Chapter 73: roll

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After sinking to the bottom of the water, Jing Rong mentally counted the time and slowly floated up.

Even when there was no camera, his expression always remained anxious and hidden pain, without the slightest slackening.

As Xi Gu believes, Jing Rong keeps his own pace in acting.

According to the setting of the scriptwriter and the psychological changes of the characters, with the failure to find the jade pendant, Qian Fu Ming sewer time will become longer and longer, the last time is to the limit of breathing before going up, for the sake of realism, Jing Rong will make adjustments in the closed air time.

He had in order to make a good shark type of thriller film, spent several months to learn the knowledge of diving, but also specifically practiced a long period of time to close the air, and the director said his water resistance is very good, is also based on the reality.

Jing Rong came out of the water, and crystal water splashes fell in the air.

Jing Rong's expression was completely dumbfounded when he saw the different scenes around him.

It was still night, with a clear moon and stars, and he was in the pond, surrounded by cameras and crew, and Jing Rong came ashore and was soon surrounded by familiar crew members, shouting that Mr. Rong had worked hard.

Jing Rong looked at the period costume on his body, the memory returned.

This is a scene he filmed before he crossed over, a criminal drama, he played a police officer suspected of involvement in the case, in order to clear his suspicions, he had to go to the bottom of the river pond to find the place where the killer sunk the body whether there is evidence.

As the drama progresses, more and more important people around him die, and he is also under great mental pressure, into a desperate situation, this drama belongs to the kind of network short drama, the plot is very fast, but Jing Rong was shot very attentively.

In order to play the role well, he lost 15 pounds in half a month.

But the play has been filmed in reality, is that the bottom of the pond has the function of crossing and reversing.

Since inexplicably crossing over, Jing Rong feels less surprised by what she encounters, and the pond wear is more in line with the principle of crossing over than the world of fiction when she opens her eyes.

When he returned to his exclusive position, some time past he remembered which was his daily waiting position for the play.

The side note is that this time and place occupies a certain position in Jing Rong.

Jing Rong was slowly digesting the re-crossing when he saw Jie Er pushing a cake cart from not far away, the cake was covered with candles and the framed flowers on top of the cake were a bit crooked, Jing Rong knew that it was actually made by Jie Er, who is not a good cook.

She sang the birthday song with the rest of the cast and crew, surrounded by ribbon salutes blooming in the air.

Jie Er raised her hand in front of him and shook it, smiling, "You didn't even forget that today is your birthday, did you? Why didn't you react?"

Jing Rong opened his mouth and stared blankly at the person in front of him, his heart turning over.

She exists only in his memories, Jing Rong's voice is slightly hoarse: " Jie Er ..."

It turns out it's not that he didn't want to, he just kept it pressed deep inside in an attempt to forget his world.

Because know that they can not find a way back for the time being, rather than drowning in the past to look forward.

People always subconsciously look for their roots, where the roots are, home is where, family is the most initial imprint.

He missed them so much, he really did.

Jing Rong suddenly stepped forward and took the petite Jie Er in his arms.

Jie Er had never seen their introverted little brother in such an outwardly emotional state, and was still surprised.

"Why do you feel like you're going to cry out, well, mom and dad are on their way, let's go home together to celebrate tonight." See Jing Rong still no response, Jie Er said again, "baby, is not because big sister did not come unhappy, big sister this is not a person in the other side of the ocean, can not rush back? She said she would give you a video later ...... ouch, how old are you, it's been a long time since I've seen you pampered."

"Don't call me baby." How many times has it been said.

Jie Er patted Jing Rong's head with tears and laughter: "Forget it, our Jing Jing has grown up."

Jing Rong's expression suddenly stops, he is back, what about Xi Gu?

" Jie Er , do you remember the novel you showed me?"

"What novel?"

Jing Rong said: "It's that book called ......" called what.

Why can't I remember, it's as if there's a heavy fog covering part of my memory.

Jing Rong suddenly looked around, the moon, the trees, the sound of the wind, the shadows ...... there is no place that is not real.

Even the touch, Jing Rong spread his palm, five fingers clasped.

Where I am.


Xi Gu came to Jing Rong the third time near the water fall, looking for a circle, the pond is murky, plus it is night, it is nothing to see.

Xi Gu simply closed his eyes and searched by feeling.

His hands groped around, but he could find no trace of Jing Rong in that vicinity, surrounded only by boundless water.

Just when he was about to despair, he finally felt the body of another person, Xi Gu simply wanted to cry with joy.

He thought Jing Rong was entangled in something underwater, but in fact Jing Rong was holding her legs and her whole body was curled up.

This action, somewhat like the action of a newborn child, in a silent defense and protection of self.

Jing Rong's state is too weird, Xi Gu's heart is beating wildly, groping for Jing Rong's lips and pressing them up, ferrying the air that has been kept in his mouth just now.

Jing Rong's lips are always warm, never with temperature.

But at the moment, it is cold.

Xi Gu's hands were like sieves, holding Jing Rong's face and shouting Jing Rong's name frantically in his heart.

Jing Rong .

Jing Rong ......

He dragged Jing Rong's body and worked his way upstream.

I don't know if he heard Xi Gu's shout, Jing Rong's body is no longer so stiff, the long closed breath makes his whole state like a dead man.

When Xi Gu brought Jing Rong to shore, Xi Gu, gasping for breath and not yet adjusted himself, gestured with his hand to the people around him to move away a little and give them air to flow.

The surrounding people see this, immediately stop tightly around the two, we also did not expect to look very good water Jing Rong really almost accident.

The noise was incessant, buzzing in Xi Gu's ears.

Xi Gu ignored the others, and after making sure Jing Rong was still breathing, his demeanor did not relax in the slightest, performing chest compressions, counting the number of times, alternating with artificial respiration.

His eyes were red and he was staring at Jing Rong who was unresponsive.

After a while, Jing Rong finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Xi Gu was overjoyed and immediately pressed his back to help Jing Rong spit out the water.

Jing Rong blinked and felt some pain in his eyes.

The eyelashes were covered with fine droplets of water, like crystals falling down, and Xi Gu's face appeared in a glow of water, like a dream.

Jing Rong couldn't help but reach out his hand, as if to feel his warmth, but quickly withdrew it, he looked around, and his sanity gradually returned.

Yu Liu and others are ready to call 120, not to mention Jing Rong is the young master of the family, even if he is not, he is also the star of the show, to really have any accident, they can not explain.

Jing Rong endured the discomfort and said, "Don't call 120, I'll go to the hospital to check myself later."

Jing Rong did not want to make a big deal, on the one hand, Ling Xie recently to deal with the mess left by Jicheng Xie has been very busy, do not want to let Ling Xie worry, on the other hand, he felt that this time the illusion, there is something not quite the same, he just want to minimize the impact.

This time the illusion, the whole process is too natural, both the timing of the control, or the way to cut, the psychological grasp of his just right, even in the illusion without the slightest breakthrough, almost perfect.

Jing Rong looked at the sky again, and it didn't change, like it wasn't doing it.


Yes, the arrangement was just perfect this time.

Such perfection is not like the previous times like a prescribed procedure, can feel the more obvious breakage, or have the ability to avoid it, this time the logic of meticulous, every ring of the design to make him immersive.

This time, it's more like a deadlock.

It's like ...... someone is behind everything.

Jing Rong knew that perhaps he was overthinking and was overly sensitive because he had come back from the dead this time.

But such an "assassination", for him naturally the more cautious the better.

If there really is someone behind the scenes, he made so much noise here, that person will be able to learn more about the consultation.

Jing Rong came back to his senses and discussed with the director's team not to publicize the incident, reasoning that he did not want the crew to be in the hot search because of this, or the hot search that is bound to attract black. Which crew almost died, can have a good reputation.

Yu Liu was touched by the thoughtfulness and understanding of this newcomer who was really thinking of the crew.

Only when Jing Rong left for the hospital with his assistant did Yu Liu suddenly come to his senses.

This drama is not their Xie family investment is the largest, there is Jing Rong's personal huge investment in the head.

Jing Rong has these concerns, but not for the sake of his own film!

He tapped his head, "Oops, no wonder people are bosses."

This state of mind is different!

Doing what is good for you, but let them be grateful, capitalist ah capitalist.

You Zhou, who came from the office, went up and put Jing Rong's coat on. They were walking out of the set when they bumped into Xi Gu, who was taken away by his assistant to change clothes.

Just after Jing Rong was rescued, Xi Gu was flocked away, and Jing Rong was shushed by many people nearby, and the two were separated completely, without even having time to say a few words.

This time, they met again, their eyes burning in the air, like a silk thread, connecting the two ends, pulling each other.

"You wait here for a while."

Jing Rong said, pulling Xi Gu's wrist and jogging up before the others could react.

Xi Gu let out a light breath, her eyes frozen on the wrist she was holding.

Ink Dot and You Zhou looked at each other and looked away from each other.

It always feels like they are redundant.

The two men came around the corner.

Just now in the illusion, he seemed to hear, Xi Gu's voice.

If it wasn't for Xi Gu's voice, maybe he would have stayed in that illusion, thinking he had really gone back.

Only Xi Gu can make Jing Rong feel that he is back to the real reality.

This is a dead end, Xi Gu is being held against the wall by a large warm hand around her waist, in the air.

The fear of coming back from the dead turned into a heavy lustful color, and in this dim corner, the silent ambiguity spread unrestrainedly.

Jing Rong touched the face of the person in his arms with one hand and felt the reality of Xi Gu.

He's there, and it's true where he is.

The warmth between your fingers travels from your lower jaw to your temples, faintly brushing the corners of your lips.

Xi Gu felt the delicate touch, hands slowly climbed, obediently slightly tilted his head and closed his eyes.

In the moment of life and death just now, they all seemed to experience that fear of the yin and yang, desperate to determine what.

Xi Gu thought that a kiss with an air of ferocity and predation would follow, and he wanted Jing Rong to push hard, the only way he could be sure that this person was alive and always present.

After waiting for a while, Xi Gu felt a warm head fall on his shoulder.

With a sinking heart, Xi Gu opened his eyes in dismay and saw Jing Rong leaning on his shoulder, like a large dog.

Jing Rong greedily breathed in the faint scent of Xi Gu's body and let his manic heart gradually settle down.

Xi Gu took a deep breath, almost forgot, this person only when he is a friend, at most there is a drop of the feeling above the friend, this feeling also do not know whether it is his illusion.

At such times, Jing Rong would only give a hug.

Other than that, it's his fault for thinking too much.

Heh, damn friends.

Just then, a tall figure came from a distance and looked around, looking for something.

Just passing by, saw the blurred overlapping figures in the corner, lazy eyes, a pause.

Jing Rong's back was turned and he did not notice, and his whole mind and heart were on Xi Gu to determine the reality of this world.

When Xi Gu found the person standing at the light, Xi Gu climbed Jing Rong's firm back with one hand and picked Jing Rong's hair with the other. The first thing you need to do is to get in touch with Jing Rong's ear, and the breath will spread out, and the tip of the red tongue will appear, and it will look like a kiss from afar.

But his eyes never left Feiyu Wu.

Xi Gu soft and meek eyes, immediately sharp, filled with murderous energy: Get out!

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