrinkles in the corners of her eyes.

Life is not as it should be, but the clothes are well-kept and the hair is neatly combed.

Not at all similar to Sheng Mingzhi.

Lu Jiayan's heart moved, and somehow, silently, he recited in his mind: "Hello auntie, I am Lu Jiayan, Mingzhi's lover.

Sheng Mingzhi briefly cleared the surrounding weeds again.

Lu Jiayan frowned gently at the tomb of Wan Xia, which should have been tended regularly, but it looked like no one had been here for a long time.

Doesn't she have a real son?

Lu Jiayan squatted down to help him clean up, startling Sheng Mingzhi.

He just saw that there was a lot of grass around and pulled it a little, but never expected Lu Jiayan to help.

After all, the dog man looks like one of those unearthly, domineering CEOs.

Standing here in the cemetery gives the illusion that I will finish all your plutonium today.

Sheng Mingzhi paused for a moment and muttered, "Why are you following me here today?"

He finally asked the question he had been holding in all day.

Sheng Mingzhi actually came to visit Wan Xia's grave every year, but I hadn't seen Lu Jiayan take any interest in it before.

I'll think you're in love with me if you're so sweet and thoughtful all of a sudden :)

"I can't help it." Lu Jiayan sighs softly, "I've been with you for three years without a name, I can't go on like this."

Sheng Mingzhi: ......

Lu Jiayan's tone was quite sultry, his peachy eyes glaring at him.

Emotional and moving, with eyes that look like they have little hooks at the end.

"Not only does an ugly daughter-in-law always meet her father-in-law, but a pretty one too."


Kinda narcissistic.

Sheng Mingzhi choked inwardly and almost rolled his eyes.

Is there a daughter-in-law like you?

However, Sheng Mingzhi's heavy heart was lightened by Lu Jiayan's antics.

Those not-so-fond memories were again pushed to the back of the mind for the time being.

The cemetery is built on a hill.

On the way down, the snowy path was slippery and Sheng Mingzhi stood up to look at the rugged mountain path.



How did he just walk up here?

Lu Jiayan took two steps forward and found that Sheng Mingzhi had not moved.

He turned his head as the other man stood justified, and after meeting his eyes, silently opened his hand.

To hold the meaning.

Lu Jiayan raises an eyebrow.

Sheng Mingzhi grunted, "I can't walk. Carry me."

A gesture that it would be an honour for you to carry me down the hill.

Lu Jiayan: "Is there any benefit to carrying you?"

Not bad for a capitalist vampire.

Sheng Mingzhi returns the favour: "The favour is a verbal reward from little Mr. Sheng."

Without waiting for Lu Jiayan to react, Sheng Mingzhi leapt onto his back.

Lu Jiayan wobbled slightly and Sheng Mingzhi had already adjusted his position, cashing in on the reward by complimenting, " Brother Jiayan is great!"

As if to prove that he is not shy about praise, Sheng Mingzhi then goes on to praise Lu Jiayan no matter what he does.

Lu Jiayan ruffles a branch.

He: " Brother Jiayan is so good!"

Lu Jiayan kicks away the stone.

He: " Brother Jiayan, how true you are!"

Lu Jiayan gave him a warning look.

Sheng Mingzhi continues: " Jiayan, what a divine face you have, you have the stars in your eyes, you can see it in my heart. I want to experience what it's like to live with a face like that, woohoo!"

Lu Jiayan seemed to let out a laugh at his childish behaviour.

Speaking nonchalantly, "Let's give you a taste of it tonight."

Sheng Mingzhi :?

Lu Jiayan whispered, "Fucked by this face. What it's like to die."


The air froze.

Sheng Mingzhi stiffens like a stone statue.

Then, almost without overdoing it, the scarlet flushed from his neck to the tips of his ears, making him look like his whole body was going to be heated up.

I don't know if it's more horrifying that Lu Jiayan can actually talk dirty or that Lu Jiayan can say such powerful things.

Did the old man flip some weird switch?

Sheng Mingzhi did not recover from his shock until he had descended the mountain.

Lu Jiayan was always remembered as a gentle and mature man, and he was remembered as an elder or older brother.

This is why Sheng Mingzhi has always had a subtle sense of respect for Lu Jiayan.

Now it feels like it's going to be swept away.

When he didn't say anything, Lu Jiayan put him down and asked, "What's wrong?"

It took Sheng Mingzhi a moment to come back to his senses and say, "You... how could you say such a thing?"

"What's the word?"



"Oh." Lu Jiayan said meaningfully, "Can't you say?"

Sheng Mingzhi stammered, "You weren't like this before."

"Not what?"

"Just." Sheng Mingzhi swallowed slowly: "Disrespectful for old age. You used to be very virtuous in my mind!"

Virtue and prestige?

What the hell kind of adjective is that?

Isn't that kind of word always used to describe an elder, or the kind of elder who is a lot older.

"I used to." Lu Jiayan thought for a moment and spoke thoughtfully, "Not your husband either, I think."

That's true.

Sheng Mingzhi wanted to.

But what does it have to do with that.

"Not used to it?"

Sheng Mingzhi did not speak.

It's not that I'm not used to it, but it's just that it's a strange feeling to go from "brother" to "brother" all of a sudden.

Makes the character change a bit too much for him all of a sudden!!!

Sheng Mingzhi scratched his hair.

As he was about to say something, he heard Lu Jiayan speak in a droll manner.

"Then you get used to it as soon as you can."

What is it?

Lu Jiayan is slow and deliberate: "I will not only say it later. I will also do it."

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