Chapter 3: Disrespect for the Elderly

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Is there anything more embarrassing than meeting a husband and wife at a family dinner and having them both mistaken for each other?

If we were to divide Sheng Mingzhi's life into one, two or three social death scenes, the current scene would definitely be number one.

Sheng Mingzhi Even for a few dozen seconds, his brain was blank.

Until Lu Jiayan stepped forward and took off his own suit and draped it over his shoulders.

There was already some cool laughter in his voice, not like a good man, with Lu Jiayan's usual smile: "Missing your husband so much that you're staring at him?"


It turns out he did it on purpose.

Not only is it deliberate, but now it's shady that I'm mistaken for someone else.

Sheng Mingzhi's heart slowly calms, then faintly burns with anger.

" Mingzhi, is everything okay."

The tone of the man, who looks seven times like Lu Jiayan, is soft and concerned.

Since it is Lu Jiayan who drapes himself.

The man he misidentified was, predictably, Lu Jiayan's own elder brother, Lu Xiao.

He is also Lu Jiayan's former number one rival.

As the second son, Lu Jiayan did not have much of an advantage in Sheng Jia back then, which is why he married into the Sheng Mingzhi business to consolidate his family's position.

Three years of overseas market development have announced the last heir to the Lu family, and Lu Jiayan's return to China at this time indicates that he is about to take over as Vice President of Sheng Jia Group headquarters.

But he, as Lu Jiayan's lover, identifies his husband's nemesis as his husband at the other's first family dinner back home.


Sheng Mingzhi is suddenly a little weak.

"I'm fine." Sheng Mingzhi smiled awkwardly, " Brother Lu, I was joking with Brother Jiayan, sorry, don't be offended."

He was now so embarrassed that he wanted to dig a hole and bury himself on the spot.

Lu Xiao was considerate enough to go with the flow: "It seems Mingzhi's drinking is as light as ever."

This oops of mistaken identity was quickly dispatched with the all-purpose excuse of having too much to drink, with the unspoken acquiescence of the crowd.

Sheng Mingzhi now just wants to find an excuse to go upstairs to change and leave this sad place where his community is dying.

When the old man found out about this scene, he said he wanted Lu Jiayan to accompany him.

Sheng Mingzhi saw that he could not get away with it, so he pretended to be happy and went up to the first floor of the villa with Lu Jiayan.

Across the corridor, the boisterous sounds of people in the hall seemed to be cut off to another world, and there was a sudden silence.

Sheng Mingzhi's embarrassment was still fresh in his mind, leaving only the back of his head for Lu Jiayan.

The champagne on his clothes smelled faintly of alcohol, not to say pleasant, and Sheng Mingzhi, always a bit of a neat freak, frowned slightly.

The silence of the road is finally broken by Lu Jiayan as he pushes open the door to the cloakroom.

" Sheng Mingzhi, three years without seeing me and you're just going to keep looking at me with the back of your head."

With first and last name.

No matter how many years had passed, he never seemed to call him by his nickname.

He was obviously six years older than him, but he had no idea how to spell the words respect Mr. Ai young.

Both annoying and coldly detached.

Sheng Mingzhi's originally subsided anger inexplicably rose a bit, so he turned his head and sneered: "Do I need to look at you with a straight face, anyway, Mr. Lu can't recognize what I look like, right?"

How can you be so mean when you deliberately mistake him for Sheng Xue? Do you need to hold such a grudge?

Lu Jiayan said in a carefree manner, seemingly as a matter of course, "Isn't plastic surgery popular in your entertainment industry, isn't it normal for me to admit that I'm wrong?"



In addition to holding a grudge, it is also sophomoric.

"Thanks." Sheng Mingzhi smiled slightly, with a rather biting smile, "But anyone who walks the talk will know that transgenderism is not popular in the entertainment industry."

--He is now thanking Lu Jiayan for taking time out of his busy schedule to learn more about the entertainment industry!

There's no need to pretend to be a loving husband and wife in private, Sheng Mingzhi said and rolled his eyes.

He and Lu Jiayan had a separate master bedroom on the ground floor of the old house, which was opened up to a cloakroom, and occasionally stayed directly at the villa during New Year's holidays, so the nanny kept a lot of Sheng Mingzhi's clothes on hand.

The Lu family is obviously very happy with their "grand-daughter-in-law", and has taken full advantage of Sheng Mingzhi's discerning nature. The wardrobe is full of the season's new high-fashion pieces, all hanging in different categories, ranging from tens of thousands to millions of dollars, with no duplicates, to the point of extravagance and waste.

Lu Jiayan leans idly against the doorway and lifts his eyes, and it is clear from the flashy decorations and almost overflowing clothes in the cloakroom that Sheng Mingzhi has barely improved in three years.

Arrogant and capricious, vain and hollow, like a small flowered peacock grown.

Sheng Mingzhi was soon changed.

The exorbitant suit that he had originally worn was casually thrown on the floor, thinking that he knew the young master would not visit it a second time.

"Do you still want your coat? Don't want me to throw it away."

Sheng Mingzhi tied the Windsor knot in front of the mirror with a look of concentration, not even looking at Lu Jiayan, although he asked for his advice, only to groom his glorious feathers.

The suit Lu Jiayan had used to drape over his shoulders had been thrown by Sheng Mingzhi on the sofa.

Sheng Mingzhi was certainly not so confident that he could wait for Lu Jiayan's reply.

Sure enough, by the time he had buttoned the last cuff, Lu Jiayan was sitting at the desk in the master bedroom, talking to someone on the phone.

As the current central figure on Sheng Jia's board, Lu Jiayan's 24 hours are precious and time is allocated to the second.

Sheng Mingzhi, long accustomed to his readiness to attend to his business, waited at the door to go down with him, lest the old man should see the light.

The phone buzzes at this point, and for work reasons, Sheng Mingzhi has taken to putting it on silent.

It's a voice from Little Wang.

Sheng Mingzhi looked at Lu Jiayan, who was on the phone, and clicked on voice to text.

As a result, my hand slipped and the voice came straight out.

" Mingzhi Ah, have you seen your husband yet-"

Sheng Mingzhi was stunned.

Lu Jiayan didn't hang up, but raised an eyebrow and his eyes moved, landing on him. There seemed to be some questioning in his eyes, as if he was asking who the man in the WeChat was.

What do you care who it is?

Sheng Mingzhi inwardly rolled his eyes, what qualifications does a plastic husband who can mistake his lover at a party have to enforce his husband's right to check up on him?

Then the second half of Little Wang's voice rang out in the empty and somewhat lonely bedroom.

"- Has his old man been well lately?"



At that moment, Lu Jiayan had just hung up the phone.

The second half of Little Wang's sentence was like a thunderclap that rattled the room for three days.

Deadly silence.

Lu Jiayan's slightly cool gaze was a perfect look at Sheng Mingzhi.

Sheng Mingzhi: ......

"The old man?"

Lu Jiayan seems to have laughed in exasperation, his peach blossom eyes no longer smiling, and his voice is cold, making Sheng Mingzhi feel cold himself.

"You're the-"

"That's how you describe me to people?"

Sheng Mingzhi opens his mouth dryly.

Looking at Lu Jiayan with this look of trouble, I somehow remembered the news I had read today and the anger in my heart flared up again.

I haven't even come after him yet, and he dares to be mean to me?

As we all know, so far, no one has been born who dares to murder Young Master Sheng.

"Isn't it right?" Sheng Mingzhi sneered, "You're not just old."

And for being old and bullying children.

Lu Jiayan has probably only heard people praise him for his good looks since he was a child, but he has never been called old.

So his face froze for a moment, not to say ugly, but not a good one either.

Sheng Mingzhi was simply exasperated when he saw his expression of turning the other cheek faster than anyone else.

"What, does Mr. Lu think I'm wrong? Yes, I am indeed wrong, although Mr. Lu looks old, his mind is younger than anyone else!"

At the end of the sentence, Sheng Mingzhi's voice rises a little.

"As soon as I returned home, I went straight to the festival to meet my lover. Shouldn't I compliment you for getting younger as you go along, you're still old and strong at your age?"

Old enough?

Older and stronger?

When Lu Jiayan heard these two words, a few absurd smiles appeared in his eyes.

For a moment, what little patience was left was now depleted, revealing a bit of thinness.

But when he didn't reply, Sheng Mingzhi became more and more angry and felt that the marriage was really not going to work out.

Even if he was asked to "remain a widow for three years", how dare he start a family now? You, Lu Jiayan, are here to restore the empire. You're here to restore the empire, and you've even opened three wards and six houses?

He's not even dead yet, and Lu Jiayan has the audacity to find a little love outside to beat his face in.

Sheng Mingzhi, the arrogant young master, is not a man to be taken lightly.

The word "divorce" was on his lips, but Sheng Mingzhi was not quite sensible enough to swallow it back in a mixture of anger.

Born into such a wealthy family, marriage is always a matter of choice, even in the case of divorce.

The last thing that ended the sudden argument was the sound of Sheng Mingzhi slamming the door.

Nothing has changed from three years ago, even the way in which he expresses his anger is exactly the same.

After an evening argument, the loving couple can't do it anymore, and Sheng Mingzhi isn't quite brazen enough to pretend to make up.

Fortunately, the old man was too busy tonight to notice the treacherous and delicate atmosphere between the young couple.

After three rounds of wine, Lu Jiayan was already a little tipsy and the party ended with time.

After bidding farewell to Old Lu, Sheng Mingzhi and Lu Jiayan got into their Bentley and drove all the way to One XiShan Road in the city centre.

One XiShan is one of Sheng Jia's properties, with only eight villas listed for sale to the public.

Sheng Mingzhi has been living in One Courtyard on XiShan Road since she got married, a two-storey duplex French villa with a front and back yard, surrounded by a curved moon lake, backed by China World Financial and close to the YunTing building, ranking among the top ten luxury properties in YunJing, where every inch of land is gold.

The car ride is silent, Lu Jiayan sleeping with his eyes closed, seemingly to ease the effects of his drink.

Sheng Mingzhi is tossing and turning on his phone, probably patrolling his Weibo square.

The only thing you'll find is a trifecta of anti-fans calling him names, and today they've added some new ones: calling him out for wearing fakes on the red carpet, clashing with Qiao Yan, and embarrassing whoever is ugly.

Sheng Mingzhi replied with an expressionless face, "I can see Qiao Yan is embarrassed (soy bean than heart)"

When anti-fans saw that Sheng Mingzhi had again made a mistake by spamming the internet with his real name on a big website and being weird, they immediately rose up and attacked him.

After a few hundred tweets in total, one suddenly jumped into Sheng Mingzhi's eyes.

"Laugh it up, Sheng Mingzhi is useless even if he's incompetent and furious, who else doesn't know that Qiao Yan has already taken on Lu Jiayan's contacts?"

Sheng Mingzhi's eyes fell on this tweet and paused for two seconds.


Half an hour later, Lu Jiayan's intoxication has subsided considerably.

Sheng Mingzhi is still sulking when he opens his eyes. From his angle, he can see three-quarters of the other man's face, and his eyes fall out of the window, where the lights of the night provide an ambiguous and hazy atmosphere.

It must be said that Sheng Mingzhi has an extremely compelling face.

A little more charming, a little less bland, just the right look, lush and flamboyant, handsome and heroic.

Lu Jiayan has known Sheng Mingzhi since he was twelve years old, and at first Sheng Mingzhi was just a friend's brother to him.

Perhaps it was the alcohol that made Lu Jiayan's heart soften for a moment, forgetting the unpleasantness of the moment and regaining some of his warmth as an elder.

When he got out of the car, Lu Jiayan unprecedentedly opened the door for Sheng Mingzhi first.

Sheng Mingzhi, who was still seething with anger, froze.

Is the sun coming out of the west?

He glanced hesitantly at Lu Jiayan.

It's not like the weasel is just giving the rooster a good time, is it?

Out of instinctive distrust of Lu Jiayan, a male vixen with a bad taste in his mouth, Sheng Mingzhi reflexively started to recall if he had offended him in the car.

Lu Jiayan waited for a few seconds before Sheng Mingzhi got out of the car.

And looked at him with the wary eyes of a small animal.

It was like guessing what Sheng Mingzhi had in mind.

Lu Jiayan spoke lazily, "You don't think I'm old and disrespectful, do you?"

Sheng Mingzhi: ......

Lu Jiayan speaks in a somewhat drawn-out tone, with a low but clean voice that tickles the ears.

He said, "I'm honoring Mr. Ai now, can't I."

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