Chapter 2: I was a student at the time

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"Yesterday was the seventh day of his life!!!"


The keyboard stopped tapping and Yu He got up from his desk in the faculty dormitory.

In the living room of a house less than sixty square feet and a wall away, the old-fashioned TV is still playing a lengthy poetry variety show, accompanied by the sound of rustling snow flakes when the signal is bad.

The couch is still the same as the one in the story, the refreshments, the cookie box, all still there.

But the clock on the wall was 8:09, and there were streetlights on outside, not late at night. It was the summer time, the air was damp and stuffy, moths were hovering under the lights, mosquitoes were flying low, and the rain had not yet fallen.

The teenager left the small study in the faculty dormitory and pushed the door out. The light and shadows slanted through the dirty window glass, making the whole space a little unreal, unreal better than the story he had just finished writing.

A young woman lying on the sofa, the air conditioning is turned down, she fell asleep covered with a coral fleece blanket, in front of a few tissues wiped tears and snot.

Yu He said, "Wake up."

"Well ......"

"Get up."

"Don't make any noise ...... I didn't sleep much at all ......" the young woman grunted sleepily and smacked her lips twice, "lie down a little longer ......"

Yu He was just about to say something else when the variety show in front of the TV started introducing old movies.

"There's a Brokeback Mountain in everyone's heart ......"

He paused his service to wake her up and took the remote control to change the channel.

Yu He hates homosexuality.

"Welcome viewers to our medical wellness segment -"

Change the station again. Yu He also hates doctors and hospitals.

"In the past, Zhuang Zhou dreamed as a butterfly, vivid butterfly also ......"

This time, let's not change it, with his taste, this can barely be used as a background sound.

Yu He put down the remote control board, glanced at the woman who was still lying on her back snoring, turned around and went inside the kitchen, opened the greasy refrigerator, her face was illuminated by the lighting.

He scanned the refrigerator several times, pulled out two eggs, a piece of ham, and found a bowl of overnight leftovers, then he raised his voice and asked the woman in the living room who was still sleeping, "Xue Xie, do you have any green onions here? I can't find any."

The woman didn't move.

"I'll make you Yangzhou fried rice."

After a moment of silence outside the house, Yu He looked back again and saw the young woman had somehow gotten off the couch and peeled over to the kitchen: "...... that'll be two eggs with a big piece of lunch meat."

And then hesitantly asked, "Will you do it?"

Yu He rolled up his sleeves, turned around and smiled warmly: "Sit outside and wait. It will be ready soon."

The woman named Xue Xie then wandered off to another room to hang around.

She saw the open computer in the study and sat down to browse through the word: " Yu He! Are you using me as a prototype?"

The range hood was loud and Yu He asked, "What?"

"I said--! Are you - taking me - as a prototype?" Xue Xie came out clutching his computer, "This, Mr. Xie from Ghost Story!"

"Oh." The teenager was quiet for a moment, cracked an egg and smiled, "Yeah. You're the person I imagined."

"Art comes from reality, Mr. Xie."

"But you wrote that you have a crush on me?"

"...... Art is different from reality, Mr. Xie."

But he lied in the last sentence.

He does have a crush on her.

Yu He and Xue Xie have known each other for more than ten years.

Xue Xie, who is five years older than him, is in her first year teaching choreography at Huzhou University's School of the Arts, and Yu He has become a student in her class.

When Xue Xie saw the roster of new choreographers, she surprised Yu He on WeChat: "No fucking coincidence! In the two choreography classes I'm teaching, there's actually a boy with the same name as you!"

At that time, Yu He was sitting in the window seat with his hand on his face, looking at the flashing lights outside the tarmac. He looked at the message from the girl he had been in love with for ten years and was just about to reply when a message came over the radio asking the crew to turn off their communication devices.

Yu He thought about it sideways, didn't reply to her and turned off the phone.

How can there be so many coincidences in this world?


He worked hard for it, of course.

-- a very different story from the one Yu He made up himself.

Not only was he not poor, but he was not ugly either. He was a handsome boy, the son of a pharmaceutical magnate, born with the golden key. His high school was abroad, but when he learned that Xue Xie had graduated from college with a teaching certificate and had become a lecturer at Huzhou University, Yu He spent less than half an hour thinking about it, and then went to the admissions website of Huzhou University's College of Arts in China.

A few months later, the Huzhou University Art Institute opened its doors.

However, the new official Xue Xie Xie, after all, is still too young to know the dangers of the workplace.

Liping Jiang, the counselor in charge of the first, second and third classes of freshmen choreographers, is a notorious oddball of the school. It is said that this person has no knowledge, no education, no cultivation, all by sleeping with the school board members to get a free job in the school. Mr. Jiang looks gorgeous and beautiful, and also does not put the shame of serving people with sex, all day long, in broad daylight and the school board to have an affair, and all the attractive female students female teachers have obvious hostility.

When Xue Xie rushed to class with her notebook, she saw Liping Jiang, with her red dress on the floor, occupying her podium and handing over notes to the new students.

"Excuse me, Ms. Jiang, the first class has already started ......" Xue Xie tried to remind her.

Who expected the other party waved a hand: "Wait a minute, the morning study time is too short, I still have the last two requirements not said."

I do not know if it is deliberately difficult, Liping Jiang's last two points spoke for fifteen or sixteen minutes before the end: "Well, I want to admonish is all this, do not delay your class. That ...... sorry, did not remember the new teacher what your last name, do a good job, do not be nervous."

Mr. Jiang stepped on five or six inches long scarlet heels and thumped away, the long skirt of Hong Kong style and ancient charm raised red waves proudly behind her, leaving Xue Xie gray-headed and honestly holding the computer to the podium.

It's fucking killing me.

Liping Jiang did not say it was okay, she said, Xue Xie really swallowed nervously.

Most of the students at the prestigious university have outstanding abilities and are not easy to convince, and they do not trust the young teachers as much as the old professors, not to mention that Liping Jiang also stomped Xue Xie in a sinister way before he left.

The group of human beings instantly understood, oh, so their class teacher, is a trainee teacher whose name is not even remembered by the counselor yet.

How can this be? Even though Xue Xie had three fires in her chest, she couldn't stop the drool of the students in a large classroom. It took only ten minutes for Xue Xie, a newcomer to the workplace, to go from being confident to stumbling, and then he started to get dizzy and weak at the feet.

So she didn't even notice the tall male student sitting in the last row of the large classroom, lazily spinning his pen and leaning back in his chair to watch her.

"Hello students, I'm your choreographer, my last name is Xue Xie . That ......"

The student didn't buy it: "Teacher, how old are you?"

"Would you like to order a cup of milk tea with us too, sister?"

"Teacher you look younger than me ......"

Xue Xie saw that the scene was getting out of hand, so he was at a loss for words and had to play hardball like a paper tiger: "Quiet! I will not mess with you. During your college years, you must not let down your youth and study hard. Besides, I'm very strict, I don't talk well, and the chances of failing a course for a student far exceed those of my other colleagues. You all grow a heart of your own and don't take my words seriously."

Yu He couldn't help but smile down, that smile fell to the corner of his lips, casually hooked -

She's a dumbass.

The students in the classroom were silent, looking at her like a monkey, some boys directly sighed, packed their bags and left directly.

"Hey! Classmate! You-"

"Teacher, I can't fail the class even if you're mean. I still have a date with my girlfriend, so I'll leave first."

"It's funny that Huzhou University would recruit this kind of intern who threatens people with failing the class to listen. Why are you leading our class and Professor Shen is in the next class? I'm going to write a letter of complaint to the principal, so I won't accompany you."

Xue Xie was embarrassed.

Although he calmly asked the students' names and deducted points for them with a small board, Xue Xie was obviously very upset and couldn't come back to his mind for half a day.

"Teacher, I'll do it."

When she could hardly hold her tears and almost fled, a boy's voice suddenly came from the last row of the classroom.

Xue Xie was so tortured that she didn't even realize how familiar that nice voice was, and was directly grateful to look for help.

Then she looked at the boy she hadn't seen in three years, and Xue Xie's mouth opened wide in a moment of surprise, without any image to speak of: "He, Yu He?!!!?"

The boy sat in front of the desk, his eyebrows fresh, hooked smile, thin lips very characteristic, some harsh, and some evil, like the "Infernal Affairs" teenager Liu Jianming raised his head to look at the drunk Mary that moment, with a young boy found prey when the hesitation, as well as the desire to feed.

He raised his eyebrows, "It's been a long time, Mr. Xie."


That's the way it is.

When she returned to the dormitory, Xue Xie couldn't hold it any longer and started to cry. Yu He liked her, but he was a bit of a mouthful and not very good at comforting her. I'll come out when you don't feel bad anymore and have dinner with you."

" Yu He, do you know how to coax people!!!"

"So do I have to finish the homework you assigned?"

"...... there you go."

But by the time Yu He finished writing the story, Xue Xie was already crying herself to sleep.

Shouted not wake up, he is not in a hurry.

Xue Xie first likes to eat and second likes to sleep. As long as she is given good food, she will be able to get up from bed nimbly. This will not change even if she becomes a college teacher.

Fifteen minutes later.

"...... What's this?"

Looking down at the slimy "fried rice with ham and eggs" he served, the boy could not save face and his pride was particularly high when he said to his teacher, "Don't you see, Yangzhou fried rice."

"You call this Yangzhou fried rice?"

"...... then you do not eat forget it, I order a take-out is fine." The boy stern face, picked up his phone, searched for a restaurant with the highest rating, however, still filling in the address for receiving meals, the doorbell of the faculty dorm rang.

Yu He lifted his almond eyes: "What. A colleague looking for you?"

"No, I haven't even gotten acquainted with them yet." Xue Xie put down his chopsticks and looked up at the clock, "At this hour, who could it be ......"

She said as she slipped on her slippers and ran to the entrance hall.

A few seconds later -

"Brother!" Xue Xie's surprised voice came from the door, "Why are you here? Aren't you working late today?"


A "brother" word, thunderbolt shocked the sky, Yu He originally some gangster, and some distracted lazy look instantly broken, countless dark memories in the lightning quickly ran through his reflex arc throughout.

He immediately got up and grabbed the disgraceful fried rice on the table and quickly headed for the kitchen trash can.

But it was too late, Xue Xie took her big brother into the house.

"Brother, I haven't had a chance to tell you yet... Yu He's back home, he's actually in my class now, he's sitting in the room, you two haven't seen each other for a long time, right? --Hey, Yu He!" Xue Xie called out to him, "Where are you going with your plate?"


Forget it.

Since they are all back home, they will always meet him again.

Yu He stood with his back to them, gathering up all the real emotions on his face, then he slowly turned back around with a gentle and graceful gesture.

Compared with the Xie family elder brother, who is a full thirteen years older in front of him, the aura seems to be no better.

He looked at the man whose eyebrows bore a strong resemblance to Xue Xie, the head of the Xie family.

Then the boy backhanded and pinched the back of his neck, watching over his eyebrows and pausing slightly: "Long time no see, Dr. Xie. ...... you seem ......"

He scrutinized him.

The man is still the same as before, his eyebrows are cold, his facial lines are sharp and hard, and he has a very aggressive facial profile. He has good eyes, similar to Xue Xie, a pair of peach blossom eyes, if anyone has such a pair of eyes will look very charming, but he is great, he hard interpretation of what is called the heart of the face, a thousand miles of peach blossom pond can be frozen by him into the basaltic ice, brother and sister is obviously the same eye, Xue Xie can be very delicate, but he is not charming at all, the pupil water is cold, condensed with the temperament of rejecting people to a thousand miles away, the whole person are The whole person appears cold, hard and tall.

Very domineering, very authoritarian / dictatorial temperament. Like a feudal dictatorship / family in the big boss, it is best to give his pale face with a set of aura very full of black velvet mink fur, and then the lapel with two warlord silver lanyards, that will be flush.

Yu He finally smiled warmly, but there was little laughter in his eyes:

"You seem to be as young as ever, quite young, not old."

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