Chapter 40: Plot Break

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Baihan Yu took a cold medicine in the morning and slept sleepily under the sound of rain.

He slept until noon and then woke up to the vibration of his cell phone.

A dozen messages popped up on the phone. Baihan Yu climbed up and clicked on it, there were friends WeChat also have information push.

Jue Qi]: Crap, crap, did you see the news?

[Jue Qi]: [Link - Huge change in business situation in C city!

[eating melon] [eating hands hands] [secretly watching]

[Yue He]: What's going on!

[Yiqing Sun]: How are you doing.


Baihan Yu clicked on the links and tweets, and saw that the webpage was full of information about Shi Lu and Jia Si -

[Jedi Comeback, Shi Lu will return to the altar?

The largest trust company under Jia Si's name burst into flames!

Jia Si's eldest son may be hollowed out?

"!" He got mental, and clicked on a few tweets to browse through them quickly.

In his sleep, the business world has changed rapidly. First, the Huo family suddenly returned all the "annexed" shares of Shi Lu, and Huan Lu became the de facto controller of Shi Lu's properties again.

Then Jia Si's capital pool went into trouble, and the Huo family pulled out of their investment in time, forcing Jia Si to shut down several of its properties.

In just one morning, the business situation in C City was suddenly turned upside down, and the whole business world was in an uproar!


Baihan Yu read through the information one by one and was relieved.

Steady, steady, he smelled triumph.

It was already forty minutes after he finished reading the information, and when he logged out of the page to reply to his friend's message, he found that Jue Qi had sent him another message.

[Jue Qi]: It's okay Han Bai, that ...... even if Jia Si fell, you still have Lu. [Peek]

Jia Si is down.

Listen to ~ what a moving prophetic word.

[With ears]: Lend your good advice. [hugs fist].

[Jue Qi]: ?

Baihan Yu, one by one, after returning the message from his friend, the stone in his heart also fell to the ground.

It's dinner time, so he orders a fancy lunch with a big appetite and then sends a message to Wu Hua to pick him up.

He was going home to greet the triumphant commander!


About two hours later, Wu Hua arrived, accompanied by two other brothers.

Three people appeared in unison at the door of the inner room.

Baihan Yu looked stunned, such a grand ceremony? Then he said with satisfaction: "Good, this is the way to welcome him back to the palace after the triumph of His Majesty.

He got up demurely, "Let's go."

Wu Hua hesitated, "I can't go back yet."

Baihan Yu , "What's wrong?"

"Uh, the villa ...... villa is still being decontaminated."


After Wu Hua said that, he was bumped by the brother next to him with his arm.

The brother pulled out a smile at Baihan Yu, "He's here playing with humor." He finished pulling out a notebook and put it on the table to open it, "Forget about it, let's play some games."


Baihan Yu swept a glance at several people, then sat back and looked at his computer.

Mostly, it is the intention of their Lu commanders.

There must be a reason for everything, so he can barely play the game for a while ~

Baihan Yu was playing with his computer, and his phone was put aside to open the push, and a few financial information popped up every now and then.

All of them discuss Shi Lu and Jia Si.

It is suspected that Jia Si's sudden change of circumstances is most likely inextricably linked to Shi Lu.

Every time the phone vibrated, the three cronies next to him became cold and sweat-ridden.

Baihan Yu did not notice the complex and cautious expressions of several people, turning the information headlines to a clamor.

Because he was in a good mood, he even ordered a barbecue for four for dinner and called on his brothers to enjoy it together.

Wu Hua carefully squeezed his chopsticks, "Retaliatory consumption?"

He finished and was bumped by his brother, who grudgingly bared his teeth at Baihan Yu, "Humor, humor it is."

Baihan Yu looked at them tolerantly, and the brothers were naughty ~

Halfway through a meal, the phone at the table suddenly vibrated several times, and five or six tweets popped up on the screen instantly! It was like something earth-shaking had happened again.

Baihan Yu put down his chopsticks and clicked on it.

Shocker! Jia Si's "charity" face collapsed, gray industry disclosed - eldest son Yan Si stopped under investigation!

Yet more shocking is yet to come.

If it was only speculation that Jia Si's serious injury was related to Shi Lu, now it's completely true - the

Because of Jia Si's gray industry, which was reported by Huan Lu under his name.

Report by name!

Baihan Yu saw a surge of heart, reached out to the desktop "bang!" A slap on the ground:

Huan Lu! So handsome!!!

This is a completely frank and open declaration of war against Jia Si.

The table was slapped by him with a loud bang, and the three close brothers across the table, who were carefully eating the roast meat, all shook and looked towards him with trepidation.

Baihan Yu's cheeks flushed with excitement, and she pursed her lips and stared at her phone.

Wu Hua spoke worriedly, "You, do you want to take a pill first?" Take care of yourself ......

"No more food!" Baihan Yu waved a big hand.

He's healed!

The three people across the table instantly sat and looked at each other for a few moments, "...... Oh, good."


It's a good thing the subtle atmosphere in the room didn't last long.

Just after dinner, Wu Hua's cell phone rang. Wu Hua looked at the caller, then glanced at Baihan Yu, then got up and went outside to pick up the phone.

The inner and outer rooms are not soundproof and his voice came in intermittently, "Yes, sir ...... The villa is cleared inside and outside and the people employed ...... to ensure safety... ...Yes."

Baihan Yu perked up his ears: Exhaustion?

No wonder he asked him not to go back first, afraid Yan Si stop dog jumping to the wall?

Outside the door, Wu Hua has finished his phone call and the door slams open.

The other two cronies stood up with understanding, and Wu Hua, holding the phone, said to Baihan Yu, "Young master, let's go back."

On the way back, it was already dark.

Outside the car window, the street shadows are shrouded in the haze of night, blurred and wavering.

Baihan Yu is seated with two close brothers to his left and right as he looks down at the constantly updated news feeds in his car.

The screen was wide open, full of commentary and analysis of Shi Lu and Jia Si's rift - from those who supported Huan Lu's efforts to expose the gray industry to those who said Huan Lu was too ruthless and pushed people to the brink.

And the mention of him.

But Baihan Yu's presence is too low, and his name is not mentioned throughout, only that the marriage between the two families has broken up and the in-laws are turning into enemies.

Although the contents are different, all of them are a tribute to Huan Lu's ruthlessness.

Baihan Yu turned his phone off and closed his eyes to rest.

What kind of bullshit are they talking about, one and two at a time.

The grass is not cut off, the spring breeze grows again. Show mercy to the legal curry, is to stay as their own yellow spring guide?


It was 9:00 pm when I got home.

Baihan Yu was stopped by Wu Hua when he got out of the car, and the other party wanted to say something, "Young master, don't say anything you shouldn't say to annoy the gentleman."

"I know."

He turned his head and walked briskly towards the main house with light footsteps.

He can't wait to compliment their Lu commanders!

After entering the villa, Baihan Yu realized that it was quiet inside, with only a row of porch lights leading to the stairs. Uncle Feng and the maids were not there, probably not back yet after the investigation.

He made his way up the hallway.

When I reached the door of Huan Lu's master bedroom, there was a little light coming from the darkness of the hidden room.

...... Huan Lu ?

Baihan Yu paused for a second, then pushed the door and walked in.

The door opens and Huan Lu is sitting on a cushioned chair.

The window on one side was wide open, and the cold moonlight cascaded in, sliding over his shoulder and landing on the wooden floor, reflecting the tilted light grid.

Apart from the moonlight, the only light in the room comes from the computer in front of him. The message "Jia Si has been badly injured and Yan Si is under investigation" is on it.

Huan Lu's lips are slightly raised, looking like watching a scandalous play.

Hearing the movement, he turned his head to look.

Baihan Yu was standing just a few steps away from him.

The moment they met, Huan Lu's eyes seemed to move for a moment. He was about to habitually suppress all those violent and unbridled emotions, when he suddenly gave a pause.

I don't know what came to mind, but I looked up at Baihan Yu again...

The white light of the screen is reflected in his dark eyes, and the deep darkness is clearly visible. Those dark sides that he used to hide alone are now uncovered in front of Baihan Yu.

He tilted the computer toward Baihan Yu.

In addition to the news of Jia Si's defeat, there are also comments that he is "deep-rooted" and "ruthless".

Huan Lu looked at Baihan Yu, and the corner of his mouth seemed to tug casually, "What do you think?"

Baihan Yu's eyes squinted as the fluorescent white light snapped into his eyes in the darkness. Silence spread through the bedroom as he adjusted to the light for a few moments.

One second, two seconds ......

Huan Lu's fingers on the side of the computer tightened slightly, and the light under his eyes gradually sank.

Suddenly, a "pop" sounded in front of him!

Huan Lu looked up, only to see Baihan Yu had already straightened up from the computer and raised his hand to a seal applause...

"Good! If you bloom, butterflies will come; if you are wonderful, the sky will arrange itself!"

His eyes shone with joy, and he raised his hand to the slightly stunned handsome face and drummed a dozen times, the wind of his palm almost blew Huan Lu's forehead hair.

Pop, pop, pop, pop!

Huan Lu , "......"

After Baihan Yu finished drumming enthusiastically, his eyes were shaken by the screen light, so he turned his head and "snapped" the light in his bedroom.

Bright light instantly flooded the room.

He told Huan Lu, "Don't look at your computer in a darkened room."

Huan Lu , "......"

They stared at each other for a long time, Huan Lu moved his dry lips and looked at Baihan Yu with an uncertain expression, "Don't you think I've done too much?"

Baihan Yu nodded his head in admiration, "It's really great!"

Send the pua guru straight to court!

Huan Lu , "......"

He pursed his lips and looked at the comments on his computer.

Baihan Yu followed his gaze: Wow, that's what he was referring to.

Look at them Lu commanders, how fragile inside ~

He came over and reached out to the point of a "complaint", "Do not care about these standing talking does not hurt, you are doing the right thing. The gray industry is not eradicated, I do not know how many people will be harmed."

He turned his head to look at Huan Lu and smiled with a little light in his eyes, showing his little tiger teeth.

"We, Commander Lu, are doing the people a favor."

Huan Lu's fingers on the table trembled imperceptibly.

He looked into the eyes of Baihan Yu.

Ryoga, dropping his eyes and whispering, "Hmm."

This sound is very light, as if the heavy burden deposited on the shoulders fell to the ground.

The shackles that were firmly bound to the body were also loosened.

Baihan Yu reached out and pressed his hand on the side of Huan Lu's head, rubbing his fingertips through his hair, with a gentle force that seemed to soothe his ever-tightening nerves, "Let it go."

Huan Lu's throat moved and one hand lifted.

Baihan Yu softly, "Better to make people jealous than to let them pity you."


The hand is halfway up and stops.

Huan Lu raised his eyes, the bottom of his eyes were already clear, "The speech, we Han Bai memorized very well?"

Baihan Yu is modest, "No, I can't forget anything."


The paws are peeled off.

Huan Lu looked at him patiently and said slowly, "I heard Wu Hua say that you didn't take your medicine at night?"

Baihan Yu paraphrased, "Connoting me?"

"Sensitive." Huan Lu curled his lips, got up and carried him to the door, "Go and take your medicine before you go to bed."

Baihan Yu was carried to the door and turned his head to look at Huan Lu again.

He remembered Huan Lu's heroic performance today and did not resist the urge to say, "In recognition of a beautiful turnaround battle by Commander Lu, you have a [Han Bai cadet's hug] to receive ~"

He pursed his lips and looked expectantly at Huan Lu.

Huan Lu looked down at him for a few seconds and suddenly smiled. The eyelashes half hide the dark eyes, good-looking lips curved up, pure and vivid smile is quite compelling.

Baihan Yu's heart beat a few beats faster.

Then, he was pulled into the arms of Huan Lu.

Huan Lu wrapped his arms around him very lightly, one hand on his waist, the other hand pressed on the back of his neck and rubbed it. The magnetic voice fell from the top of his head, "Then I'll lead shallowly."

Baihan Yu's face was flushed and buried.

In fact, it is okay to deeply collar a little.

The side of his neck was rubbed lightly by his fingers, and the top of his head sank slightly, as if Huan Lu had leaned his chin over and taken it.

Baihan Yu's heart thumped as he was cradled and loosened the earth for a while, until his hands and feet were so loose that he was released.

Huan Lu turned him on his side, "Go take your medicine."

Baihan Yu floated out softly, "Oh, okay."

Just a few steps away, I heard Huan Lu's voice ring out from behind me, "I'll do even worse in the future, and we Han Bai can accept it?"

Baihan Yu turned around and blushed with joy as she gave out a teaser, "Then you'll have more rewards from Han Bai to collect ~"


Huan Lu lowered his eyes and tugged at his lips, "Good."


Baihan Yu went back to take his medicine and then took a shower and went to bed.

When he woke up the next day, he looked at the financial information and saw that almost all of Yan Si's properties had been shut down - this part accounted for most of Jia Si's properties.

Baihan Yu's heart is more relieved than ever.

Jia Si, who has the aura of a protagonist, is thwarted for the first time, showing that the original plot is not unbreakable.

Huan Lu has suffered so much and should not let all his efforts go down the drain because of those outrageous "settings".

He thought and opened his phone and searched.

They land commanders have worked so hard for so long, it's time to relax and unwind.

Baihan Yu flipped through his phone to make a strategy for a trip for two, and then realized afterwards:

Is this a date?

He immediately sent a message to Huan Lu with his eyes shining.

[Have ears]: Are you busy working? [Radish pops up]

The message came back quickly.

【Fish】:At home, downstairs.

Baihan Yu :?

Is Huan Lu not at work today, Friday?

He walked downstairs with his phone and saw that Uncle Feng and the other servants in the house had returned.

Huan Lu is sitting outside the terrace, opposite Lin Fan, as if he is reporting on his work.

Baihan Yu pushed open the terrace door to probe, " Huan Lu ."

Lin Fan's voice stopped, probably after the tearing battle yesterday, he now looked at Baihan Yu's eyes a bit complicated.

Huan Lu looked as normal as ever, "What's wrong?"

Baihan Yu held her phone, "Tomorrow is the weekend, do you have time?"

Huan Lu paused, his eyes falling on his expectant face.

Lin Fan eyes went back and forth between the two and reminded, "Sir, there is still ...... tomorrow"

"Nothing is going on."

Huan Lu suddenly spoke up.

His gaze moved to the courtyard, pursed his lips seemingly casually said, "It's still pretty empty."

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