Chapter 15: Live Broadcast

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Lu Jiayan even found it a little amusing to hear Sheng Mingzhi's justified mutterings.

I didn't think I had any value in life, but it's still, quite useful?

He had a sudden attack of stomach problems, XiShan One villa, not to mention the absence of stomach medicine, even if the regular medicine can not find a few boxes.

Sheng Mingzhi and he don't even come back to stay very often, and again, even if they did, the three-year placement has probably expired.

So Sheng Mingzhi had to pour a cup of hot water and bring it to Lu Jiayan.

He stared at the other man for a couple of sips, then called his personal doctor.

If only it had been at Grandpa's house, Sheng Mingzhi thought to himself.

The Lu family's old house is fully staffed with servants, and because of the elderly, the family doctor is based in the compound and is on call.

Unlike One XiShan, where you live in the city centre but there is no convenience store within a kilometre.

Not to mention that it is still raining heavily outside and it won't stop for a while, and I don't know when the doctor will come.

It was about Sheng Mingzhi's silence for too long.

Lu Jiayan finished his hot water, his stomach felt a little better, and he looked up to see the little ancestor staring out of the window.

The expression is stony.

Lu Jiayan seems to have been poked for a laugh and gives a light chuckle.

Sheng Mingzhi came back from his state of relaxation and was still a bit confused when he looked at him: ?

"What are you laughing at?"

"I think your expression is too heavy." Lu Jiayan spoke slowly, "Are you that worried about me?"

Sheng Mingzhi: ......

He sometimes really wonders how thick Lu Jiayan the dog man's cheek is.

You're too sick to go upstairs and you still have the heart to be bitchy.

However, as he was a patient, Sheng Mingzhi did not bother with him.

Lu Jiayan doesn't look too good either, having just forced himself to tease Sheng Mingzhi a couple of times, just to temper the other man's mood. His temples are already damp with sweat, his dark hair is plastered to his cheeks and his lips are terribly pale in the light.

Sheng Mingzhi couldn't resist speaking up, "Stop talking. Rest for a while."

He couldn't find anything to do for Lu Jiayan at once, so he tucked the corner of Lu Jiayan's blanket, just like in the TV show.

It was clear that Lu Jiayan really had no energy left to speak.

The eyes were tightly closed and the frown could never be lifted.

Sheng Mingzhi was very anxious during the forty minutes he waited for his private doctor.

During this period, I could not resist calling the other party three times to urge them, but as a result, the traffic in downtown YunJing was still stuck at 1am, which made Sheng Mingzhi almost go to Weibo to scold the scum of the sea king who was dancing at the disco.

Waited for twenty minutes.

Sheng Mingzhi saw that the hot water on the table was getting cold and went to pour another cup.

Sitting dry with nothing to do.

Sheng Mingzhi So I took out my phone and did some Baidu: How to take care of a patient with stomach problems?

After entering it in, I felt that I was not careful enough.

He then entered Lu Jiayan's stomach symptoms as well.

Then a dazzling array of pages popped up.

Sheng Mingzhi was frozen in disbelief after only a few glances.

Baidu shows that Lu Jiayan's case is already ...... advanced gastric cancer!


The private doctor finally arrived just as Sheng Mingzhi was preparing how much a Baidu urn costs.

Relieved at last, he stepped back in good humour and quietly, then watched as the doctor helped Lu Jiayan upstairs.

Sheng Mingzhi was not idle either, prancing around like a puppy.

Every now and then, he sticks his head inside the master bedroom to see how Lu Jiayan is doing.

By the time Lu Jiayan's symptoms had completely subsided, it was close to 2am.

Sheng Mingzhi went downstairs with his private doctor, who explained to him carefully some precautions that he had written down in a memo on his mobile phone, in case he couldn't remember them.

It was supposed to be over after such a businesslike affair.

Who knew that the doctor suddenly ended his sentence with a sudden and extremely flattering pat on the back: "You and Mr. Lu have a really good relationship."

Sheng Mingzhi thought he had misheard.

Slowly: ?

The doctor was impressed and said, "I thought that such a wealthy couple were all seemingly inseparable, but I never thought that you two were really in love."

Sheng Mingzhi: ......?

What the hell is he talking about? Was it a touching gesture to buy Lu Jiayan an urn?

He did, however, choose the latter between the affordable urn and the deluxe version of the urn, which, according to Taobao reviews, is waterproof and has two upper and lower layers, and is two hundred dollars more expensive.

Of course, Sheng Mingzhi eventually gave up on the purchase of the urn.

For one thing, Lu Jiayan's stomach problems, although seemingly serious, were not so serious as to be terminal.

The second is to let Lu Jiayan know that the urn he intends to buy has two tiers, and the man will be so relentlessly narcissistic that he can think of that scene just in his head.

The male vixen has a smile in his peachy eyes and perhaps an indebted raised eyebrow.

And arrogant, and arrogant, and shameless, and might say to him.

"Sheng Mingzhi, the urn has to be bought in a double bunk bed for couples, so you want to martyr yourself with me?"

"Or are you going to be a ghost and not let me go?"

So thunderous.

Sheng Mingzhi was given goosebumps by his own brainstorming.

After sending the doctor away, the takeaway arrived.

When the call came in, Sheng Mingzhi remembered that he had ordered a seafood congee takeaway an hour earlier, and because of the rain, the rider was a full 40 minutes late and the congee was already cold.

Sheng Mingzhi's cooking skills are nil, but she can simply pour the congee into a bowl and put the bowl in the microwave.

At the touch of a switch, the microwave oven sounds in the living room and three minutes later, the seafood porridge comes out hot with a ding.

I had ordered this congee for myself, but it was a mistake that Lu Jiayan was ill.

Sheng Mingzhi has been tossing and turning for half a day, but now he has lost his appetite, so he hesitates for a moment with his porridge and goes upstairs to knock on Lu Jiayan's bedroom door.

" Brother Jiayan, have you taken your medicine."

After waiting for a while, Sheng Mingzhi heard some movement inside the house and simply pushed the door open.

Anyway, he knocked on the door just to go through the ritual of entering, whether Lu Jiayan agreed or not.

The door opens and Lu Jiayan is awake.

Sheng Mingzhi was relieved to see that he had regained some of his blood and spoke, "Why didn't you answer me when you were awake?"

Lu Jiayan leaned back on the bed and replied idly, "I'm a little uneasy seeing you calling out so affectionately."

He pauses for a second and continues, unhurriedly and meaningfully, "The last time I heard this phrase was a thousand years ago, when Wu Da Lang was sick -"

"Stop." Sheng Mingzhi's brow jumped.

I think I know that nothing good can come out of a dog man's mouth.

However, watch him come alive to dislike people again.

The stomach is really painless.

Sheng Mingzhi put the seafood congee by the bedside table.

Lu Jiayan froze for a moment.

With that, he felt a little incredulous: "You did this?"

Sheng Mingzhi replied honestly, "I ordered a takeaway."

When he finished, as if realising something, he raised his voice: "Why do you ask? Are you disappointed that I didn't make it. It takes time to order takeaway too, okay."

"No." Lu Jiayan leaned back against the bed, his expression a little teasing in the light: "I just felt so moved."

"Don't make a fuss about it." Sheng Mingzhi sat down, blew a mouthful of seafood porridge, and spoke very much without looking at the atmosphere as a straight man: "I'll take care of you like that when you're eighty."



Don't really think he's a father?

Lu Jiayan gave a hearty laugh, "With your kind words. I hope I live to be eighty and try to outlive you a little."

Sheng Mingzhi was speechless: "Lu Jiayan, don't be childish, is it funny to compare life expectancy? And why can't I live longer than you?"

Lu Jiayan took a shallow sip of the porridge and said brazenly, "I'm afraid you'll be sad."

But with that next sentence, Lu Jiayan's voice inexplicably lightens, and those peach blossom eyes stare at Sheng Mingzhi, smiling, who is stunned by the stare.

"So I will definitely try to live a little longer than you."


It took a full night for Sheng Mingzhi to react.

Holy crap, did Lu Jiayan make eyes at me last night?

Did he flirt with me on purpose?

He, tease him?

He -

" Mingzhi? Did you hear what I just said?"

It was only when Little Wang called out to him that Sheng Mingzhi came back from his state of relaxation.

He rubbed his hands unnaturally over his ears, gave a slow "oh" and muttered, "I hear you."

At this time, Sheng Mingzhi had just finished a shoot and was on his way back to the office.

Little Wang reminded him, "Good to hear, and I'll repeat to you, there's a live broadcast on Peach TV tonight, don't forget to be online at 8:30."

Honey Peach TV is one of the more popular live streaming software in China. It was founded just in time to catch the wind of live streaming and leapt to become a first-tier video platform.

Sheng Mingzhi, a youth school web series filmed in the first half of the year, is just in the middle of its run and it's a promotional period, so the team has picked up a partnership with Honey Peach TV and is expected to have a live online interaction with viewers starting tonight at 6pm.

All the main performers are in order of their number, each for one hour of live solitaire.

Sheng Mingzhi, as the third male, was placed in the penultimate broadcast.

Little Wang's ears were full of advice for half a day, but Sheng Mingzhi was so drowsy that he fell asleep.

At first he thought he was just sleepy from Little Wang, but by the time he arrived home around 3pm, his limbs were looking heavier and heavier.

Sheng Mingzhi shuffles up to the first floor bedroom and drops himself directly onto the soft, large bed.

At 7.30am, Sheng Mingzhi was woken up by a WeChat video call from Little Wang, who thought he would be fine after a short sleep, but he slept for four hours.

Half-asleep, Sheng Mingzhi taps the answer.

Little Wang's voice came, " Mingzhi ah, are you awake yet, there's still an hour to go on air, clean up a bit - what's wrong with you?"

Halfway through the conversation, Little Wang noticed that Sheng Mingzhi's face didn't look right.

Even through the video you can see that the flush is a little unnatural.

"I'm fine." Sheng Mingzhi hesitated for several seconds before answering, his nasal voice thick and very sleepy: "I just woke up, my hair is a bit messy."

Little Wang pushed down his doubts, "I'm glad you're okay. If you're not feeling well, I'll get in touch with you on my end and see if we can get it off the air."

"No need." Sheng Mingzhi got up.

In fact, anyone who knows him better will know that Sheng Mingzhi is not normal at this moment.

So facetious a little flowered peacock.

How can you take someone's video call when you've just woken up and even your hair is messed up like a chicken's nest.

Sheng Mingzhi simply washed his face and saw that the time was eight o'clock.

Half an hour to go before he goes on air.

8.30 minutes sharp.

Sheng Mingzhi opened the live broadcast in his study with floor-to-ceiling windows in the background and Bend Moon Lake outside.

The night is warm and benign, with few home furnishings in the picture and information kept tightly under wraps.

The film is an adaptation of a popular romance novel, with a regular fan base and a campus romance, so it gained a lot of attention when it was filmed, and its popularity continued when it aired, making the two main actors a minor hit.

As the hype for the on-screen couple is heating up, the other supporting cast members of the Dumpster cast follow suit and brush up on their faces in front of the audience.

Sheng Mingzhi plays one of the wealthy seafaring youngsters who adores the female lead.

The character is foppish and arrogantly unbearable, in some ways calling it an actor in his own right, so his crotch-pulling acting unexpectedly carries the persona and draws some new fans.

Less than five minutes after the live broadcast started, the number of fans of the show who had sought it out from the last solitaire actor's live stream had surged to 10,000.

Of course, Sheng Mingzhi's persistent anti-fans are also in his wake.

"Here we are, it's been a while since we've seen the little wasters, family, please, is this a straightforward scolding?"

"I feel my eyes have been devalued after watching your new show, can you pay me back?"

"Where did you find the floor-to-ceiling window backdrop that you put up? This time pretending to go for it."

"The room is quite atmospheric, move out and let me live there."

"Why don't you have that last Vacheron Constantin welded to your hand? Poor comment."


Some fans of the show were shocked by Sheng Mingzhi's anti-fans.


"New drama fan here, why are people cursing him, please?"

Sheng Mingzhi finally spoke his first words, lazily and indulgently, "Ignore them, can't you see that I have to top up 10,000 to teach me how to do things? If I curse again, I'll pull the plug and get out."

When he replied, the anti-fans were energised.

"Pass it on, Mr. Sheng Telecom Scamming the Audience."

"Pass it on, Mr. Sheng says to get the hell out of the broadcast."

"You're welcome, it has been reported to the National Anti-Fraud Centre."


"No, am I the only one who thinks that Sheng Mingzhi is not in the right shape today? His face is too pale too."

"This loser doesn't wear too much foundation, does he."

"What's the process for @broadcaster here with pussy?"

"He doesn't seem to be as sharp-tongued and cursing and scheming as usual today what's going on?"

Meanwhile, Shen Ling sent him a WeChat message.

[Mingzhi, are you not feeling well?

[I can feel your mouth is so white through the screen].

Sheng Mingzhi had no intention of keeping Shen Ling in the dark, and typed with his head down, telling the truth.

[A little cold.]

After thinking about it for a while, it's likely that Lu Jiayan didn't sleep well last night after taking care of him, and he wore a thin windbreaker the next morning when he was out shooting on location in the cold six to seven degree air in YunJing.

It's a wonder you don't get sick.

Sheng Mingzhi replied: [It's all Lu Jiayan's fault, he kept me up until 4am last night].

After sending it, he hadn't found the phrase ambiguous.

Until Shen Ling shocked my mother by replying to him with the words


[Brother Lu, awesome.]

Sheng Mingzhi 垂眼看:?

Then the next second, see the message you sent.



The entire live audience then saw the scene that followed.

On the screen, Sheng Mingzhi's ears are instantly red and dripping blood.



[Why is this guy blushing like that just because he looked down at his phone?

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