Chapter 1: Book Piercing

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After the military training and the month-long period of time spent together, students who had not known each other for the first time in high school have become acquainted with their classmates, laughing and joking in groups of three or five.

It is just after the morning exercise and the students, who are not under the supervision of the teachers, are making a lot of noise, finally waking up Qiao Lan who is sleeping on his desk.

Qiao Lan didn't have time to react to what was going on before her eyes lifted and she saw the boys playing next to her crashing straight into her.

Qiao Lan quickly got up and jumped to the side as a reflex, the boy hit the chair and fell to the floor, rubbing his arm that hurt from the impact as he rolled up and cursed under his breath, glaring at Qiao Lan in displeasure, "What the fuck are you hiding for?"

Qiao Lan: ????

Qiao Lan looks at the boy.

A big-faced man with a short inch and two or three pimples on his fierce-looking face, he is tall and strong at nearly 5'9".

You think you're a paperweight for running into her and not apologizing, but now you're asking her why she's hiding?

"No hiding and waiting..."

Before she could finish her sentence, the girl sitting in front of Qiao Lan looked back at the boy, "Qin Yang, stop it."

The girl's voice was so pleasant that Qiao Lan, who was still a bit confused, took one look and then a second one.

This girl has fair skin and delicate features, and even with her ponytail she looks very good in her school uniform, her big eyes are particularly outstanding, watery and doll-like.

The boy who had just been impatient with Qiao Lan was instantly full of sunshine, "It's okay", he smiled broadly and then turned his head to look at Qiao Lan, "I'm just playing around, by the way Qiao Lan, where's the candy today?"


"What kind of sugar?"

"Just sugar, are you sleep-deprived?"

As Qin Yang speaks, he moves closer to Qiao Lan and reaches for the hole in Qiao Lan's table.

Even if they were close friends, there was no reason for them to reach into the hole in the table, not to mention that she didn't know the boy at all, so Qiao Lan grabbed the boy's arm and said impatiently, "What are you doing?"

Qin Yang's hand was blocked and he froze for a rare moment.

In the past, they didn't like Qiao Lan and didn't want to talk to her at all, but Song Yao Yao always took Qiao Lan with her and Qiao Lan bought them sweets and water from time to time. Although they didn't like such an obvious act of ingratiation, who would refuse to eat for free, so much so that when Qiao Lan didn't buy anything, they would ask her for it directly, as Qiao Lan wouldn't refuse anyway.

It's not unusual for things like today to go straight through the Qiao Lan table hole.

I had no idea that Qiao Lan would suddenly stop him today.

However, Qin Yang was not bothered, or did not care about Qiao Lan's attitude at all.

"I didn't buy any today, so don't forget this afternoon, I want the original ones, buy some more", Qin Yang said, as natural as possible, and withdrew her hand to her seat, pulling out an English newspaper and throwing it on Qiao Lan's desk, "Copy the newspaper for me, write a full essay, or Mr. Liu will scold me again. If not, Mr. Liu will scold me again, damn Mr. Liu, he has so many things to do, he doesn't mind checking every day..."

He threw the newspaper at Qiao Lan, went back to his seat and rummaged through his bag before rushing out of the classroom with a group of boys to continue the fight in the hallway.

Qiao Lan: ......

Qiao Lan saw the other students in the classroom and no one felt anything wrong, they were still talking and laughing, eating breakfast and chatting.

"Song Yao , I'm going to fetch water do you want it?"

The pretty girl who had just spoken handed the girl who had spoken a glass of water from the table, "Yes, please."

"What's Yaoyang doing here?"

"Just watched him go out with a couple of Fanfan's, to get breakfast, I think."

It was all useless nonsense, but it made Qiao Lan's head spin.

If Song Yao is not exact enough, then add Yaoyang. Qiao Lan happened to have read a novel recently, and since one of the characters in the novel had the same name as her, Qiao Lan also looked up the book in general.

Song Yao and Chen Yaoyang are the heroine and hero of this book.

He took away the newspaper that the boy had just left on the table and opened the textbook on the table, which had two words on it, Qiao Lan.

At this moment, Qiao Lan had only one expletive in mind.

Fuck that.

But why is she dressed as Qiao Lan instead of a beautiful, rich and brilliant heroine?

Just because she is also called Qiao Lan?

Qiao Lan is a villain in this book, and a miserable one at that!

A poor, ugly and unlucky girl who is oppressed by her parents at home and bullied by her classmates at school. Qiao Lan reluctantly becomes part of Song Yao's small group of sisters.

It was one thing to have Song Yao's help, but it was another to have the boys and girls who were close to Song Yao look down on her. Qiao Lan tried to please these people by buying things and doing homework and cleaning so that they could take her with them when they played.

When Qiao Lan first read the book, he was so angry that he wanted to curse. In the book, it was written that Qiao Lan was so thin that she was almost skin and bones, so she didn't save some money to eat more for herself, and then she tried to find ways to share the money to serve these people?

I'm afraid it's a brain fart.

Without thinking, Qiao Lan stood up and threw the newspaper back onto Qin Yang's desk.

When he sat back down, he fished Qiao Lan's own newspaper out of his school bag.

All the multiple choice questions were done, with the corrections and essays at the back left blank.

Remembering what Qin Yang had just said about checking the newspaper, Qiao Lan took out a pen and quickly finished the corrections and started writing the essay.

Outside the school building, the handicapped access is gentle, but Tan Mo still struggles to turn the wheel, his hands are not as strong as the average person's and he is not even as strong as many girls.

The students who came and went saw him and automatically avoided a certain space, Tan Mo could hear the whispers of the students walking past and the numerous stares that could be compared to a public execution.

Tan Mo's head is bowed, his pale face hidden by his somewhat overgrown hair, and his thin white fingers struggle to roll the wheelchair.

When the wheelchair finally reached the entrance of the building, a man suddenly came out of the building and crashed into Tan Mo.

The wheelchair was knocked backwards so steeply that the finger that was too late to be retracted got stuck in the wheel and for a moment there was a sharp pain, Tan Mo hastily withdrew her finger but the wheelchair fell backwards uncontrollably and quickly.

There was a shriek from a girl around the room as the wheelchair slid down the disabled access aisle so fast that it tumbled down the small side steps without being stopped. Tan Mo fell heavily to the ground, her palms were instantly bloodied and stung by the coarse concrete, and the wheelchair fell a long way in a flash.

The boy who hit Tan Mo quietly righted his wheelchair and pushed it to Tan Mo's side, then quickly ran away as if Tan Mo was something unclean.

Tan Mo's blood-stained hands trembled lightly uncontrollably as he pulled the wheelchair to his side, braced his hands on it, his arms trembling as he supported his entire body, and struggled to regain his seat in it.

His hands shook and he fell to the ground again. Students passing by looked at him but no one helped him, some tried to come forward but remembered something and retreated.

After falling once, twice, three times, he finally got back into his wheelchair, the white school uniform top already dusty and with blood scattered around the top, his head still bowed, his face expressionless, his muscles as if necrotic, he rolled the wheelchair in silence to rejoin the disabled access.

In the classroom, Qiao Lan was halfway through her essay when a group of boys came in from outside the classroom. The boy at the front of the class placed a glass of water on Song Yao's desk.

The shyness in the thank you was so obvious that Qiao Lan couldn't help but glance over and see the tall, thin boy standing in front of Song Yao's table.

He was tall and handsome, with a school uniform and a hairy head of hair, and when someone next to him shouted "Yaoyang", Qiao Lan was immediately enlightened.

No wonder it's so handsome, it's a male lead after all.

Chen Yaoyang hands Song Yao the glass of water in his hand and speaks calmly to Song Yao for a moment before turning his head and meeting Qiao Lan's gaze.

Although well-controlled, Qiao Lan caught a glimpse of the disgust on Chen Yaoyang's face.

Qiao Lan: ......

Fuck you.

Qiao Lan really doesn't like the main character at all, and prefers a supporting character called Tan Mo to the supposedly impetuous and domineering hero.

Unfortunately it just died too soon.

When I first read the novel and saw that Tan Mo had died, Qiao Lan didn't bother to read the subsequent episodes.

With this in mind, Qiao Lan turns his head to the last row.

She remembered that Tan Mo was in the same class as them in the novel. Tan Mo was in a wheelchair and was afraid of the light and wind because of her illness, so she always sat in the far corner of the classroom.

In the far corner of the classroom, in the last row, there is only one table, the two chairs in front of it are far away from it, and the walls block some of the light, making the space even more cold and out of place.

Tan Mo is not here yet.

Qiao Lan turned her head back to her writing, unaware of Chen Yaoyang's slightly surprised gaze. A skinny boy came in from the classroom and said in a loud voice, "I just met Tan Mo from outside and was hit by someone."

The pen in Qiao Lan's hand is tapped.

"Crash, who dares to crash into him, bullying the disabled", someone said.

The small boy was also happy for a long time, "He just came up from the disabled access, a person rushed out from the inside, didn't see it and hit it, the wheelchair tipped over, grass, you didn't see it, fell really hard."

A girl next to her laughed several times, "The same class, helping each other and caring for the disabled understand."

"That's right, not even helping to hold it up."

"No help," the small boy laughed and waved his hand, "Who dares to help him, I'm still afraid of contagion."

"Are neuroses contagious?"

"How the fuck should I know."

"Hahahaha you're biology went to the dogs."

"Fuckin' biology and you're learning this? Why don't you ask Tan Mo if neuropathy is contagious? If neuropathy is not contagious, ask if epilepsy is contagious?"

"I don't fucking ask questions with crazy people..."

Almost everyone laughed and the laughter filled the classroom until Tan Mo appeared and the laughter suddenly stopped.

The pale, thin teenager rolled his wheelchair quietly into the classroom and without a word, as if he had heard nothing, came to his seat, the thick walls shrouding his entire being in a shadow.

No one paid him any attention, no one said a word to him.

The whole classroom was buzzing like crazy, but this buzz, the

Nothing to do with him, in the slightest.

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