Chapter 1: Male Lovers

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[Entertainment Goose Breaking News: "The Sunny Day He Knows" web drama, male hyz, male qy, male s.z]

1L: Instant decoding, Huo Yuzhe, Qiao Yan, Sheng Mingzhi .

2L: Huo Yuzhe and Qiao Yan just went public with their relationship, and now they're "remarried" to Sheng Mingzhi?

3L: Huo Yuzhe, a handsome man, was untied from Sheng Mingzhi 800 years ago, so Sheng Mingzhi should stop rubbing it in [spit].

Soon, the comments underneath the explosive tweets gradually increased.

"No, Huo Yuzhe and Qiao Yan just went public last week, I know, but who is Sheng Mingzhi? A male lover?"

"Vegetarians among the stars."

"The Netflix of vegetarians."

"The number one vase in the inner entertainment."


Sheng Mingzhi's eyelashes drooped as he scrolled down the comments, and with little expression, he personally blacked out several Weibo accounts that said he was a vegetarian one by one to report a dragon.

The air conditioning at YunJing International Airport is on low and it's raining outside as Sheng Mingzhi sits in the VIP lounge, ready to go to HaiCheng for the opening ceremony of the festival.

His skin is porcelain white and he is buried in a black duvet, leaving a pair of fox eyes with slightly upturned ends, long, straight eyelashes, full flesh lips and a bean-like colour, his skin is perfect, a standard thick-faced handsome man.

In the world of entertainment, where beauty is everywhere, she is riding high.

The agent Little Wang whispered in his ear, "Although you and Huo Yuzhe have already untied, but while the cp is still hot, you can rub it in a little bit to try to turn your cp fans into your only fans. The first thing he did was wrong you. He agreed to bundle the hype for mutual benefit, but he turned around and went public with his boyfriend on Weibo. That's a broken contract."

Sheng Mingzhi listens with a hitch.

Little Wang was halfway through his sentence when he caught a glimpse of Sheng Mingzhi's mobile phone screen, which was full of insults, and silenced him.

Having been in the entertainment industry for six or seven years, Little Wang has brought many artists under his belt and has also been a first-rate artist, and has seen all kinds of black and red, but not Sheng Mingzhi.

In the first half of this year, Sheng Mingzhi was cast in a small budget web series arranged by his company, and to his surprise, he became a big hit. He and Huo Yuzhe, who plays the male lead in the web drama, have also become famous in the entertainment industry and have accumulated some fans.

The company has taken advantage of the situation and is working with Huo Yuzhe to get the two to interact more and hype up the c-pop.

When the hype grew, Huo Yuzhe's real boyfriend got upset and went public with a flirty affair, giving Sheng Mingzhi's popularity to others.

Huo Yuzhe's career and love are both a win-win, and he has gained a good reputation as a "daring and responsible man", while Sheng Mingzhi has been knocked back to his original form and has earned a black name as a "male lover".

It's been over a month and the marketing numbers are still using the three of them to slip in fans.

The heat is all on the sweet little couple and the scolding is all on him.

It is simply the number one unlucky person in the inner entertainment.

Little Wang said, "Don't read the black stuff, it's all fake."

As if remembering something, he hastily added: "Be careful of your slippery hand liking. Last time you liked your face on Weibo to beat all the flow in the entertainment circle that thing, causing our studio to be besieged by eight flow fans, back then the six major sects besieged the Bright Top were not as famous as you, and almost got torn apart!"

Sheng Mingzhi lazily replied, "Was that a slip of the hand, I was stating a fact."

Little Wang: ......

Just your doggy temper.

You deserve to be sprayed!

Little Wang's eyes fell on Sheng Mingzhi's ring finger, a silver platinum ring of understated sophistication, and he sighed: the boy had a lot of dirt on him, but he had married young.

Sheng Mingzhi's marriage is no secret in the circle, which means he will never be able to go down the traffic route and lose most of his girlfriend's fans - even though he only has thirty live fans combined across the internet.

For three years, Little Wang has never met Sheng Mingzhi's other half. Even when Sheng Mingzhi was called a "male lover", blacked out on the Internet and screened out of the entertainment industry, his lover did not speak out once, as if he had disappeared into thin air.

The other party was so irresponsible that it made Little Wang wonder about her life and repeatedly felt as if Sheng Mingzhi had married a fake couple. The fake plastic flowers at the stationery shop cost 50 cents a piece, but they are not as plastic as their love for each other!

Little Wang reassured her, but felt that verbal reassurance would have little effect on the damage done to Sheng Mingzhi, and was about to go further.

When he saw Sheng Mingzhi's screen, he suddenly gagged - what's the matter with this little bitch and her gossip?

There was nothing else on the screen but a piece of news about the old rival Qiao Yan.

[ohhh y god! Today at the festival with Qiao Yan is the president of Sheng Jia Group!]

1L: woc, Qiao Yan is not a simple person, he just went public with Huo Yuzhe, and now he's hooked up with Sheng Jia?

2L: This photo is misplaced, right?

3L: Didn't you always say Qiao Yan had a financial backer, not HeMu Entertainment, which is backed by Sheng Jia Group?

4L:...... face so big? It's not like you're being adopted.

5L: He is already married, and his wife is the young master of MingChen Bank. Qiao Yan is just a second-tier star.

Little Wang froze for a moment when he saw the words Sheng Jia's boss: " Lu Jiayan is back in China?"

As a veteran of six or seven years in the entertainment industry, Little Wang is no stranger to the capitalist world, and the name Lu Jiayan is a familiar one.

Sheng Jia Group, one of the oldest and most powerful plutocrats in YunJing, started out in real estate in its early years and later transformed into retailing, and today YunTing, one of the top luxury shopping centres in the country's first-tier cities, is a property of Sheng Jia.

Lu Jiayan, the heir to the group born in Rome, married the youngest son of MingChen Bank three years ago in an extravagant "wedding of the century".

At the same time, this business alliance represents a powerful combination of MingChen and Sheng Jia, which in less than three years has allowed Lu Jiayan to complete the transformation and reform of Sheng Jia and gradually move towards the Internet.

However, it was no surprise to anyone that Lu Jiayan's success came to fruition.

After all, the youngest son of MingChen Bank has a reputation among the upper echelons of YunJing for being uncaring and arrogant, and his reputation is extremely poor.

He even dared to "marry" such an ancestor in order to fight with his own brother. With such determination and vigour to kill a thousand enemies and lose eight hundred, what difficulties could he not overcome?

Lu Jiayan was not even warmed up in bed as he left for overseas the day after his wedding to capture the market.

Now, after three years of market development, one of Sheng Jia's international communication apps has expanded by leaps and bounds, and has now been downloaded more than 640 million times overseas, a staggering reach that has put him directly in his place as the group's young boss.

Lu Jiayan's sudden return to China was like a boulder thrown into YunJing's upper class capital circle, and the tides were swirling.

Even darker than the capital ring is the current inner workings of Sheng Mingzhi's mind.

The mismatched photo is blurred, but it still shows Lu Jiayan's silhouette, with broad shoulders and long legs and a tall figure.

Even the high-gloss photos can't stop the man's aura of reserve and aloofness.

Sheng Mingzhi's eyes lingered for a few seconds on the comment "Qiao Yan is not being adopted, is she?

Is there anything more disgusting than your husband "keeping" his nemesis?

The phone buzzed and a WeChat message from Shen Ling popped up.

[Share link: Latest News! Sheng Jia president Lu Jiayan appears at HaiCheng Film Festival, suspected to be in a close relationship with Qiao Yan ......]

[Your husband is back in China? You don't need me to take a picture of you two together now, do you?

Sheng Mingzhi's eyelashes droop coldly, the emotions in his eyes unreadable.

Yes, the president of the Sheng Jia Group, who was rumoured to be a lothario as soon as he returned to China, is the man Sheng Mingzhi is married to - his living, and not quite living, husband.

Lu Jiayan flew to the United States the day after her wedding, and the plastic with Sheng Mingzhi was clear.

The two have not seen each other for three years, and the "sweet" photos they have taken together to fool their elders are all based on their excellent p-photography skills, while their marriage is maintained by a sense of faith.

Sheng Mingzhi: [You can take a posthumous photo of him now].

Shen Ling: ......

Not to be confused with an angry man.

She threw a recent photo of Lu Jiayan at Sheng Mingzhi.

Shen Ling: [I'm here to remind you that your grandfather's 80th birthday is tonight, don't forget to come back to YunJing, I'll give you a reception (kiss)]

Shen Ling: [By the way, familiarise yourself with your late husband's recent look, don't mistake his brother's photo for him like you did last time!


The opening ceremony of the HaiCheng Film Festival was launched at 6.30pm.

By the time Sheng Mingzhi arrived, Lu Jiayan had already left.

And of course, he didn't even want to say hello to his cheap husband.

The relationship between Sheng Mingzhi and Lu Jiayan was so shallow that they did not even respect each other, and when they did meet, they looked at each other in disgust.

Half an hour later, Huo Yuzhe appeared on the red carpet with Qiao Yan, who gave a sarcastic smile towards Sheng Mingzhi before walking down the aisle, in a blatant display of bitchiness.

As their first event together since going public with their relationship, the two lit up the first Weibo hotspot.

"Getting a real couple is sweet!"

"If I were Sheng Mingzhi, I'd be performing self-sharking on the red carpet."

"I'm embarrassed for him, who asked him to be a male lover?"

"He's not hiding inside his dressing room in an impotent rage now, is he?"

Inside the dressing room, Little Wang glanced at Sheng Mingzhi's phone, which was full of personal attacks, and muttered, "You're the only one with a big heart who doesn't get angry when you look at it, right?"

Sheng Mingzhi looked lazily at Glass: "Anger grows wrinkles, and it's not worth it to grow wrinkles for an internet spitter."

Little Wang: ......

If you put your heart and soul into your career, why would you be mocked for acting with your feet?

However, Little Wang has to admit that the black name given to him by anti-fans as the "No. 1 vase in the inner entertainment industry" is true to form. Sheng Mingzhi is the best looking of all the stars he has seen.

Not only is she a good-looking woman, but her figure and temperament are also one of a kind.

He even looked so good in the fake red carpet brand provided by the organizer, giving him a genuine look!

Sheng Mingzhi retorts nobly and coolly, "I never wear fakes, thank you."

The set of several million high-fashion is half an hour ago Chanel Asia Pacific head just non-stop delivery, Sheng young master wearing less than 100,000 clothes will be allergic shock thanks.

And under 100,000 is not a dress in the eyes of Sheng Mingzhi.

That's the rag.

"Yes, yes, yes." Little Wang carefully guards the last vestiges of decency of the eighteenth-string pussy and Sheng Mingzhi's fragile glass heart: "The suit you're wearing is real, the grey version of Chanel's latest fall couture suit that Qiao Yan is wearing is a fake, okay?"

Sheng Mingzhi's face is the only one that can pull off a multi-million dollar outfit.

Little Wang thought of the same suit Qiao Yan was wearing and thought sourly that she had borrowed a multi-million dollar suit just like that.


After the festival, Qiao Yan, the actor who had just won the Best Newcomer Award, was surrounded by countless flashing lights.

Little Wang sighed deeply as he led Sheng Mingzhi, unattended, to the nanny van.

Little Wang has been thinking of bringing Sheng Mingzhi to the big boys since he heard the news of Lu Jiayan's appearance at the HaiCheng Film Festival this afternoon.

As a result, there was not even a Lu Jiayan in sight when we arrived.

They are both in the entertainment industry, and even started their careers in the same year, but Qiao Yan's life is so different.

He has just opened up about his relationship with Huo Yuzhe, and now he's hooked up with Lu Jiayan.

And not to brag, but Qiao Yan's face is a far cry from Sheng Mingzhi's.

The two also have a vaguely similar style, which led to Sheng Mingzhi being hounded by Qiao Yan's fans as soon as he debuted - calling him a shameless imitation of Qiao Yan.

When Little Wang got into the nanny van, she was like a mother hen protecting her calf, and she said angrily, "It's just a Best Newcomer award, what are you so proud of? Who else doesn't know that you can buy the award?"

"I say when Huo Yuzhe and Qiao Yan, the little green tea, go public, you should release a photo of you and your husband together and smack them in the face!"

"I can't disclose it." Sheng Mingzhi replied casually that Lu Jiayan's status was so special that rash disclosure would easily affect Sheng Jia's share price - after all, he already has so much dirt on him that he could circle the globe three times, one more than Xiang Piao Piao.

Little Wang, however, got the wrong idea and wondered, "Why? Does your husband look uglier than Huo Yuzhe?"

That really can't be made public.

Otherwise you'll have to be ridiculed by fans of the other family for their poor vision!

"No." Sheng Mingzhi thought for a moment, "He's old."


Sheng Mingzhi nods expressionlessly.

It's quite old, six years older than him.

When Lu Jiayan went to university, Sheng Mingzhi was still a bratty kid in junior high school.

They say there is a generation gap of three years, but Lu Jiayan and he are at least one Marianas Trench apart.

As the nanny car drove forward, Sheng Mingzhi said smoothly, "By the way, I'm going back to YunJing in the evening, book a flight for me."

Little Wang hesitated: "What are you doing back in YunJing so late?"

"Go to the birthday party."

Little Wang :?

Sheng Mingzhi sneered, "My husband's 80th birthday."

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