Chapter 12: It's good to be busy

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In the bedroom.

The whole water bed in the center collapsed and water spread all over the place.

Jue Qi, who came to watch, looked at the waterbed in awe and then looked at Huan Lu in awe.

The maintenance man who was brought in got up from the bed and shook his head, "No, the valves are popping out."

The crowd, "......" cattle, cattle.

Huan Lu stood aside, his face sunken with horror.

The bathroom door "clicked".

Baihan Yu came out of the hot shower wrapped in a bathrobe, he looked at the circle of people in the room and the collapsed waterbed and asked, "Can't you fix it?"

The repairman bowed his head, "Sorry, I'm not a professional. This kind of estimate has to go back to the factory."

Baihan Yu touched the tip of his nose and looked sheepishly at Jue Qi , "Sorry, I ......"

"No need to say." Jue Qi gently interrupted him, "I don't blame you."

After saying that, he looked at Baihan Yu lovingly and then looked at Huan Lu condemningly.

Huan Lu's eyes are gloomy.

Baihan Yu glanced at him, "You're the one who said you could be ......"

"Shut up."

The maintenance staff soon left, and Jue Qi's group retreated to the door. In the corridor, Huan Lu's eyes were downcast and he spoke lightly, "Is there any place to sleep?"

"There is a large sofa over the salon that can be put down as a bed, later let someone make a bed, you can both sleep." Jue Qi paused for a moment and added weakly, "But it's not built to last ......"

Huan Lu's forehead twitched, "There it is."

Twenty minutes later, the bed was made in the salon.

Jue Qi led the golden flowers to exit slowly, "You guys have a good rest. Good night Lu, good night Han Bai."

Baihan Yu stood in front of the bed, "Good night, umsidisi."

After the group left, he turned his head to look at Huan Lu who was sitting on the sofa bed. Huan Lu's bathrobe collar was slightly open, and he didn't make a sound as he looked down at his phone.

Baihan Yu lifted the blanket and reassured him, "It's okay, they already know we're very wavy."

The hand that was holding the phone clenched for a moment.

Then he reached over and pulled the quilt. The big quilt over the head, covering Baihan Yu's heart-stopping face.

"Hurry up and go to sleep."

"Don't be a demon again."


When Baihan Yu woke up the next day, he looked around and found that the place was quiet. Only Huan Lu had changed his clothes and was sitting on the other side of the couch, looking at his phone.

He asked, " Jue Qi, aren't they up yet?"

Huan Lu did not raise his head, "Up, but you did not get up, they dare not come over."

The hallway from the bedroom side faces the salon, and they have an unobstructed view of the place. Baihan Yu swallowed his "why" before he could say it.

He buried his head shyly, "They are so complicated in their thinking."

Huan Lu finally lifted his eyes from the phone and gave Baihan Yu a look without smiling, "I don't blame them."


After Baihan Yu got up, the yacht resumed its laughter.

It was a working day, and after breakfast they were ready to adjourn the meeting.

The yacht had returned to yesterday's dock and Lin Fan drove over early in the morning and waited on the shore. The group got off the yacht and Baihan Yu and Huan Lu parted with them at the pier.

"We'll get together next time." Jue Qi raised his windshield wipers.

Baihan Yu nodded expectantly, and Huan Lu, with his hands in his trouser pockets, stood by and watched Jue Qi indifferently.

Jue Qi reacted and said, "Don't worry, Lu, we won't tell anyone about last night."

Huan Lu's eyes warmed slightly.

The next moment, we heard Lou Wen say, "Yes! Absolutely no one will know that our Lu collapsed a new water bed in twenty minutes on the yacht last night!"


The collective eyes turned to him again.

Lou Wen was bewildered, "Huh? Did I say something wrong."

Huan Lu tugged at the corner of his lips and turned to go. Baihan Yu followed him, and before he left, he turned his head and gave Lou Wen a deep look:

Not only can you order songs, but you are also quite good at talking.


Once in the car, Lin Fan drove them towards the middle of town.

Huan Lu leaned back, said, "Go straight to the office," and then began to rest his eyes.

Lin Fan glanced at him in the rearview mirror, seemingly puzzled: Why does Mr. Lin look more tired after a day off?

No one is talking in the car, Baihan Yu is playing with his phone next to him. Lun Qin sent a message asking him when he would be online today so he could go catch his unlucky teammate.

[Baihan Yu]: I can't play today, I lost the game I played with you when I played the game.

[Lun Qin]: ? Tongue Twister

Baihan Yu]: Work it.

He turned off his phone after returning the message.

I'm going to drop the flash drive off to Lun Qin today and let him try to reverse crack the program inside.

Baihan Yu poked Huan Lu next to him, " Huan Lu."

Huan Lu lifted his eyelids and looked over at him, "Something wrong?"

Baihan Yu fished out the small flash drive and handed it over, "The 'souvenir' for Lun Qin, or you can take it to him."

After a second's pause, one hand took the USB drive.

The dark casing has a cold, hard metallic sheen. Huan Lu lowered his eyes and quietly examined it for a moment, and then put it back into Baihan Yu's hand.

"I have to go to the office later, you can just bring it to Lun Qin."

He said and instructed Lin Fan , "You send him back and take him to Lun Qin ."

"Yes, sir."


Lin Fan drops Huan Lu off at the office and then sends Baihan Yu back to the Lu residence.

He didn't ask what the flash drive was. There are some things that if Huan Lu did not say, they subordinates will not ask more questions.

Walk through the courtyard all the way to the back of the arena.

When he arrived, Lun Qin was chatting with others on the sidelines with a cigarette in his mouth. Lin Fan called out to him, he turned his head to look at him, and then put out his cigarette, "What's up?"

Lin Fan turned sideways, indicating that Baihan Yu was looking for him.

When several people next to him saw Baihan Yu, they greeted him warmly, "What's the young master doing here?"

"I'm looking for Lun Qin for something."

Baihan Yu greeted them and took Lun Qin aside alone. He handed the flash drive to the person and Lun Qin raised his eyebrows, "Specialties?"

Baihan Yu explained, "There is a set of newly developed programs inside, access to the computer will crack the firewall. You study it, can not reverse crack also must at least steal the technology."

In short, no loss.

Lun Qin's dangling expression became serious for a moment. He frowned and took it, "Okay, let me take a look."

Leaving the flash drive to Lun Qin's busy work, Baihan Yu went back to the main residence.

He changed into his pajamas and plopped down on his bed to check his phone.

In his phone, there are a few group photos he took yesterday, as well as a quiet and busy river scene along the scenic river at night. Baihan Yu flipped through them and was excited to send them to his friends.

As soon as you open WeChat, two notes hang on the conversation list:

[pua guru

[Bad Three]

Baihan Yu , "......"

He choked for a moment and scratched the contact list, which also contained some people from the side of the Si family. A quiet row nestled there, as if to shark him.

Baihan Yu simply reapplied for an account.

He only added a few people from his usual list: the Four Golden Girls and Lun Qin.

After opening the new account, Baihan Yu sent out a friend circle with a photo taken yesterday at a barbecue, plus a night view.

[With Ears]: Gathering of sucking skewers! [Photo][Photo]

Jue Qi quickly clicked a like and came back to poke him privately.

Jue Qi]: Why did you change your account?

[have ears]: the original account is not good wave ~ [shy]

There is a family of extra-legal fanatics lurking.

[Jue Qi]: Hmm? Okay.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. [surprised to pick up my little watermelon]

Baihan Yu glanced backwards.

The group photo was taken by him with a selfie perspective, the four golden flowers were grilling skewers at the other end, and just a whole nest was brought into the camera by him.

Huan Lu was closer to him, tasting the roasted eggplant across from him.

There are ears]: Yes, the chopsticks on the left are Huan Lu's. By the way, give me some more emoticons. [bared teeth].

【Jue Qi 】:............

Dozens of emojis quickly swept the screen.

Baihan Yu picked and chose to save it and quit WeChat satisfied.


After returning from his yacht vacation, Huan Lu has been busy.

Baihan Yu guessed that he was busy with the project of "Chengdong New Port". Lun Qin also did not play the game for five or six days in a row, and plunged into the eight-figure USB drive.

Huan Lu does not accompany him in cosplay, and the game can not find a teammate.

After five or six days of being idle in the villa, Baihan Yu finally couldn't resist going to Huan Lu.

It's 11:30, and Huan Lu is working in his study.

The computer was lit up with a ghostly white light, and papers were piled up all over the table.

Probably over-eyed in the past few days, he wore a rare pair of glasses, set on the bridge of the high nose, to hide the dark as ink eyebrows below.

Baihan Yu poked his head in through the door, " Huan Lu , in?"

Huan Lu did not raise his head, "If you have something to say, just say it, don't ask in in in."

Baihan Yu smiled shyly, "I want to go out for a wave tomorrow."


"It's not our kind of wave, it's a healthy ......"

Huan Lu's eyebrows jumped, "Si Han Bai ."

The doorway was quiet and he paused, "I'll have someone follow you tomorrow."

It means that he acquiesced and gave him a little partner.

Baihan Yu thanked politely, "Thank you, Mr. Lu."

Huan Lu smiled, "You are welcome, this is what you should thank."


The next day, Baihan Yu went out after lunch.

He was accompanied by a close friend of Huan Lu named Wu Hua. Wu Hua looks white and pretty, but he is one of the best in the group, and he smiles with a rather simple and pleasant smile.

The two of them went out the door, Wu Hua drove the car, "Young master, where do you want to go ~"

Baihan Yu propped his chin up, "Where do you think it's funny?"

Wu Hua , "Internet Cafe?"

"......" Baihan Yu put down his hand and turned his head to look at him, complimenting him, "You're very funny."

Hua Hua smiled nervously, "That's what the brothers say too."

The two ended up going to the downtown shopping street.

Baihan Yu has few clothes in his closet, there are two pieces brought over from Si's house and a few pieces prepared by the Lu family as a courtesy. He plans to buy a few pieces today and put them in Huan Lu's company or car for backup.

I don't want to look like I'm wearing a plastic bag every time I wear Huan Lu's clothes.

This shopping street is quite busy, with eight or nine different malls and plazas opening up.

Wu Hua pointed towards Baihan Yu and pointed to the mall building in the middle of the street, "Young master, want to go there? It's owned by your Si family."

Baihan Yu a momentary refusal: the hell with the money to spend for the Si family!

He turned his head and walked into the next door, "Or this one."

Unless one day the Si family's mall changes hands, then he can consider shopping around.


There are several high-luxury clothing stores on the top floor of the mall.

Wu Hua was a little surprised to see Baihan Yu picking out some not-so-expensive clothes.

When Baihan Yu finished picking out the clothes and said, "Ah," with a coy face, she turned around and said, "I don't have money," Wu Hua's expression was a dream.

"Aren't you the ...... pampered young master of the Si family?

Wu Hua swallowed his words again, "I'll pay for you first." The clerk next to him was already looking over with a complicated gaze.

"That's not very nice." Baihan Yu continued coyly, "You go back and remember to ask Huan Lu to report the bill."


The afternoon was spent happily adding to Huan Lu's bill.

Wu Hua carried the shopping bags in both hands, not knowing how to express his feelings for a while.

The young master is really not polite when it comes to spending Mr. money; but the clothes he bought are not very expensive, so he seems to be quite polite again.

I just don't know if the gentleman is happy to spend money on the young master in their kind of plastic marriage - even if it is a small amount that is insignificant to the gentleman.

Baihan Yu did not know that Wu Hua, who was following him, was already having a lot of thoughts.

He stole money from Sjörn to support Huan Lu;

Huan Lu worked harder to earn money to support him.

This is not a mutual favor! How sweet~

"We're almost done shopping, are you hungry?" Baihan Yu stood on the escalator and turned his head to ask Wu Hua .

Wu Hua looked back from his thoughts, "It's okay, if you're hungry let's go eat."

"Then let's eat." Baihan Yu turned his head to look at the familiar old white bearded grandfather and waved his big hand, "Let's go, this is it!"


Ten minutes later, Wu Hua sat across from Baihan Yu with his forehead propped up.

The white table was set up with a burger and fried chicken set for two and a seasonal limited toy.

Baihan Yu patted him, "Eat, the bill is still on Huan Lu's head, no need for AA, I'll treat you."

Wu Hua is going crazy: do you need to get a bill from Mr. even for a $78.80 package!!!

"It's better if I buy you." Wu Hua took a deep breath, afraid Baihan Yu would speak again, he raised a glass of Coke, "Cheers, to our friendship."

Baihan Yu touched, while lifting the coke and clinked a cup, while taking a photo with his cell phone to remember, "Good brother."


After eating the burger and fried chicken, Baihan Yu went back to his home.

He sat in the car with nothing to do, and incidentally, he sent a friend.

[With Ears]: Listen to me, thank you;

Because of you, warmed by the seasons ~ [Photo]

The recent popular copy is very appropriate.

Use to acknowledge the burger fried chicken invited by the brother.

When he finished posting, he closed his phone and leaned back in the back seat to close his eyes and rest.


The Lu family's cronies usually wear civilian clothes when they go out.

Like today, Wu Hua followed Baihan Yu out wearing a casual shirt.

When Jue Qi swiped Baihan Yu's dynamic in her circle of friends, she wanted to habitually click the like button and crossed it away, but suddenly she stopped and pulled back the page.

In the picture, Baihan Yu is showing off the Coke fried chicken with the person across the street.

Jue Qi pulled up the picture and took out the microscope to see: it was not Huan Lu!

Who! Who is it! Who is dazzling happy water with Lu's old partner and warming his seasons!

Jue Qi hurriedly quit and sent a message to Lu, whom he had no sense of urgency.

Jue Qi]: Busy with work?

It took about 10 minutes for Huan Lu to return.

Huan Lu]: Well busy, something?

Jue Qi]: Busy, all busy, busy good ah!

[Huan Lu]: Say something straight, don't read the Spring Festival lines.

Jue Qi is anxious to see his business-like tone! And no more padding, bla bla a typing sent over.

[Jue Qi]: You just busy, your family Han Bai dinner with other men and still send friends, he did not send a friend circle with you! [anxiously stamping his feet]

[Huan Lu]: ?

[Jue Qi]: right, me too"?"

[Huan Lu]: What circle of friends.

Jue Qi , "......"

So Huan Lu sent "?" Really just doubt.

He sent a screenshot of Baihan Yu's friend to Huan Lu directly.

[Jue Qi]: No, this is it. [Screenshot].

Jue Qi]: Wait, Han Bai won't block you?

[eat melon]

[hand-eating hands]

[Calm Analysis]


On the other end of the phone, Huan Lu is looking down at the screen.

Baihan Yu is opposite Wu Hua, who is not as redundant as Jue Qi.

[Huan Lu]: No shield.

Huan Lu replied to the message and quit the chat.

He turned his head to look out the window at the sinking night and tapped his finger on the screen.

He found out that he just didn't add Baihan Yu's WeChat.

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