Chapter 93: "No, don't do this, Sui Yan , you don't want to die, don't ......"

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Sui Yan felt Ting Meng's heart, but did not know how to express it, he embraced people more tightly, felt not enough, and gently kissed Ting Meng's side, still not enough ...... can be in the car, he can do the limit to so.

Ting Meng was embraced by Sui Yan, squinting and smiling, having found his direction, he was full of energy again, his previous fatigue was gone, but he didn't want to go back to the lab now, he and Sui Yan were free, he just wanted to be by Sui Yan's side, to be with him, to be tired of him, whatever was good.

Bing Zhao glanced at the rearview mirror, and never looked again, in the eyes of Ting Meng and Sui Yan, he is probably a blind, no, or a deaf, can not hear Ting Meng so loudly kiss Sui Yan's voice ......

In fact, Bing Zhao was wrong. In Ting Meng's eyes, he was probably transparent, and all Ting Meng could think about was Sui Yan and his perfume, and he couldn't think about anything other than them.

When the car stopped in front of Yan's house, Bing Zhao continued to drive the car to the basement parking garage, Ting Meng looked back at the car and only then did he remember that there were people other than him and Sui Yan in the car.

"Bing Zhao was driving very carefully, so he must not have seen or heard it." Ting Meng said to Sui Yan, and also to himself. Ting Meng said to Sui Yan and also to himself, but his cheeks still slightly reddened, he looked at Sui Yan and felt that the reason was quite sufficient, "It's because you are too good-looking and the proposal is too good, I just can't hold back."

"Didn't hold back what?" Sui Yan asked casually as she led Ting Meng inside.

"I couldn't resist kissing you," Ting Meng said, sweeping Sui Yan's lips again, he came closer, his voice lowered, but his tone was a bit more serious, "We haven't made out for days ...... "

"Why can't we be busy working and still make out too?"

For Ting Meng, this is probably a fish and bear's paw is not both troubles, but the average person is also troubles, it is difficult to be so frank as he said.

Before Sui Yan could answer anything, Ting Meng asked again, "I can't, but you can't either?"

It's hard for him to juggle two important things, but his Sui Yan can, right?

"It's not no, it's no," Sui Yan seriously corrected Ting Meng's words and at the same time pulled the man to a halt as he lowered his head and kissed Ting Meng, muffling his growing doubts and smoothing out his feverish heart a little.

After the kiss, Sui Yan let go of her, but did not take Ting Meng directly back upstairs, they went for a walk together in the backyard, the winter sun was very comfortable, Ting Meng has been in the laboratory, it is time to get some sun.

Ting Meng was so dizzy from the kiss that they walked a long way without him coming back to his senses, and Sui Yan waited patiently until Ting Meng's mind was all back before he spoke, "In the evening, we are going to a party."

"Hmm?" Ting Meng doubted and snuggled into Sui Yan's arms again. Although he was wearing a lot of clothes, he felt warmer and safer in Sui Yan's arms.

"It's the Ho family's party, Ho ...... dad is planning to return to the Ho family, and we're accompanying them."

Yue He showed up, so naturally Yu Yan will also show up together, they have lived in Yan House for so long, he and Ting Meng should also accompany to attend.

"Oh, I know," Ting Meng nodded. It should be said that Ting Meng was the first person in the family to know that Yue He was going back to He's house.

Yue He asked Ting Meng why he was willing to go back to the Xiao family. Ting Meng didn't talk to anyone else, but was willing to talk to Yue He, and told Yue He that he was willing because the Xiao family would allow him to protect Sui Yan better.

On the contrary, Yue He also thought so, knowing that Yu Yan would be in danger, but he could not do anything, his heart was more anxious than anyone else, even if he got back on his feet, so what, Yu Yan is not there, his legs are meaningless.

He told Ting Meng that he knew about it and thought about it for two more days before telling Yu Yan and calling Sui Yan.

If Yu Yan had to have this fate, he wanted them to take full initiative.

Sui Yan smiled slightly, he really did not know that Ting Meng already knew their plan, he reached out and covered Ting Meng's ears, "Did father He tell you?"

"Yeah," Ting Meng nodded, then his eyes narrowed slightly again, his head leaned on Sui Yan's shoulder, not willing to go at all, he was really feeling sleepy this time.

Sui Yan rubbed Ting Meng's face again, then turned around and said, "I'll carry you back."

"Okay," Ting Meng answered, and then plopped down on Sui Yan's back and continued to close his eyes as he muttered twice, "It's a busy night, so you should sleep with me now, okay."

"Okay," Sui Yan responded.

Ting Meng was carried by Sui Yan all the way back to the bedroom, then undressed and made out. Ting Meng's requests were all exceeded by Sui Yan, and the two slept from 4pm to 7pm before waking up.

After washing and dressing, I went downstairs at 7:30, Yu Yan and Yue He were waiting for me.

Ting Meng left red cheeks, a look at them back in the afternoon is to know what to do, but no one in the family to take this point to tease Sui Yan or Ting Meng, for Sui Yan is not dare, and Ting Meng said too shallow, he simply do not understand, said directly, he is expected to be justified to admit, then what is considered a joke.

"Papa He looks so good today," Ting Meng said, grabbing two snacks in her hand before complimenting Yue He.

"Iris is the one who looks good," Yue He smiled gently at his words, and the feeling of being elegant like bamboo was indeed pleasing to the eye.

Sui Yan and Yu Yan both nodded, but each nodded to a different person.

Sui Yan was also stuffed with two pieces of snacks by Ting Meng, and then they got into the car separately and headed to He's house.

The He family is really low-profile these years, is a banquet, invited people will not be too many, but this time the old man almost will be posted to the whole Sea City's gentry have sent once, and even some media also invited.

Sui Yan Ting Meng four people arrived, the time is a little late, to the ooze crowded a lot, they have a bodyguard escort in front of the front and back, some of the family head to arrive also less such a row, but they are still very eye-catching, Yu Yan pushed Yue He, followed by Sui Yan and Ting Meng.

Master He saw from afar, instantly old tears, so did Mrs. He, her heart is biased again, Yue He is also the oldest son born from her womb, can see him back alive, probably God is forgiving her it.

"Yue A, A Yu ......," Mrs. He called out, their identities were revealed, plus Yu Yan and Yue He names are not too unfamiliar in the Sea City noble circle, some of the older generation, so they knew who they were as soon as they heard them The first time I heard their names, I knew who they were.

"It's good to be back, it's good to be back," chanted Master He. He came forward and grabbed Yue He's hand, but his body was still trembling|shaking, he looked at Yue He's leg, his tears were not controlled at all.

But he still turned around again, looked at the many media and arriving guests, and said with uncontrollable sobs, "This is my oldest son, Yue He, who is back."

"Father ......" Yue He called out in a low voice, obviously not as excited compared to the two elderly members of the He family.

He was not thrilled back then, before he was recognized by his mother, he had loving adoptive parents, a hairdresser, classmates and a lover, he was not lacking for anything, the He family was just a few more relatives to him.

But he was too naive to know the horror of human nature of the human heart, he recognized his relatives who hated him to the bone in, not only did not get a few more relatives, but also lost those that he originally counted as beautiful, and even his health.

Now he is not excited, it is because he has suffered too much doom, except Yu Yan, no one can make him too much emotional ups and downs.

They walked from the living room door, all the way into the living room, a short walk, for quite a while, with people celebrating with Master He and greeting Yu Yan Sui Yan all the way.

After they had a round of toast, Yu Yan continued to follow Master He, Sui Yan tilted her head and said to Ting Meng, "You stay here with Father He, I'm looking for Grandpa Zhong for something."

Ting Meng took a look at Sui Yan and then at Yue He before he nodded, "Well, I'll protect Papa He."

Compared to Sui Yan, who is healthy and handy, it is Yue He who seems to need more protection.

Ting Meng pushed Yue He to a corner and he accompanied Yue He to talk. As for Yu Yan he stayed with Master He, he came to toast instead of Yue He and announced his and Yue He's return to the crowd.

Both Yue He and Ting Meng's eyes follow the person they want to look at, and the tenderness under their eyes is something they can't hide.

Yue He withdrew his gaze from Yu Yan and glanced at the watch on his wrist. Then he turned his head to look at Ting Meng and said, "Ting Ting, please push me back to my room."

Master He has also arranged rooms for Yue He and Yu Yan in the He residence, and he even hopes that both Yue He and Yu Yan can come to live in the He house in the future, as the Yan family already has Sui Yan, but the He family only has Yue He, and it is more appropriate for them to come here.

Ting Meng glanced at Yue He, nodded, just assume he was sleepy, usually Yue He mostly sleep at this time, there toast can not be finished for a while.

Ting Meng looked at Sui Yan again, and when he saw Sui Yan nodding to him, he smiled back, before getting up and pushing Yue He to his room in He's house.

"Wait, unlock the door and let's ......"

Before Yue He could fully finish his sentence, a gunshot first shook their ears, then there was an increasingly noisy scream.

Ting Meng was already planning to leave Yue He's room to look for Sui Yan, so he didn't hesitate any more. He ran out of the room in a few steps, closed the door behind him, and then searched for Sui Yan in the crowd.

His heart was beating fast, his face controlled some pale, and even that feeling of being caught in a nightmare and having trouble breathing was pressed over.

When he pushed through the crowd and saw Sui Yan lying in a pool of blood, he used the last of his strength to get to Sui Yan's side.

" Sui Yan , Sui Yan ......" Ting Meng sat on his knees in front of Sui Yan, his hands raised and raised, but he did not dare to touch the person for a moment, he was breathing hard and could not accept the look, so that the surrounding shrieks were silenced.

He slowly held Sui Yan in his arms, he reached out to cover Sui Yan's blood-stained area, but there was no way, the blood still soaked through Sui Yan's clothes, "No, don't do this, Sui Yan, you don't want to die, don't ...... "

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