Chapter 118: Love at First Sight

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A long time later, Jing Rong had a dream about a past event.

As he became more and more in tune with Xi Gu, the ban that the world gave him disappeared completely.

Jing Rong suddenly remembered that he had lost a memory when he came to this world.

He was on his way to reunite with his family after his work on the set when he had a car accident, and then in his half-busy, half-awake state, he heard a voice, who begged him to go over, and if he succeeded, he would also have a chance to return to his world alive.

That person cried to the sky, full of helplessness and pain also infected Jing Rong, Jing Rong also found his life is gradually disappearing ......

Perhaps from the moment this deal was set up, they were both gambling, for the sake of someone they cared about in their hearts.

Jing Rong immediately sat up from the bed, hanging on the waist of Omega because the exercise is too tired, still whirring sleep.

Jing Rong rubbed his hair, Xi Gu instinctively rubbed against it, hugging Jing Rong's strong thin waist.

Jing Rong kept feeling that he had forgotten something very important.

It was the strange spirit that brought him here, and that person was ......

Jing Rong got a jolt and immediately called Ling Xie.

Ling Xie is still sleeping. Recently, I've been soaking my feet at night on my little brother's advice, so I've been sleeping very well.

When he heard the familiar bell, Ling Xie took off the penguin eye patch, a Father's Day gift from his little brother this year.

Coldly, he picked up the phone, "What is it."

"Brother, he loves you!" Jing Rong found it confusing to say that, and scratched his hair, "It's Jing Rong, not me, it's him! ...... He didn't die by accident, someone did it to him, it was Jicheng Xie."

Jing Rong could wake up in the park without any problems, it was the original owner who forced his soul in while he still had his last breath, and deliberately waited until that moment in order to prevent his body's instinctive rejection.

[I'm leaving, don't be sad, we're only strangers, what are you despondent about? Leave the mess to you, you should scold me, you will know later what you will face, He will not allow us to exist, maybe you will also ......]

[No, you won't. I've dreamed of becoming like you, and if it's you, it can definitely change. This reincarnation, this damned reincarnation, all of us are trapped animals.]

[When you wake up again, you will forget about me, I am the undeserved existence, the accidental caretaker of God, and the thorn in the side of "Him"].

[I'm sorry, Jing Rong, for bringing you into this, who had nothing to do with it. You can't go back to the original world, I lied to you.]

[I will use all I have to atone for my sins].

[If one day you can think of it, can you bring a message to big brother ......]

[Hurry, He's about to find out!]

Jing Rong did not know who He was until much later.

The switch of worlds made Jing Rong lose this very important memory, and even because he took over the new body, he spent the next few days in a muddle, not believing that he had somehow worn it.

"He was too late to say it every time ...... He kept trying to tell you: I'm glad I have you as a big brother, and, well, I'm sorry."

I always thought you were not welcome, unilaterally keep passing the knife, misinterpreting all your good intentions, leaving you bruised and battered, but you did not blame me.

Ling Xie stammered for the first time: "You, what did you say?"

Jing Rong was a little excited: "I remember everything!"

The original owner of this belated words, waiting for so many rounds, it is time to end.

"Brother, we all love you, you are the best big brother."



Ling Xie forgot how he hung up the phone and he rewound it.

Ling Xie, who never wakes up and never stays in bed, always works first and has an unprecedented passion for work, slept through the night for the first time.

He pulled the covers over and buried his head in the pillow.

A thin choked sob came out, staining a wet patch.


On that day, Jing Rong returned from a business trip and was separated for a week, leaving Xi Gu in torment.

When I heard Jing Rong's voice downstairs, I was so excited that I hurried downstairs and broke my foot when I stepped out of the way.

Xi Gu was dutifully reprimanded by Jing Rong, who was both helpless and amused by his lover, but insisted on giving him a full examination. He found a metal object in Xi Gu's ankle in the X-ray. It was so small, only the size of a pinhole, that the doctor almost overlooked it.

According to the analysis of digital experts, this may be a tracker, which has a signal source.

Jing Rong does not plan to tell Xi Gu for the time being that after the marriage, Xi Gu has gradually come out of the uncertainty.

Perhaps there would be an appropriate time to talk about it later, but not now. He didn't want Xi Gu to find himself living in such a horrible situation, and after easily pulling someone back from the brink, the only thing he didn't want was for Xi Gu to get caught up in it again.

Jing Rong found an excuse to arrange an operation to remove Xi Gu, which was only a minor operation and Xi Gu was able to recover quickly.

While Xi Gu slept, Jing Rong carefully recalled the original story and found the greatest possibility.

If it was that person, when was it installed?

Was it the day Xi Gu escaped from Yang Chu's villa?

Jing Rong came to the Wu family, and Hanqi Wu, who had lived in seclusion all these years, transferred a little of his property to Feiyu Wu.

The rumor is that Hanqi Wu is critically ill and will die soon. Every time Feiyu Wu is angry, there is no healthier existence than his father, okay?

Who is finished is not his father's turn this big devil.

Hanqi Wu's body is slowly recovering. He has just woken up from a dream after hearing Jia Guan say that Jing Rong has come to visit, and he once again hears Feiyu Wu's painful call.

He vaguely sensed that this was not the Feiyu Wu of this life, but the cry of a former, certain world.

Hanqi Wu thought that he might have inadvertently owed Jing Rong a huge favor.

Jing Rong once again saw the long-lost man, a man with silver hair, but in good spirits, he sat in a wheelchair, slowly sipping tea. Those who see him will not pay attention to his appearance, but will only feel that this person has a motionless temperament.

After these years of integration, he has gradually been able to adapt to that huge power, in fact, after that power back, Xi Gu has been the main body, he is only the incidental manipulator.

Xi Gu as the origin is the god of this world, but he himself does not seem to know?

That was fun.

"Rarely, it's been a long time, little one."

"Uncle Qi."

In fact, they hadn't met since bringing Xi Gu back, but they were both aware that Hanqi Wu had helped them in the end. Jing Rong's emotions are a bit mixed. In a sense, this man is dangerous, but his danger seems to be innate, and he himself is in control of this danger.

"You came to see me for Xi Gu, right?"

"I think Uncle Qi should give me a reasonable explanation."

"Much better than that brat in my house, not splitting hairs and coming to raise hell." Hanqi Wu looked admiringly at Jing Rong and personally poured him a cup of Tieguanyin, "His pheromones had caused a great deal of panic. At the time of his birth, there was an Alpha storm dong in that hospital. the higher-ups needed a reasonable time to monitor him to avoid more accidents. If used properly, his pheromones aren't all bad."

Hanqi Wu seems to have explained, but also seems to have not explained.

Snow-white eyelashes shallowly lifted, indifferent eyes like containing the universe of all things.

"Even if I didn't put it on him, there was someone else." It is impossible to let him grow wild.

"You mean, it's the Pheromone Security Bureau ......" Jing Rong knew there was such an organ that specialized in managing pheromones. Hanqi Wu There was no need to lie, this man arrogantly disdained to lie.

Hanqi Wu has always liked Jing Rong's cleverness, and he understands everything at once.

"When you stand in a different perspective, you will have different considerations, understand?"

"Actually, Xi Gu should thank you, if you hadn't paired up smoothly and changed his pheromone patterns, he might have been forced to pair up." Hanqi Wu paused for a moment and looked out the window, "Of course, it's just possible."

"The future that didn't happen, who knows."

Xi Gu is not an existence to be taken for granted, looking soft and fragile, but more resilient than most Alpha, and sometimes a presence that would scare Hanqi Wu.

It should be said that he is worthy of being the eternal and unchanging center of the world.

Before Jing Rong left, Hanqi Wu said, "What I have done, I will admit. In the near future, I will present you with a generous gift as a token of reparation."

Ever since he became one of the Heaven's Paths, Hanqi Wu has been exploring other time and space, and has been curious about where Jing Rong came from.

If it goes well, it is possible to send them back to play for a while, by the way he can continue to observe the possibility of interoperability between the two, that is the natural world without the heavenly dao, but it is more interesting to him than this world now.

Jing Rong did not take it to heart, but soon after, Hanqi Wu really gave them a big gift.

On that day, Jing Rong slept with Xi Gu, who was just able to get out of bed and walk, in the bedroom they had carefully decorated, and when he was conscious again, he could not move his body.

Such an inconspicuous action was discovered by Qingyun Rong, the second girl of the Rong family, who had been observing him, and excitedly called for a doctor, and their little brother miraculously woke up!

Jing Rong felt a sound of soldiers and the familiar sound of crying around him, and he wanted to say to them: Don't cry, I'm back.

When Jing Rong opened his eyes again, it was already a few days later.

Jie Er has been at his hospital bedside, she said he had a car accident two weeks ago, it was difficult to save a life, but it was decided that he may become a vegetable forever, parents because of the heartbreak, stopped all work, now just go back to rest, elder sister came to switch shifts with her in the evening.

Originally because Jing Rong had an accident, the whole family is shrouded in a cloud, until Jing Rong suddenly a few days ago a little response, they seem to come to life.

"You don't know, except for the time you almost got lost in the rainforest when you were little, I've never seen our parents so out of it. And big sister, crying in the bathroom in the middle of the night, thanks to her boasting that she is a strong woman." Qingyun Rong tells what happened to the family during this time in a humorous way.

Qingyun Rong did not mention herself, she is the most beautiful in the whole Rong family, but since the accident of the little brother, she is like a crazy woman ran around the world to find doctors to treat the little brother.

Jing Rong saw the black and blue under Jie Er's eyes and the haggardness that could not be concealed, and as she spoke, a heart sank and rose.

The most talkative of the Rong family is Jie Er, Jing Rong almost greedily watched, he felt as if he had been gone for a long, long time, so long that he did not dare to easily miss his loved ones, because that was the most painful scar on his heart.

Qingyun Rong couldn't help but touch his face, "What's wrong, keep looking at me?"

Jing Rong : "I miss you guys so much."

Jing Rong had never said anything so straightforward to his relatives. Qingyun Rong had a tear under his eyes, touched his eyes in a wretched manner, and his voice was a bit hoarse: "Silly child."

"Think of us and remember that this will always be your home, don't forget it again."

"Our family is complete when you come back."

The atmosphere is unconsciously a bit sad, and Jing Rong will ease the atmosphere out of instinct at such times.

Jing Rong said, "Jie Er, did you say that the protagonist will generally like the domineering and exclusive male lead, my kind of character is not destined to be noticed."

Qingyun Rong found it puzzling how the topic of conversation got sidetracked here.

But between the fact that it was her little brother who spoke, she recalled that she originally loved reading novels, and her own little brother was good-looking, so he did usually talk nonsense. She nodded: "Yes, I did."

Jing Rong : "Not necessarily."

Qingyun Rong : "Hmm?"

Jing Rong affirmed, "It is also possible to look at the ordinary male counterpart."

I've been wanting to say this for a long time, and I finally got to see Jie Er.

Qingyun Rong froze for a moment and hesitated for a while before saying, "...... Are you brainwashed?"


Jing Rong also suddenly came back to his senses, why he would want to say such a strange phrase.

He seems to have forgotten something, something he shouldn't have forgotten.

But a gut feeling in his heart told him that the loss of memory was only temporary and that he might soon recall it.

Jing Rong looked at his arms again.

Always feel that he should hold someone, who is that person?

Qingyun Rong approached the doctor and cryptically stated that his little brother had been babbling since he woke up. Several psychologists examined Jing Rong further and were sure that there was nothing wrong with him, that he was cognitively sound, had basic common sense, and remembered people around him. The experts judged that the long coma may have led to memory bias and occasional upside-down speech.

Jing Rong repeatedly said that he was really fine and that it was just the after-effects of the coma that gradually allayed the family's fears.

When he returned to his familiar place, Jing Rong was very comfortable, except that occasionally when he looked in the mirror, he thought he should have another face, except that it was a little uglier than his own, but otherwise it was good. The other thing is that you will be lost in everything you do, and you will always feel that you should have someone around you who looks cool and calm but actually loves to make a mess, and won't even let him eat in peace.

Every night, Jing Rong is a little anxious, he misses that person, although he does not know the face, age and sex.

This day while walking downstairs, I heard a gossip.

I heard that the head nurse of a certain floor picked up an unconscious youth near the hospital, and the head nurse out of kindness advanced the medical expenses and asked for free consultation, and put the person in the ward and shushed him.

Nurse A: This isn't looking good, is it?

Nurse B: the head nurse are more than fifty, this is the mother's love, you are not seen that person, seen the custody of you are also willing to hollow out your heart and love!

Nurse C: That's too much!

Nurse B: like an angel, the features, the temperament, not at all like human beings can be born, especially like the kind in the second yuan, can not find the flaws. The world is really someone who can capture the hearts of people just by their looks.

Nurse A: No, no, no, all the goose bumps are going to rise. Stay away from you guys, you're all obsessed.

After seeing Jing Rong, the nurses stopped gossiping and left with red faces.

Jing Rong is a world-renowned movie star, won many movie and TV trophies, this time because of the car accident, his fans have spontaneously prayed outside the hospitalization unit every day, because it did not bother others, has been sitting very quietly, but rather make people feel good about the stars they powder.

Jing Rong went upstairs slowly, thinking that it was imperative to get well before he could better cope with what was to come.

Xi Gu has been coming to this strange world for many days, he does not know his name, he does not know where his home is, he has forgotten many things, he can only be sure that he is looking for someone, someone who is engraved in his heart.

He found the people of this world strange, they had no pheromones in them, and each of them was overly enthusiastic about him.

Xi Gu has a very strong sense of vigilance, but he is vigilant again also need to eat and sleep, can only be temporarily taken in here. He once asked people around him if they knew what pheromones were, and the people around him, Baidu, came out and said it was a fantasy world with six genders.

It's not a fantasy, it's real!

He tried to argue, but there was no basis for it.

He knows nothing about the world and his heart is empty.

He had lost his most important treasure, how was he going to find it, and where the hell was that person.

Xi Gu walked down the stairs with a cold face and brushed past a passerby.

In that moment, as if he sensed something, he suddenly turned back.

Jing Rong's body lurched and stopped in its tracks.

A few meters away, their eyes collided in the air and sparks flew.

I ...... seem to have fallen in love at first sight!


Wu family.

Hanqi Wu frowned at the sky that looked overcast with the loss of half of the skyway.

Apologies were sent, but the business is not skilled, just now accidentally sent an extra one over.

Outside the door, resounded the noisy voice of his own ungrateful son, anxious to find three missing persons all over the world.

Hanqi Wu headache pressed his temples, if this bad thing is not his own, he has long been swept out of the house.

Both worlds have self-protection mechanisms, and memories are temporarily sealed, but they can be restored after some time.

Hanqi Wu finger rhythmically tapping the desktop, this teleportation function is still unstable. Forget it, let you play for a while, soon the energy is not enough to pull back all, cherish this play time.


On the street, Ling Xie, dressed in her pajamas, stood blankly in the middle of the road and became the focus of everyone's attention.

His handsome face was covered with frost, his aura was amazing, but his eyes looked around in confusion, looking at the people coming and going, not smelling the slightest pheromone.

This is where.

How I got here.

And, most importantly.

Why in this world, there are only two genders?

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