Chapter 1: The small town of Siren

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Bai Liu woke up to find himself in the back seat of a car with a narrow, cramped interior, the smell of realistic smoke flooding the battered seat backs, a stream of water sliding off the windows in unbroken streams, a blurred view through the glass of the drizzle pattering outside, the sky so dull he couldn't tell if it was dusk or night, and a faint, uncomfortable smell of salted fish lingering in his nostrils.

There is a hovering panel in front of him which reads - [Instructions for the Game].

Bai Liu frowns.

Where is this place? Why is he here? And what is this panel?

The panel seemed to sense the doubts in his mind and revealed the answers on it in turn.

[You're in a deadly game, and you're here because we detected a strong desire for money erupting after you lost your job, triggering the opening of the game]

As the words on the panel appeared one by one, Bai Liu finally recalled something.

Yes, that's right, he's unemployed.

And he is a man with a strong desire for money. He has loved money to the point of abnormality since he was a child, and has even been diagnosed by a psychiatrist as a sufferer of [money hoarding disorder], who warned him that if he did not control his desire for money, he would sooner or later do things that would make him want to die for it.

When he had a job, Bai Liu had a regular monthly income and could barely restrain his desire for money, but when he lost his job, Bai Liu fell into an uncontrollable, even reckless, eagerness to hoard money. His psychiatrist said that this was a normal psychological state for a laid-off social animal and told him to calm himself down and go out to see the world to relax.

Bai Liu just wanted to sneer when he heard that without money, he could only go out and see hell and not the world.

Bai Liu's sarcastic psychiatrist: "Will I be rich after I go out and see the world?"

The psychiatrist exclaimed, "Of course not, you'll get poorer."

Bai Liu: "......" You fucking knew what was going to happen, didn't you?

"But after you become poorer, you'll find ......" the psychiatrist reassured Bai Liu, "that's all there is to being poor, money is an extraneous thing, why toss yourself into such misery? "

Bai Liu questioned the psychiatrist with a blank expression: "Is it painful to have a patient like me?"

Psychologist: "......" Pain.

Bai Liu chuckled, "What are you tossing yourself into such misery for? Why don't you quit your job and go for a walk?"

Psychiatrist: "......" is afraid to go out without money for the sake of money.

The woof came out with a cry.

After making himself cry to an unknown number of psychiatrists, Bai Liu claps his hands and exclaims that poverty is really the best weapon to attack human beings.

It is to hurt someone 800 times and to hurt yourself a thousand times.

Fortunately, the psychologist is free in the community, otherwise Bai Liu would be even poorer.


After Bai Liu lost his job, he fell into a state of extreme anxiety, which he could not regulate at all, and dreamt of becoming rich overnight, sitting in a pile of money and laughing with joy. When he wakes up, the huge gap between his dreams and reality often makes him feel even more depressed, as his savings are only in five figures.

In the midst of this unquenchable layoff angst and ego clash, Bai Liu has nothing better to do than to rest his cheeks and dream - if only there existed a way to earn money at high risk in this world, he could live without it, but he wants it!

He told his friend what he thought, who reassured him, See that copy of the Criminal Code on your bookshelf on the wall?

Bai Liu said he saw it.

My friend said, "Just turn the page and look for an entry with high-risk, lucrative jobs on it, and you can work hard and earn your way onto this month's expedited list.

Bai Liu: "......"

Bai Liu does not want to break the law, there is no way to get money fast without breaking the law? My friend said, "You can dream faster.

Even if it's a game of chance, he still wants the money - Bai Liu was thinking this as he lay dreaming in bed, losing consciousness at the last moment of being caught up in this game.

At the end of the flashback, Bai Liu looks at the game panel hovering in front of him.

Another line appears on the panel: [Yes, it is your strong desire to start the game, and if you succeed in clearing it, you will get everything you want]

Bai Liu didn't hesitate: "I want the money."

Whatever the game, he just wants to get money.

After a while, Bai Liu asked again, "This game of yours, it's legal, right?"

Panel: [...... legal]

Panel: [Pass the game and you will earn points which can be exchanged for money and anything you want]

Bai Liu: "What kind of game is this? What do I have to do to pass the game to get the points you mentioned?"

Panel: [This is a horror escape game filled with ghosts, murderers, and unbelievable things, and all you have to do is find their weaknesses, complete the entire game's plot, and survive from them]

[Game copy loading ...... loading complete]


[Name of the game copy: Siren Small Town

[Level: Level 1 (games with less than fifty percent player mortality are Level 1 games)]

[Mode: Single Player Mode]

[General Description: This is an exciting combination of action-oriented and puzzle-oriented game, which is a big hit among players, but does not seem to be very friendly to newcomers, with a very high mortality rate of newcomers].


[Player information loading ...... loading complete -]

[Player name: Bai Liu].

[Life Value: 100 (After life value falls below sixty, player's attack power decreases, after returning to zero the player dies)]

[Stamina Value: 80 (full of stamina)]

[Agility: 25 (You sit at a desk for years, your whole body is rigid and not very agile)]

[Attack: 30 (Only girl high school students have the ability to hit people with their school bags)

[Intelligence: 89 (You're surprisingly smart)]

[Luck: 0 (you have been surprisingly unlucky all your life, if your company were to lay off one person, it would be you)]

[Skills: None (you don't have any skills yet)]

[Spirit Level: 100 (You are the first player of the year to have a full Spirit Level after logging into the game)]

There is a small red line of notation below the spiritual value.

(Note: Please ensure that the player's spirit level is above 60; a spirit level below 60 will cause insanity and halve all character panel attributes; a spirit level below 40 will cause the player to see hallucinatory content that is not part of the game, making the game more difficult to pass; a spirit level below 20 will cause the player to go berserk, with a random spike in attack panel attributes, killing all types of creatures; a spirit level of 0 will cause the player to be completely assimilated into the copy and become (a member of the monster)

[Comprehensive rating of player panel attributes - F player, the lowest level player, but due to the special determination of mental and intelligence values, this rating is doubtful and the final player level is recorded as - F (?)]

After Bai Liu scanned the entire character panel, he looked at the question mark after the F and felt like he was being taunted by the Buming manifest, he crossed off the character panel and a new panel popped up on the screen.

[You have landed on the small TV screen in the Newcomers section (1/100), no one has stopped for you yet, player Bai Liu has a popularity rating of 0 and a kryptonite rate of 0]

Bai Liu frowned: "What is this?"

Panel: [Your playthrough will appear on a small screen in the newcomer section of the player lobby for other players to watch, but no one is currently watching your playthrough, nor is anyone your playthrough kryptonite, you are currently silent]

Bai Liu kind of gets it, it's a game anchor kind of format, but that doesn't matter, his focus is on that kryptonite rate: "Someone kryptonizes me and I get points, right?"

Panel: [Yes]

Good luck with the next game, new player]

The panel is like a television screen that has been switched off and disappears in front of Bai Liu's eyes as a white light.

In one of the game lobbies, a small screen suddenly lights up, showing Bai Liu's clean, white face. There are many similar screens around this one, showing the terrified and broken faces of various new players, some cowering like hedgehogs, clutching their heads, refusing to accept reality, others howling and hitting the screen, trying to get out of it.

Bai Liu was the only one who didn't look frightened, a complete anomaly in a sea of frightened newcomers.

Everyone tilted their heads at the suddenly lit up screen, discussing it with amusement.

"Another new person has come in, I don't know how long it will last."

"Look at the background, a copy of the game Siren's Little Town?"

"It's bad luck for the newcomers, the mortality rate of new players is very high in Siren Village, didn't we land a hundred last time and there was only one left?"

"The random copies of the game given to newcomers are too hard these days, but it's still pretty funny to see these newcomers scared shitless!"

"Wait!" Suddenly, a passing player approached Bai Liu's screen as if he had discovered something remarkable, he looked at Bai Liu's character panel attributes and spoke incredulously, "There's a new player here with a hundred spirit logins!"


"Out of the way I want to see it too!"

"Shit! Are all newcomers so sick now?! A hundred spirit values?!"

"The last one who landed with a hundred spirit values is now in the top ten of the game's overall standings, right?"

"O seeds of potential! Let me also conkon!"

Bai Liu's small screen flickered and a mechanical voice reported flatly.

[Fifty people crowd around player Bai Liu's TV screen, and player Bai Liu achieves the First Time Out achievement, unlocking the One Touch Trifecta system]

[28 people liked player Bai Liu's video, 56 people liked player Bai Liu's TV, no one recharged player Bai Liu, please do it again].


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