Chapter 104: change back to original name

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Baihan Yu mouth is containing a mouthful of tea, heard this sentence, eyes lit up immediately to open mouth.

Huan Lu closed his jaw with a quick hand, "Swallow it."

Baihan Yu gulped it down and then spoke excitedly, "Yes!"

If you can change your name back, of course you want to!

His whole face was glowing and he looked radiant. Huan Lu looked at the undisguised happiness on Baihan Yu's face, and pursed his lips and softly "hmmm".

Baihan Yu was excited and then asked, "So if people ask, how do I explain?"

Suddenly changed a surname that came out of nowhere.

It's simply unfounded.

Huan Lu calmly sipped his tea, "No explanation."

Baihan Yu, "......" is really capricious and unrestrained.

He pondered for two seconds, then giggled, holding herbal tea and stirring his legs happily, "Then no explanation ~"

Huan Lu's lips curved, "Hmm."


Since the name has to be changed, those who have dropped the name of the document must also follow to change over.

The two picked a time when Baihan Yu was not in class and quickly went to change their IDs, marriage certificates, Jungui Yuan's real estate license and school records.

On all kinds of documents, the name of "Si Han Bai" was completely changed back to "Baihan Yu".

Baihan Yu looks at his new ID card:

The photo above was also retaken, a clean and fresh face, smiling brightly at the camera.

He was particularly satisfied and took a picture of it and sent it to a circle of friends.

[With Ears]: Get reacquainted. [Photo].

The message went out, and the circle of friends was in shock!

Baihan Yu The name change was silent and without warning. Neither with the original Si family surname Si, nor with the current Lu family surname Lu, inexplicably changed a unrelated "Yu" surname.

How much does "yu" mean?

In time, Baihan Yu's circle of friends and schoolmates came to ask him, and he answered uniformly:

"You can change it if you want to."

It is estimated that he did not intend to elaborate, the crowd will not ask questions.

Anyway, it's all " Han Bai ", not much difference.

Baihan Yu's name change first spread from his circle of friends, but I don't know if it's because he's getting a lot of attention now, but the word is slowly spreading.

When Yue He and Xinyan Xu messaged him, he realized that the discussion had also started in the small forum of the upper class circle.

Baihan Yu happens to be in the apartment at this time.

He had just gotten out of the shower and was spread out on the windowsill to air-dry. He opened his phone and tapped in and slipped around to:

"The one from the Lu family has changed his last name to Yu."

"Yu? Why?"

"I do not know ah, and did not explain. My little sister's friend went to ask about it and said it was changed if he wanted to."

"There must be other reasons, but Mr. Lu didn't even say anything. Alas, we dare not ask and dare not say, it is not a big deal, whatever he ~"

Baihan Yu slid down a circle, see the crowd just discussed - the results did not discuss, but all know his name " Baihan Yu ".

This is quite good.

His finger moved to exit the forum: Italian full away.jpg

Baihan Yu had just quit the forum when Huan Lu came out of the shower.

Huan Lu came out of the bathroom after drying his hair and saw Baihan Yu holding his phone, so he asked, "What are you looking at?"

Baihan Yu is happy, "watching what they say about my name change."

"Well, there's no such thing as a bad word."

"No, they have all succumbed to the lustful authority of our senior Lu."


Lust. Huan Lu stops wiping his head and looks at him.

Baihan Yu is looking at him with a proud look: OuO

...... Forget it.

Huan Lu pulled down the towel, not to correct the wording. He stood in front of the window sill in silence and turned his head to look at the sky outside the window again.

The sun had not yet set and the sky was clear and cloudless.

Huan Lu stood in the same place for a while and suddenly said, "The weather has been good lately."

Baihan Yu was swiping his phone and looked up at the sound of his voice, "Is the topic of conversation between us, already lacking like this?"

Coldly chatting with him about gas.

Huan Lu eyes fell towards him: ......

After a few seconds of staring at each other, Huan Lu stopped.

He seemed to be breezy and pursed his lips and spoke, "While the weather is good, is it possible to go to the beach and have the wedding done again."

Baihan Yu's eyes widened slightly and his heart pounded as he looked at Huan Lu.

The riddle Huan Lu, is actually paving the way for this!

Under his gaze, Huan Lu's ears turned a little red as she looked sideways at him. For a moment, Huan Lu couldn't hold back and turned back, looked down at him and said, "We haven't had a wedding yet."

Baihan Yu nestled in the sofa chair, tilted his head "hmm" sound, deliberately did not answer the words waiting for people to continue to say.

Huan Lu, her face growing red, asked in a low voice, "So, to do it."

Baihan Yu can no longer hold back. He jumped up, jumped to Huan Lu and circled each other's neck, sticky kissed two mouths, "Do you still need to ask, of course, to do ......"

So cute, his little moose Lu ~

Huan Lu's chest rose and fell a little, "Hmm."


After agreeing to reopen the wedding, Baihan Yu felt that their senior Lu seemed to be very excited...

Not the kind of excitement that is put on the surface, but very Huan Lu style, unobtrusive muffled excitement, quiet eyes are a few points brighter than usual.

Organizing a wedding is a lot of work.

Baihan Yu originally thought Huan Lu would leave it to Lin Fan, but to his surprise, Huan Lu was personally scouting for a time and place and studying the wedding invitations.

Like a love-sick brat.

When he saw Huan Lu sitting in front of the computer, he was concentrating on the style of the set, so he pounced on Huan Lu's back and hooked a head over.

"So positive, looking forward to the wedding with you Han Bai, aren't you?"

A heavy heartbeat comes from the tightly pressed back in front of your body.

Baihan Yu felt Huan Lu body temperature steamed up.

Huan Lu's fingers holding the mouse curled up as if in shame, not answering his words positively. Just a pause, and then turn to ask with calmness, "We Han Bai not expect?"

Baihan Yu was amused by his appearance.

He immediately kissed Huan Lu's hot face rewardingly, "How come? I've been tossing and turning all night in anticipation."

Huan Lu now seems to be satisfied with a little, lightly hmmm.


Baihan Yu has to go to school and is busy with her thesis, so Huan Lu is mainly responsible for the wedding.

A special designer was hired for the wedding, and more than a dozen sets of plans were designed. Huan Lu selected a few sets and sent some of them to Baihan Yu for advice.

The two then pick and choose together on WeChat.

Later, when it was recess, Huan Lu sent another message.

Baihan Yu looked down at his seat and picked out the style of the invitation, the big red background clattering over the screen, very conspicuous.

The roommate next to me glanced over and said, "Invitation?"

Fan Xu came in surprised, "You're having a wedding?"

Baihan Yu said while picking, "Well, it was rather rushed at first."

The first time he and Huan Lu were almost the first to post on the U of C bar. Especially after Huan Lu's identity was revealed, there was a lot of news about the marriage between the two when they casually looked up.

Several of their roommates know a little more or less.

Fan Xu sighed with relief, "It's good to be complete."

Baihan Yu curled his lips sideways toward him, "Hmm."

After the invitations were finalized, the class was almost over. Baihan Yu was about to put away his phone for class when another message from Huan Lu suddenly popped up.

[Fish]: How soon will you be back today?

Baihan Yu glanced towards the podium and saw that the teacher had not yet arrived, so he pursed the corners of his lips and looked down to return the letter.

[Have an ear]: 4:50 back from class, is not miss you Han Bai? [Little fox coy]

[Fish]: Hmm.

Between a few messages, the professor had walked into the classroom.

Baihan Yu laughed and hurriedly replied, "Be good and wait for me at home," and then put away the phone.


At 4:50, Baihan Yu finished his class on time.

He went straight from school to his apartment. When he entered the door, there were Huan Lu's shoes in the foyer - Huan Lu was home too.

Baihan Yu immediately took a few steps upstairs, " Huan Lu!"

He pushed open his bedroom door to see Huan Lu standing at the window sill looking up at him. The deep gaze fell on him with heat, as if he wanted to say something.

"How ......" Baihan Yu just asked, the words suddenly stopped.

His eyes glanced at the small table top to the side.

On the table was a perpetual flower covered by a glass cover - dripping with a little brilliant gold dust, embellished with a few crystals, pure white tulips, budding in general.

Like hiding his name inside.

Baihan Yu's heart fluttered with surprise as she walked over and picked up the tulip for a closer look, "It's beautiful."

Huan Lu asked him, "Do you like it?"

Baihan Yu loved it, "Love it!"

Huan Lu reflected his figure in the bottom of his eyes, his eyes softened down, "Well, I like it too."

The tulip also represents purity and fidelity.

are the two feelings most precious to him.

He stood in the same place for a while, did not resist a fingertip to fall to the phone.

Baihan Yu was happily looking at the tulips on the other end. After putting them down and planning to take a shower, he turned his head to see Huan Lu snapping his cell phone on the table quickly.


"What are you doing sneaking around?" Baihan Yu slightly narrowed his eyes, "It's not like he's secretly filming you Han Bai, right?"

Huan Lu was all business, "No."

Baihan Yu's face was full of suspicion. Huan Lu put the phone back into his pocket and then asked, "Where are you going to put the eternal flowers, on the bedside table or the desk?"

His attention was immediately pulled away.

Baihan Yu looked around and finally pointed to the desk, "Put it on the desk, you can see it every day."

Huan Lu , "Hmm."

After placing that tulip on the table.

Baihan Yu took a change of clothes and turned his head to take a shower in the bathroom.

The bathroom door clanged shut -

Huan Lu leaned over the table, his ears finally couldn't hold back the slow dip of red. His eyes fell on the frosted glass of the bathroom for a few seconds, and then took out his cell phone.

The lock screen is unlocked and it is a picture of Baihan Yu.

In the photo, Baihan Yu is facing the camera sideways.

A dark background, that soft face looks more gripping, light lips slightly curved, thin eyelashes dropping, his gaze fell on the pure white flawless tulip in his hand.

Clean, bright and moving.

Huan Lu dropped his eyes for a while, and then clicked on the circle of friends.

His circle of friends is very clean, and even the dynamics are rarely posted. Only the photo of Baihan Yu on the background wall can reveal a little bit of his inner feelings.

Huan Lu's fingertips curled up, but he couldn't hold back the overflowing emotions and sent the photo...

A pure white tulip in bud.

And Baihan Yu, who belongs to him.

The photo was sent simply, without even a copy.

But as long as you see this dynamic people will know what it means - never cold circle of friends suddenly posted a picture of the object, or the classic boyfriend perspective.

Bright and shiny show of affection.

Huan Lu added the photo, and his fingertips fell on [Publish], his heart was dry. He glanced at the bathroom and finally blocked Baihan Yu with a hot face.

The moment the news was sent out, the comment section was really a flurry of activity.

[Jue Qi]: You can actually show love!

Huan Lu quickly slid out of his circle of friends.


Wait for Baihan Yu to come out of the shower.

The phone was sitting in front of his hand, he took it out and swiped it twice, then put it aside with pursed lips.

Baihan Yu casually asked, "What are you looking at?"

"It's nothing." Huan Lu's voice was slightly tight, and he finished by snapping the phone over again in a lustful manner.

Baihan Yu : ......???

You managed to get my attention.jpg

What are they up to again, Little Elk Land? It looks rather suspicious.

But it is estimated that direct questions can not be asked a result, Baihan Yu then sat on the small sofa, while wiping his head and casually brush the friends circle.

He brushed for a while and dried his head.

I was about to quit when I suddenly remembered I had an old number.

Now that the family is gone, he has also completely restored the identity of " Baihan Yu ", that account is not much use to stay, simply delete it.

Baihan Yu will cut the account over.

Account everything, he glimpsed a familiar avatar popping up in the dynamic alert, with a small red dot next to it.

Baihan Yu :?

Huan Lu just sent a circle of friends, how he did not brush see?

He glanced at Huan Lu's end, only to see that the other side looked as usual. He retracted his gaze with a faint suspicion and reached out to open his circle of friends.

The page swept up, and a photo suddenly jumped into Baihan Yu's eyes: it was taken from Huan Lu's point of view, and it was a beautiful shot.

Huan Lu stole a picture, and secretly sent a circle of friends.

Below you can also see Jue Qi's uproar: You can actually show your love!

Baihan Yu , "......"

His little face suddenly flushed: he said they Lu senior in the dog sneaky what! It turned out to be secretly filming him.

I can't believe I blocked him from sending a friend in person.

Really, is it so shy?

Baihan Yu's fingertips pause next to the circle of friends.

Then he looked up at Huan Lu, who had a strained face. After two seconds of looking, he suddenly smiled badly.

Then used the old number to click on the following.

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