Chapter 25: Applying the medicine

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Sheng Mingzhi felt that the word "divorce" was on his lips.

Think sports cars, think private jets, think $500 million yachts.

He felt he could put up with Lu Jiayan for a while longer.

Sheng Mingzhi didn't bring much with him this time, so he didn't even pack up when he left, and took them straight back to XiShan One.

The cabin of the Maybach was terribly quiet, Sheng Mingzhi still fighting with Lu Jiayan's words from earlier.

What do you mean when Lu Jiayan looks at his perfect body, it's him who takes advantage of it?

What is wrong with Lu Jiayan, that he has a long mouth just to mock him in a weird way?

Very good.

He's a dog if he initiates talking to him again.

Unless Lu Jiayan now compensates him with a private jet.

But Lu Jiayan didn't notice his coldness and asked softly, "What's wrong?" when he got into the car.

What's going on.

Sheng Mingzhi sneers inwardly.

You don't have a clue.

Lu Jiayan didn't seem to notice that he was having a little temper tantrum.

Or perhaps Sheng Mingzhi's young master's temper was in full swing almost all the time, and Lu Jiayan took it for granted, even when he saw it.

Not accustomed to his making.

Only today is different.

Sheng Mingzhi's tossed body has not yet dissipated, and although she is wearing a black turtleneck jumper, the hickeys can still be seen faintly around the edges.

He had been uncomfortable from the moment he got in the car and had changed his seat several times.

I was afraid that Lu Jiayan would see me move too much, so I changed my posture without moving, and I had the word "face" engraved in my DNA.

Sheng Mingzhi did not expect Lu Jiayan to help him at all.

After the night before, the two of them have only upgraded their plastic relationship to one in bed, Lu Jiayan is still the same exquisite self-interested bully who doesn't care about people at all.

On the whole, the couple's relationship remains as cheap as a 50-cent handful of fake flowers at the school gate.

When the pain in his back became too much, he quietly reached out and rubbed it himself for a while.

While rubbing it, Lu Jiayan is still being slandered in his mind.

A perverted workaholic, a pervert is a pervert, and just as perverted when it comes to bed.

There are still fading teeth marks on the inside of his thighs, which are bleeding from the bite.

The new flesh grows itchy inside the scab, and Sheng Mingzhi is too embarrassed to rub it in front of her, so she has to keep her legs tightly closed.

The Maybach drives forward for ten minutes and then turns right.

Sheng Mingzhi looks out of the window at the increasingly unfamiliar landscape and feels something is wrong.

It is not at all the way back to One XiShan.

He turned his head to look at Lu Jiayan and was about to say something when the Maybach suddenly stopped in front of a roadside pharmacy.

Sheng Mingzhi :?

Before he could react, Lu Jiayan got out of the car.

After about ten minutes, the man returned with a white plastic bag containing several tubes of anti-inflammatory ointment to remove swelling.

Sheng Mingzhi's eyes fall on the ointment in a subtle mood.

Lu Jiayan had already sat next to him and the carriage, which was not very narrow, became instantly congested.

Despite that night, Sheng Mingzhi was not used to being so close to Lu Jiayan.

He subconsciously pressed against the car door and pulled away.

But Lu Jiayan looked up at him with a serious look in his eyes and took on the posture of an elder: "Don't move. The more you move, the worse it gets."

He squeezed out a bit of the ointment straight away and gently tugged Sheng Mingzhi's collar open.

The area with the teeth marks was already slightly swollen and was particularly visible on the white, slender neck, and the man's eyes faintly froze.

This can still be seen.

The unseen areas are presumably even more tragic.

Somehow Sheng Mingzhi's thoughts, which he had been trying so hard to hide from his discomfort, disintegrated the moment Lu Jiayan opened his mouth to speak.

Suddenly he was less inclined to hold back on his own.

"It's all your fault." Sheng Mingzhi muttered as he intensified his tone and repeated, "It's all your fault."

Lu Jiayan gave a little laugh and said, "Well, it's my fault."

"It's your fault." The more Sheng Mingzhi thought about it, the angrier he became: "I have to go into the film next, and you've made it impossible for me to film, so you'll have to pay me back."

Lu Jiayan put the medicine on the marks on his neck, the deeper areas would not be easy to put on in the car.

So he screwed on the ointment, changed his approach and rubbed Sheng Mingzhi's waist with his hands, not too gently but not too heavily.

A very thin cut.

It seems to be circled by one arm.

Sheng Mingzhi rightfully enjoyed Lu Jiayan's services, the anger that had built up inside him having subsided considerably.

I thought to myself that this dog man is not so conscience-ridden.

Lu Jiayan laughed lightly and said casually, "How much is your little paycheck worth?"

Sheng Mingzhi: ......

Shit, don't look down on people.

"Thirty million." Sheng Mingzhi opened his mouth with a sky-high price.

Lu Jiayan paused and raised an eyebrow: "Thirty million?"

And looked him up and down.

That look said nothing, but then again, it said everything.

Sheng Mingzhi directly ignored it and nodded without changing his face: "You don't have to feel too inferior, even though I'm so good, you still got me. What do you want to say?"

"Nothing." Lu Jiayan said slowly, "The entertainment industry looks like it's going down the drain."



Sheng Mingzhi was so angry that he kicked him hard with his calf straight away.

Not too light, not too heavy, but like a cat scratch.


Before Sheng Mingzhi returned to One XiShan, he struggled with the idea of moving his belongings into Lu Jiayan's bedroom.

After all, they have already slept in the same bed and have decades of life ahead of them, so they can't keep sleeping in separate rooms.

Although a cobbled-together business association.

But at least it was an improvement to have the name of husband and wife in the same bed.

But this nominal value has just been completely cut off by Lu Jiayan's own hand.

By the end of the night, Sheng Mingzhi was silent, in a one-sided cold war with Lu Jiayan.

After eating, he turned around and left, not planning to wait for Lu Jiayan to join him.

Lu Jiayan glanced at him, put down his chopsticks and followed closely behind.

When he reached the first floor, Sheng Mingzhi walked into his room without looking back.

"The door slammed with a bang that could be heard throughout the villa.

Lu Jiayan now realises, as an afterthought, that his little ancestor is having another tantrum.

But on reflection, everything was flowing normally today. He had put off an evening meeting to pick up Sheng Mingzhi and offered to buy ointment for him on the way home.

In theory, he has done what is expected of a husband in terms of consideration and responsibility.

Follow the normal course of events.

Since there was already a substantial relationship, Sheng Mingzhi and he should have slept in the same room, which at least appeared to be not far from a normal marriage.

Lu Jiayan stood at the door and knocked: " Mingzhi ."

The words "What's wrong with you?" and "What did I do to you?" came to his lips at the same time, but Lu Jiayan put the brakes on them just in time.

For some reason, he had a hunch.

If he had said those two words, Sheng Mingzhi probably wouldn't have let him in tonight.

He spoke nonchalantly, "Are you angry?"

Sheng Mingzhi's voice came from inside the room, "I'm not angry. I'm not angry. I'm not a lowly Little Yi who dares to be angry with you, Mr. Lu. How can I get involved in the entertainment industry if I offend you? Oh. I remember now, the entertainment industry is going to be finished anyway, so I don't need to be in it anymore."

With those words, there was no more movement in the room.

He was determined not to open the door for Lu Jiayan.

The man stood at the door for five minutes before finally being interrupted by a phone call from his special assistant to attend to official business for half an hour.

In his study, Lu Jiayan puts down his mobile phone, somehow still concerned about Sheng Mingzhi.

By the time his thoughts drifted uncontrollably to Sheng Mingzhi again.

It was then that Lu Jiayan realised that his recent interest in Sheng Mingzhi had gone beyond his expectations.

So much so that the first time was when I was on my way to deal with work and didn't resist deserting.

Lu Jiayan knows that he has always been called a workaholic by his staff, and he even knows that Sheng Mingzhi secretly complains that he has spent his life with work.

Only, being born into the Lu family, he was destined to have a harder road than others.

Lu Jiayan's father and mother were a typical marriage of business and politics, and marriages among high-flying plutocrats are almost always made up of interests.

When the right age comes, the right person will naturally come along and then use the marriage to maximise the benefits, just as he did with Sheng Mingzhi.

Lu Jiayan and his elder brother Lu Xiao were not born of the same mother, his parents were not in love, while Lu's father had a first love who was deeply in love with him when he was young and was later forced to break off his relationship with his first love when his family arranged to marry his mother.

Lu Xiao, the child of Lu's father's first love, came into the world before Lu Jiayan and was welcomed into the Lu family as the eldest son less than a year after Lu Jiayan's mother's death.

The marriage his mother had struggled to maintain was a joke.

As far as I can remember, she rarely smiles and is very strict with herself. Even though her mother's family is powerful, she still lives a life of fear and trepidation in her luxurious marriage, afraid of upsetting her father.

Lu Jiayan curbs his smile and his gaze falls into the distance.

Somehow, he remembered Sheng Mingzhi again.

The same union of commercial marriages and the same situation as the mother.

But what is completely different is that Sheng Mingzhi is so lively and over the top that every move is vibrant and dynamic, with the arrogance of a man who is at his best when the sky is falling.

He is not the least bit trembling and trembling. Give him some colour, and with this little ancestor's temper, I am afraid he will ride over his head and make a fool of himself.

Lu Jiayan's thoughts had fallen entirely on him, remembering Sheng Mingzhi's self-indulgent singing in the villa.

Then one after another, he was remembered as angry and cursing with netizens on the Internet.

And then I remembered him boasting about himself in front of outsiders in an attempt to be brave.

Sheng Mingzhi seems to have an inexhaustible supply of misfortunes and disgraces.

And time and time again, it was unbearable, and although arrogant and capricious, it didn't bore him as much as he thought it would.

On the contrary, ...... is sometimes quite cute?

With that thought, Lu Jiayan laughed softly and suddenly relaxed.

He suddenly felt that his previous knowledge of Sheng Mingzhi had been too good for Mr. Tai.

Although he had known him for over ten years, he always remembered him as Sheng Xu's younger brother.

The memory of the little child, only twelve or thirteen years old, had metamorphosed in amazing ways, somehow, out of his sight.

It becomes open and handsome, and is bright and dynamic.

It is so eye-catching that you can't take your eyes off it a bit.

Lu Jiayan realises that the night was not all about the effects of the medicine, but perhaps a little of his own hidden selfishness.

Sheng Mingzhi has grown up and it is difficult for him to treat him as a junior as he once did when we were spending time together.

However, Lu Jiayan admits that he really didn't know Sheng Mingzhi well enough to give Sheng Xu a call, which was unprecedented.

It took three rings before the caller picked up, his tone unkind: "You better give me a proper reason to accept that you called me at twelve in the middle of the night and then woke me up after coming back from an all-night meeting last night after only an hour's sleep."

Lu Jiayan got right to the point: "Did you have a fight with your brother today?"

Sheng Xu: ......?

Lu Jiayan's thinking is simple and straightforward.

Since he did not think he had offended Sheng Mingzhi, the only suspect left was Sheng Xu.

"Did I offend him?" Sheng Xu laughed: "You and your husband are working together to bully people, aren't you? He's a little debt collector knocking on my door at six in the morning asking me to make him breakfast, and you're calling me at twelve at night to wake me up? Who's offended by who?"

Lu Jiayan was indifferent to Sheng Xu's accusations and said slowly, "You didn't offend him, so why did he get angry when he came back?"

Sheng Xu: ......

I don't know why.

After Lu Jiayan said this, there was an uncharacteristic silence from both callers.

Half-heartedly, Sheng Xu intoned, "Dude."

He advised, "Have you ever thought that perhaps you have offended him yourself?"

Lu Jiayan: ......

"No." Xu raised an eyebrow, "Actually, I've been meaning to say it all along, I think you, as a person, have a pretty low emotional intelligence when it comes to relationships."

Lu Jiayan listens with little expression.

"Although, right, you were second only to me in high school and college in face value, but you didn't fall in love as much as I did-"

Lu Jiayan said lightly, "You've only talked about it once, too."

Sheng Xu choked.

Lu Jiayan continues to downplay the situation: "It was an online relationship. The other person is a man pretending to be a woman, a siren, who cheated you out of a total of 100,000."

"And. Mingzhi is the love of my life, to be precise, and we are married, not in love."



OK, marriage with legal protection is amazing.

"Do you still want to hear why my brother is angry?"

Lu Jiayan takes his time: "You go on."

"The reason you don't fall in love as much as I do is that you have too low an emotional IQ."

"As low as your IQ?"

"Do you ever feel like you're talking pretty cheap?"


Lord Sheng Xu has plenty of time to forgive Lu Jiayan.

Just as a father forgives his son.

He spoke, carelessly, "Don't worry, that little debt collector won't be mad at anyone for being mad at you. Now will you please get the hell out of here and go have sex and leave your father alone?"

Lu Jiayan's brow furrowed gently, as if he had not understood Sheng Xu's words, and the other party simply hung up the phone.


The next day, Little Wang called Sheng Mingzhi to arrange an audition for a costume drama.

Sheng Mingzhi is a first-time actor in a costume, and the company is a star-studded television company that has done one before, which was a big hit. Seeing that there was money to be made, Capital took advantage of the situation and made a second film.

Sheng Mingzhi auditioned for the role of Little Wang, an arrogant and brutal master.

The role was pinpointed and on the third day came the good news that the audition had been passed and the artistes trained in etiquette for a week or so before filming began straight away.

Filmed in HaiCheng.

Lu Jiayan was on a business trip to HaiCheng, and when he got busy, he had a little time to spare and remembered that he hadn't contacted Sheng Mingzhi for a week, so I wondered if his anger had subsided.

He looked at his schedule for the evening and there was a dinner with a Guizhou property owner. Lu Jiayan summoned Yao Shen and, after a pause, arranged a dinner at Sheng Mingzhi for the evening.

Yao Shen's heart froze slightly as he listened.

Having worked with Lu Jiayan for four years, this is the first time he has seen his boss put off work for a personal appointment.

Lu Jiayan had unilaterally set Sheng Mingzhi up, and was in a mood of anticipation that he hadn't even noticed when he thought of the evening's meeting.

He sent a message from WeChat over.

Then the chat box showed that he was no longer his friend.

Lu Jiayan: ......

Very good.

Sheng Mingzhi also arranged his treatment in a clear manner.


In the lounge, Sheng Mingzhi is trying on his third costume.

With the first two sets of make-up already shot and the last set left, the crew was in a more relaxed state, chatting with Sheng Mingzhi as they touched up his make-up.

Nothing more than a compliment on his good looks and skin.

Oh, the official answer to his nonsense, try asking if he doesn't know he's good looking.

Sheng Mingzhi is used to receiving compliments from her make-up artist.

He got up at 6.30am to do the styling for the final photos in the morning and was already sleepy by now.

Little Wang was swiping through Twitter when she saw the hot search and let out a "yikes".

" Song Yi is back in the country?"

At the same time, Sheng Mingzhi's mobile phone vibrates frantically.

Shen Ling sent him a dozen messages in quick succession.

[Look at the hot search!!!]

[Holy shit! Song Yi is back home!

[I fucking thought he was going to die abroad, why is he suddenly back in the country?

[I thought there were so many people at HaiCheng airport today, but they were all his fans!

Song Yi's name is on the hot seat.

Of course, it's still hanging around in Sheng Mingzhi's chat logs, Little Wang's mouth, and it's hard for him to ignore it.

A time, like a bell ringing, on Sheng Mingzhi's head.

Knocked him sober.

The make-up artist's eyes lit up when she heard Song Yi's name: "Yes, I heard a week ago that he was coming back to China. I even saw that film he made in Hollywood, it was so romantic and I heard it was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film."

Little Wang also nodded, "True to form, he's the youngest film star in the inner entertainment industry."

Another message from Shen Ling came through: [...... Are you okay?].

Sheng Mingzhi stares at his phone for a moment.

Replied: [What's wrong with me.


[You didn't reply to my message just now, I thought you were already pissed off].

Then added heartlessly: [Did you see that he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language in that film?

Sheng Mingzhi: [......]

Song Yi, the youngest film star in the Inner Entertainment Industry, is already making a name for himself in the film industry, despite his young age.

Three years ago, he suddenly announced that he was going abroad for further studies and was invited to appear in two plays on Broadway while doing so.

Song Yi has since made a breakthrough into Hollywood with her Broadway play, and was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Oscar this year for a gay literary film.

He is also only twenty-two years old this year.

Shen Ling: [But does your family know that he has suddenly returned?

Sheng Mingzhi let out a laugh: [Who is he, do we need to know?

Shen Ling replied with a salute emoji.

[So hot, no less.]

[I don't think he can make any waves. If he dares to go back to your house and keep acting up, you can ask your husband to block him (kudos)]

Sheng Mingzhi's eyes fell on the last message and his mood inexplicably deteriorated.

It is probably Song Yi's return to China that upset him, and by extension, Lu Jiayan as well.

He put the phone down and fell into a brief memory.

Song Yi's return unveils a dusty past.

The Sheng family, a long-established and high-ranking YunJing plutocrat, inevitably has some of the secrets of the gentry.

Sheng Mingzhi and Song Yi are one of them.

Twenty-two years ago, Sheng Mingzhi was maliciously switched at birth by Song Yi's biological father and did not learn his real parents' surname until he was twelve.

Before that, he was also known as Song Yushu.

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