Chapter 84: You dare to touch Nuo Nuo's man?

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But now he lectured Zilu Xiao in black, without any euphemism, "Is that what second uncle and second aunt taught you?"

"I ...... I just ......"

Zilu Xiao's eyes were filled with tears of aggression and frustration, but before she could say anything, she was snapped at by Zimo Xiao.

His voice was lower than before, but colder, "What are you thinking, do you think I do not know? Do not say whether Sui Yan will be seduced by you|, you dare to touch Nuo Nuo's man?"

Huimin Xiao Zhou Ning will not let her go, even he and Ziang Xiao will not let her go, she can be their cousin under the wings, but that is if she does not violate their taboos.

"I... I didn't." Zilu Xiao blushed and shyly, the word "seduce", how could Zimo Xiao apply to her.

She was just attracted, she couldn't help it, she couldn't help it, no matter what she thought in her heart, she didn't hurt Ting Meng at all, right? How could Zimo Xiao have taught her so badly?

"Have you got it in your own heart, go downstairs and don't let me kick you out of the old mansion."

Zimo Xiao's tone of voice and attitude indicate that he is not joking, Zilu Xiao feels even more aggrieved, but also dare not say more, she turned around and went down to the second floor, her eyes met with Zhou Ning who just came upstairs, and tears fell down.

Zhou Ning frowned slightly, she didn't understand what was going on, so she didn't say anything about her.

"What's wrong, Nuo Nuo is not asleep and not coming to dinner?"

Zhou Ning asked Zimo Xiao and hesitated to knock on the door for fear of waking up Ting Meng.

Zimo Xiao had nothing to hide from Zhou Ning. He pulled Zhou Ning aside and told Zhou Ning about Zilu Xiao's unauthorized entry into Ting Meng's room, and immediately Zhou Ning's face turned bad.

"Heh, she still has the face to cry to me."

Not to mention that today is her birthday, just Ting Meng and Sui Yan back, is a big event, Zilu Xiao crying and crying what is it.

"Xiao family main house or I and waving the people when it is, but I am too good temper some."

Zhou Ning said she did not continue to stand in front of the third floor, she turned around and went downstairs, criticized Zilu Xiao to her face, then had someone send her out of the old mansion, even her sister Ziyue Xiao did not stay, before she ordered to call Sui Yan and Ting Meng's maid, also dealt with.

If she and Huimin Xiao can't give Ting Meng the security she deserves as a family, then they are too much of a failure as parents.

He looked at Sui Yan, and after a while, he came up again, "I knew it, they are coveting you, you are mine."

Every time he goes to a party with Sui Yan, he receives some dangerous messages. It is obvious that he and Sui Yan are married and have a good relationship, but some people can't get over Sui Yan.

He looked at Sui Yan and became even more upset, "Did she look at you too? Hum ......"

Ting Meng's chin rested on Sui Yan's shoulder, his cheeks puffed out slightly, and the more he thought about it, the more angry he became.

Sui Yan was originally quite angry, but Ting Meng was not happy, and he could not let him be so, "No matter, tomorrow we will go back to Sea City." The Xiao family side of the messy relatives, can not contact, not contact.

"Well," Ting Meng nodded, he also felt safer in Sea City, his arm around Sui Yan's waist, he said seriously, "Let's not separate until we get home."

"Okay," Sui Yan agreed, but after being barged in by Zilu Xiao, Sui Yan was also uneasy, even though there were still Ting Meng's mom, dad and brothers here, it was still not a place to be at ease.

"Let's go down to dinner and I'll nap with you when we get back."

Sui Yan and Ting Meng came out of the room, Zimo Xiao was still waiting at the door, he looked slightly guilty, " Sui Yan, Nuo Nuo, we did not discipline people well, mom has arranged a car to send them away."

"Oh," Ting Meng nodded in response, but he didn't know what else to respond to.

They walked past two steps and Ting Meng looked back at Zimo Xiao, "Second brother, have you eaten?"

"No," Ting Meng and Sui Yan hadn't even started eating, so naturally he wouldn't go and eat first himself, but he also understood what Ting Meng meant when she asked him that, even though Zilu Xiao had made him feel unhappy, Ting Meng didn't take it out on him.

Zimo Xiao realized this, happy and guilty, he followed the footsteps, said Ting Meng completely baffled, " Nuo Nuo such a soft heart is not good ......"

"Is it bad to do this to the second brother?" Ting Meng then asked again, his eyes were very serious, if he wanted to be angry, of course he could be angry, but he did not want to make Zhou Ning's birthday unhappy, nor did he want to anger Zimo Xiao who was still good to him.

Ting Meng's eyes were too clean and too serious, Zimo Xiao suddenly froze for a moment when he met such a gaze, and a slight tangle appeared in his eyes, he did not know how to answer Ting Meng's question, or did not want to answer this question.

Sui Yan turned around and brought Ting Meng with her to help Zimo Xiao answer this question.

"I can't say whether it's good or not, you just have to be willing." To be able to do Ting Meng active heart soft, in fact, is not easy.

"Well," Ting Meng nodded at his words, the seriousness and doubt on his face dissipating as he added, "I'm still willing to do it for my mother and second brother."

He and Sui Yan are still walking ahead, but Zimo Xiao, who is two steps behind them, is touched by the fact that he was not even given a bite of cake when he first met Ting Meng at the Yan residence.

Zhou Ning was so angry on the first floor that even Huimin Xiao couldn't coax her, but Ting Meng came downstairs and called out "mommy", and Zhou Ning automatically made the rain come down and was so gentle.

Master Xiao also came out of the study, and saw them in harmony.

They went to the table to eat and were almost finished when Elder Xiao realized that two people were missing from the table, "Where are those two girls?"

Ting Meng's mouth was still stuffed with rice, so she couldn't answer. Zhou Ning gave Ting Meng two more meat dishes before she answered Elder Xiao's question, "She was sent back to her second brother's house by me."

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

After lunch, Ting Meng and Sui Yan planned to take a walk downstairs and then take a nap, it was cold outside and it was said to snow, so they didn't go outside.

Master Xiao didn't leave either, after he found out what was going on from his housekeeper, he called his second son Xuanmin Xiao and scolded him, spitting and looking quite frightened.

Everyone else consciously avoided Elder Xiao, on Ting Meng still standing still, still staring at Elder Xiao fiercely.

The old man Xiao put down the phone, turned back on the line of sight of Ting Meng, and his eyes still with some fierce gas failed to converge.

"Grandpa speaks really loudly on the phone ......" Ting Meng commented, then he added another admonition, "You're old, don't get angry all the time, it's not good for your health."

He suddenly found that Ting Meng talking to him like this was even worse than him talking back to him, and he gave a rough "hmm" in his voice, not realizing that Ting Meng hadn't let him go yet.

"You also need to smile more, good mood, good health."

"Well," Elder Xiao responded again, and then hooked up a very scary smile.

Ting Meng did not feel much awful to see that Elder Xiao was still obedient, he was happy, he nodded, "Grandpa is only good like this."

After he had "educated" people, he immediately turned around to look for Sui Yan, he took two steps to Sui Yan, and then held Sui Yan's hand, "I'm sleepy, let's go take a nap."

"Good," Sui Yan responded, then he nodded to Elder Xiao, Zhou Ning and the others, and took Ting Meng upstairs.

And with an inexplicable mood, Master Xiao went back to his own house, where he also went to take a nap. Probably he can understand why Sui Yan favors Ting Meng and Huimin Xiao Zhou Ning also favors Ting Meng.

At around 6:00 p.m., the Xiao family's direct descendants in North City, except for the Zilu Xiao sisters who were driven away by Zhou Ning, all the others came.

But one thing is strange, they have not seen Huimin Xiao and Zhou Ning for a while, they should have come down to talk to the people, but the banquet has started for a while, only their two sons are still in the reception.

"I heard that it is the youngest son of the Xiao family head to find back, it is estimated that in a while should bring ......"

No sooner had they finished their discussion than Zhou Ning appeared at the stairway with Ting Meng on his arm, followed by Huimin Xiao and Sui Yan, who stopped in their tracks two or three steps from the first floor and Huimin Xiao opened his mouth.

"Thank you all for coming to celebrate my wife's birthday, and I also have good news to announce, this is my wife and I's third son, Zinuo Xiao, and this is Nuo Nuo's partner, Sui Yan."

After Huimin Xiao's words, Ziang Xiao and Zimo Xiao led the applause, then the crowd followed suit and said some words of blessing.

They did not see Elder Xiao come out together, and there was still some doubt in their hearts, but only when they turned around, they found that Elder Xiao had already appeared in the middle of the hall, and he opened his mouth again to Huimin Xiao to add a sentence.

"If there is any conflict between Zinuo and Sui Yan in the future, please bear with me."

Huimin Xiao opened his mouth, and so did Elder Xiao, so it was a foregone conclusion that Ting Meng would be recognized as a member of the Xiao family, and they continued to walk down the aisle, toasting and exchanging pleasantries. The mothers of the North City aristocracy were familiar with Ting Meng and Sui Yan.

Ting Meng was being held by Zhou Ning and had to look back at Sui Yan several times before long. Zhou Ning had no choice but to let go of Ting Meng and let him go back to Sui Yan's side in the second half.

Ting Meng also looked serious all the time, he felt more at ease for this kind of occasion, only at Sui Yan's side.

After walking around, Sui Yan opened her mouth and Huimin Xiao Zhou Ning said, "I'll take Iris to get something to eat."

"Go ahead," Zhou Ning agreed, and the Ting Meng and Sui Yan part of the party was over, so it was time to give them some free time.

Ting Meng and Sui Yan hadn't eaten for long before the maid came to invite them to Master Xiao's study again.

When they entered the door, Xuanmin Xiao was scolded by Master Xiao and came out with a grimace. When he saw Sui Yan and Ting Meng, his face looked two more times worse.

"It's not something else, it's Zhenbo Yan who sent me a message back."

The matter of re-investigating the kidnapping case of the year, certainly can not be concealed from Master Xiao, told him to know that it was Meixuan Yu sent Ting Meng to the Orphanage, Master Xiao said that he came to contact Zhenbo Yan, to let him give him an account.

The time is not short, Zhenbo Yan also finally replied to the letter, Elder Xiao remembered that Sui Yan is also present, let people call him over. Of course, Ting Meng came along with him, as expected, because he was the one involved, and he had the right to know what happened back then.

Sui Yan and Ting Meng sat down and waited for Elder Xiao to speak, but Elder Xiao wasn't going to say it now, "Wait a little longer."

He not only had Sui Yan Ting Meng called, but also Zhou Ning Huimin Xiao, as well as Xuanmin Xiao and Xiaoyu Wei, who had just gone out to call his daughter-in-law and come in together, as instructed by Elder Xiao.

"Dad, because of Lulu, you scolded me on the phone, just lectured again, and now you let me and Shinya come in ...... you."

He doesn't understand how Zilu Xiao, who was just a little short-sighted and shallow-eyed, provoked the eldest family's baby bump, has to be lectured like this, and now he has to be lectured again in front of his daughter-in-law, his brother, sister-in-law, and even the younger generation.

"Who said this thing to you ......" Xiao Laozi eyes narrowed, Xuanmin Xiao is still discontent in his heart, but also dare not say more.

"Shinya, for the sake of you calling me dad for so many years, I'll give you a chance to make your own move, speak for yourself!"

Xiaoyu Wei looks about the same age as Zhou Ning, and even when she came in, she was holding Zhou Ning's hand, and the two of them looked very intimate, and before Elder Xiao said this, her hand was still on Zhou Ning's arm.

Zhou Ning is indeed angry with Zilu Xiao coveted Sui Yan, but she is angry with Xuanmin Xiao, nor did she want to anger Xiaoyu Wei, because she only had two daughters, these years not less aggravated, naturally not many people dare to give her face, but behind the scenes, the sarcasm will not be less, she can not get over the hurdle in her own heart, people It looks a bit gloomy and timid.

Zhou Ning has a righteous spirit in her bones, when she attended parties in the early years, she would help Xiaoyu Wei to speak, Xiaoyu Wei is also very grateful to her, the relationship between sisters-in-law is not particularly good, but all along Zhou Ning did not feel any problem.

But at this time Xiao Laozi this question out, Zhou Ning whole body shivered a jolt, she looked at their own hands, looking at Xiaoyu Wei, the body some micro can not control the trembling|shiver.

Xiaoyu Wei bowed his head, the corners of his mouth warm smile, a little dissipated, "Dad, what are you saying, Xiaoyu can not understand, Lulu and Yue Yue know wrong."

Seeing that she is still not half repentant, Master Xiao will not give another chance, his hand on the table heavily tapped, Xiaoyu Wei's face immediately and two ugly, but she still did not speak, still holding that one millionth of a fluke.

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