Chapter 82: "I love you and only you the most, so there's no need to be jealous."

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Ting Meng liked Sui Yan touching him, how to like, he was rubbing his hair, his eyes were also staring at Sui Yan's chin, blinking from time to time, also do not know what is thought of, cheeks more than some red, but in the end remembered that there is a front seat driving Zhao Bing, did not say something or do something.

Sui Yan thought about something and lowered his head again, meeting Ting Meng's gaze, he looked slightly puzzled, and his hand rubbing Ting Meng's hair also stopped. He pursed his lips, wanting to laugh again, but also inexplicably aroused, Ting Meng this suspicious expression of discontent, really cute and delicious.

But after being stared at for a long time, Sui Yan couldn't stand Ting Meng looking at him like this. His hand moved from Ting Meng's hair to his cheek, squeezing it lightly twice before covering his eyes.

Ting Meng was covered eyes, cheeks slightly drummed, some dissatisfaction, "I am not sleepy, I just want to see you ah."

"Good boy, you can look at it when we get home." Sui Yan heard the hand continue to cover did not leave, and lowered his head coaxed a sentence.

Ting Meng thought about it for a while, thinking that Sui Yan probably really felt sorry for him because he was tired from running the factory, so he was determined to let him close his eyes to rest. Although he still wanted to see Sui Yan, he finally resisted.

"Then I'll go home and watch it for a long time ......"

"Okay," Sui Yan simply answered, his palm was Ting Meng's sleeping eyelashes gently fluttering, that strange feeling also spread to the bottom of his heart, let his whole person followed the soft down.

Sui Yan has been savoring this feeling of love since he met Ting Meng. Even the simplest glance at Ting Meng can cause his body to react uncontrollably, wanting to kiss, wanting more intimate contact, anytime and anywhere.

Front seat driving Zhao Bing, occasionally inadvertently glance at the rearview mirror, are going to have a toothache for a long time, but the pain is hurting, and get used to it.

Ting Meng slept for almost an hour in the middle, and when he woke up again, he sat up, leaning against Sui Yan's shoulder, occasionally looking up to steal a glance at Sui Yan, he did not understand why Sui Yan suddenly did not let him look at it.

The car finally stopped, and they finally arrived home.

Ting Meng got out of the car after, but before he could take two steps away from the door, his eyes were glued to Sui Yan, and he said happily, "Now I can see you, I want to see you."

These days Sui Yan is too busy, Ting Meng just wants to stick to him, but also knows how to behave and knows how to care for people. Now that Sui Yan is done, he can finally feel free to see him again, stick to him, and occasionally pester him again.

Ting Meng's cheeks were a little flushed again, which looked unusually good in the orange light of the doorway.

Sui Yan's heart was indisputably beating twice more, he held Ting Meng's hand tighter, finally did not hold back, or rather, he finally could not hold back, he let go of Ting Meng's hand, one hand around his waist, one hand on the back of his neck, lowered his head and kissed Ting Meng's lips.

Ting Meng's eyes widened slightly, but then narrowed again, he actually wanted to kiss Sui Yan for a long time, but it was inconvenient in Li Jia Village and in the car, his hands were on Sui Yan's waist, his lips were slightly open, and he responded to Sui Yan very passionately.

And Sui Yan, who originally only wanted a shallow taste, his scalp slightly tingled and his body stiffened, and it took great fortitude for him to let go of Ting Meng, whose hand he held again, pulling the person inside and not speaking again.

Ting Meng's was so dizzy from the kiss that Sui Yan pulled him away, so he did, but his eyes still fell on Sui Yan, and the emotions aroused in those eyes were unstoppable, as strong as a pot of mellow wine, with a strength that would make people drunk to death.

Wang Ma and Xiao Bo came out to greet him, but Sui Yan only nodded, and Ting Meng ignored anyone other than Sui Yan the whole time, and he was led by Sui Yan all the way back to his room before he seemed to come to his senses.

He looked at Sui Yan and asked, puzzled, "Aren't we going to have dinner?"

Although it is now almost eight o'clock, on the way they also bought something to eat, but still not considered to eat dinner it.

Sui Yan pulled his tie and untied it first, then took off his jacket, that is, the shirt buttons also unbuttoned a few together, he walked towards Ting Meng sitting on the bed, the momentum is quite aggressive.

Ting Meng is not unaware of things nowadays, Sui Yan undress, he knows what they are going to do next.

As Sui Yan approached, Ting Meng crawled in again, gulping gently and rolling the knot in his throat twice, but he looked at Sui Yan without flinching, and he even took the initiative to reach out and pull Sui Yan a little.

"You haven't taken off your pants yet?" Ting Meng said, looking down at himself, also began to undress himself, but Sui Yan's kiss has already fallen, hot and with the feeling of urgency|, this way, Sui Yan is probably too hard to bear.

Ting Meng was kissed by Sui Yan and couldn't care less about undressing. He hugged Sui Yan back and responded with renewed enthusiasm, even using all the techniques he had learned and could use.

The more they kiss, the more they breathe, and the heat from their bodies is quite hot. Ting Meng holds Sui Yan's shoulders, half lying on the pillow, and no longer suppressing those intermittent and unconscious whispers between his mouth and teeth, his eyes half squinting, already completely sunken into this drenching love affair.

The tingling sensation spread upward from his tailbone to the top of his head, and downward to his toes curling slightly. His body was completely adapted to Sui Yan, which made him move extremely fast each time.

The two of them fought from the head of the bed to the end of the bed, and then spread the battlefield to the bathroom. Ting Meng's legs were too weak to stand, and Sui Yan used more strength, but her face and expression were still very good.

For him, the lovemaking with Ting Meng was more than any rest of sleep.

In the double bathtub, Ting Meng is half-paralyzed on Sui Yan's body, allowing him to move his hands and feet and clean up after him. Ting Meng is still soft and docile, both physically and mentally.

Sui Yan washed him and occasionally gave him a kiss on a random place on his face.

He helped the person up, then dried Ting Meng's body and carried her back to the bed. He got another hair dryer and dried Ting Meng's hair, and only then did he start to tidy himself up.

After Ting Meng probably came back to his senses, he felt the uncontrollable soreness and weakness of his body, he didn't want to move at all, the only thing that was moving was his eyes, following Sui Yan at all times. Only when Sui Yan left his sight would he turn his head to look for someone else.

Sui Yan got himself ready and sat back on the side of the bed, meeting Ting Meng's gaze, he couldn't help but smile and lowered his head to kiss him on the lips again, "What do you want to eat, I'll bring it up to you."

Ting Meng wrapped his arms around Sui Yan's neck with some recovered strength, and he tilted his head in thought for a moment before he said, "I want to eat that small noodle again, I used to have a female doctor in my lab, she cooks delicious noodles ......"

"Oh?" Sui Yan softly wondered, it was the first time he heard from Ting Meng what he had met in his previous life. Although he knew it was impossible, he was still nervous in his heart.

"She liked another female doctor, and whenever she was free, she would cook it and then the rest of us would all get to eat a bowl together."

Ting Meng dislikes the Meng family, but has little ill feeling towards the others in the lab base, although he doesn't interact with them much, but those people are there, making him feel that it is not another closed high school.

"I wonder if they will still have the chance to meet this time ......" Ting Meng said and suddenly worried a little.

Meng family's experimental base is after his arrival, only gradually have that kind of scale, recently Meng family many companies bankruptcy closed, even if not, they may not still choose Meng family Perfume company up.

"Are they married?" Sui Yan asked again, if there was really a marriage, it was not impossible for him and Ting Meng to create another opportunity.

However Ting Meng shook his head, "I do not know, she only told me that she likes her, chase did not chase did not tell me, anyway, there are noodles to eat I'm quite over happy ...... how?"

Ting Meng look Sui Yan eyebrows suddenly raised, can not be that they have actually been together, but he did not see?

Sui Yan suspects that the female doctor likes Ting Meng himself, Ting Meng simply can not eat anything spicy, not to take care of him, how can every time to his taste. But these are all things from a past life, he has no way to pursue, really go to investigate more inexplicable.

He got up and took his clothes, dressed Ting Meng, and then carried him downstairs. He put Ting Meng on the sofa before he spoke again, "Wait, I'll cook it for you."

Sui Yan also does not know what he cares, but that woman because of a bowl of noodles let Ting Meng remember until now, his heart still slightly care, this care is too unreasonable some, then he can only use his cooked noodles, re-covered Ting Meng's layer of memory to go.

Otherwise Ting Meng every time she eats noodles, she has to think of that woman ...... Yes, that's it, he doesn't want Ting Meng to think of anyone other than him, even if it's someone she knew in her last life and has no interactions with in this life.

When Ting Meng reacted, she only saw Sui Yan's back walking away.

He looked at her for a while before turning around and asking Manjia Yan, who had been ignored several times, "What's wrong with Sui Yan?"

Manjia Yan rolled her eyes towards the ceiling at the word, she twisted her body and turned back slightly breathlessly.

"You have to tell me what's wrong with you guys before I can help you analyze what's wrong with Sui Yan." This sudden question, how could she know ah.

Ting Meng think is this truth, but then his cheeks and red, he and Sui Yan did not how, is slightly some do not know how to restrain the lovemaking several, "we that ...... do|love after ...... "

After this, Ting Meng's words also smoothly, he continued, " Sui Yan asked me what I want to eat, I said I want to eat noodles, mentioned the person who makes noodles very well, then Sui Yan carried me down and said he would cook it for me ...... "

Manjia Yan heard the old face also followed the red, her eyes back to the TV, and then give Ting Meng answer.

"What else can it be, jealous."

She looked and spoke calmly, but inside she was roaring, Ting Meng and her words are no longer as pure as stuffed sugar, but simply to show her old man ah.

"Oh ......" Ting Meng responded, but then he was even more puzzled, "But why, I love Sui Yan the most."

Manjia Yan felt that she could not stay in this living room, she looked back at Ting Meng's puzzled and sweet look, slightly crying and laughing, she mulled over the words, "women are jealous for no reason, so are men, you just know that Sui Yan is jealous because he likes you. "

Ting Meng recognized this, nodding and complimenting Manjia Yan, "Well, auntie is really smart."

Manjia Yan's gaze fell on Ting Meng's unbroken neck, her root also reddened, she put down the remote control and stood up, "I suddenly have some ideas, I'm going to the drawing room, you see."

"Okay," Ting Meng didn't feel that he was the one who showed Manjia Yan off, he nodded obediently and then gave Manjia Yan a word of encouragement, "Go for it, Auntie."

"Okay," Manjia Yan agreed, and it dawned on her that Ting Meng and Sui Yan had such a good relationship, and Ting Meng was the one who was the most crucial.

Ting Meng sat by himself on the sofa watching TV, not feeling bored, with Rhubarb and Hairball accompanying him, and soon Sui Yan came back with a big pot of noodles, which looked delicious.

" Sui Yan , you are amazing!"

Ting Meng wrapped his arms around Sui Yan's neck and now gave him a kiss on the cheek, aiding his expression of awe.

He felt that one kiss was not enough, and kissed several times one after another, "It's really good." His Sui Yan can do anything well.

The corners of Sui Yan's mouth hooked slightly as he pulled Ting Meng to the table and sat down, giving him another bowl, "Try it."

"Delicious!" Ting Meng began to boast before he even tasted it, and when he tasted it in his mouth, he boasted even more, "It's so good, it's the best little noodle I've ever eaten."

"Well," Sui Yan nodded, he had tasted it first in the kitchen and it still tasted good before he served it, but Ting Meng liked it and he felt more accomplished, no less than he felt when he achieved something on a company project.

As for him running to the kitchen and scaring Wang Ma and the others, there's no need to mention much about it. Ting Meng reaction told him it was totally worth it to cook this noodle.

"You can't eat spicy food these days, and when you can, I'll add a little bit more."

"Okay, you eat too."

Ting Meng responded, eating noodles and looking up at Sui Yan from time to time, with arched eyebrows and in a very good mood.

Sui Yan nodded and ate along with her.

A large pot of noodles, two people eat all, Ting Meng clutching his stomach, full of satisfaction, he looked at Sui Yan, as if he would glow, he felt that the world's beautiful words used to describe Sui Yan are not enough.

Sui Yan's gaze lifted and locked eyes with Ting Meng, whose eyes blinked and bent again before telling Sui Yan what he had been thinking on the couch earlier, "I love you and only you the most, so there's no need to be jealous."

The only person he has ever loved in his two lives is Sui Yan, and it is impossible for him to love anyone else after that.

Sui Yan met Ting Meng's gaze and moved a little closer, Ting Meng leaned over and their lips gently touched before they separated again.

Manjia Yan, who felt that they should have finished eating or were still eating, and that there was nothing inconvenient, drifted weakly back to the drawing room again, feeling that it was quite necessary for her to move to the side building like Yu Yan and the others.

But the side building where Yu Yan and Yue He live, she definitely can't go to the party, so she will have to ask Uncle Xiao to arrange for someone to build her two more floors of the house over there in the grove, which is good to be used only as a painting studio.

After Ting Meng and Sui Yan finished eating, they went for a walk for a while before going back upstairs. The next day, he sent Ting Meng to the lab and stayed there for half a day before he went to the office again.

Sui Yan not only tried such dishes as small noodles, but also Ting Meng's favorite dishes like minced pork and eggplant and braised chicken wings, which he could cook.

And was frightened of Wang Ma and other people, scared and scared, they are used to it. Their family head for the family head of the wife just wash their hands for soup, very very common!

It needs to be heard the other way around, and there are probably some people in Sea City who would be shocked if it were really released.

Ting Meng occasionally posts photos of hairballs and rhubarb to his circle of friends, and this day he posted the braised chicken wings that Sui Yan cooked for him, as if it were a normal occurrence.

"Chicken wings are too good to eat too much and take a walk with hairball rhubarb."

However, Han Zhen's comment gave an expression of [panic], which confused Lang Gu and others.

But how they think, can not think of Sui Yan on, that is really ...... too disillusioned.

Han Zhen, who was awake when everyone was drunk, looked at the string of people who said they came for food, but was really helpless. If they knew Sui Yan cooked it, I guess not many people would dare to eat it.

Ting Meng ate too much for dinner and the others ate at least half a bowl of rice less. But Sui Yan was able to capture Ting Meng's stomach with his cooking skills.

Their side of the sweet and sweet, far away in Li City Yan will not have, Yunsheng Yan looking at a series of data statements, the corners of the eyes slightly in the shaking, " Sui Yan ...... how dare he!"

Online games are just the beginning, Sui Yan constantly use his company's performance to suppress Yan's results in the same industry, he relies on the strong capital, successive acquisitions and mergers of some small companies, become Yan's name subsidiary.

A set of patterns, he copied one after another will be Yan's business sidelined at the edge, this eliminates, and then let him go on like this, Yan's in these industries only continue to lose money and declare bankruptcy as soon as possible two ways to go.

Sui Yan simply impatient and Yan's to what conspiracy and trickery, he used is shaking who have no say in the Yang scheme, originally also feel Yan's and Yan's have the power of a fight, at this moment are deeply felt face, Yan's and Sui Yan's unfathomable, they only glimpsed the tip of the iceberg just.

"That Siyu Su is still in Li City, right? Tell him that I am willing to meet him, and you go arrange it." Yunsheng Yan put down his statement and said this to his butler.

The next day, Yunsheng Yan was going to meet someone, and Sui Yan and Ting Meng were also going to meet someone there.

Zhou Ning's birthday, Sui Yan and Ting Meng should reasonably go to North City to participate, the ticket was booked a long time ago, but this year Ting Meng some lazy bed, and also pestered Sui Yan, also do not want him to get up.

"Let's nest a little longer, I'm sleepy ......"

Ting Meng limbs and wrapped around Sui Yan, head gently moving, haphazardly rubbing people.

Sui Yan was softened by the rub, he took out his phone and planned to ask Feng Wang to change his ticket to noon.

"Then we'll sleep a little longer and change it to noon. You forgot, we're going to North City's today."

Ting Meng continued to rub people for a while before reacting, "Ah, I forgot ......"

He was so sleepy that he almost forgot about today's trip. His squinting eyes finally opened fully and he reached out and touched Sui Yan's chest, a familiar touch that gradually brought everything back to him.

Last night Sui Yan was originally let go of him, but he himself wrapped up again, now he feels tired, completely said it is self-made.

"Then don't change it, we've told mom, she'll be sad if she can't wait for us."

He said he took another look at Sui Yan and automatically admitted his mistake, "It's my bad ......" He always seems to overestimate his own fighting ability.

"But, why don't you get tired?" It is clear that Sui Yan also did not exert a lot of effort, but the next day, he was the only one who was sickly, Sui Yan was a look of vigor, could it be that the difference in body position is so different?

This question is not only difficult to answer, but also a bit dangerous. Ting Meng has no curiosity about other things, but Sui Yan definitely does. Sui Yan tilted his head and kissed Ting Meng, using his hot kiss to wake up the sleepy person completely.

Ting Meng was fully awake before they washed up and ate, then grabbed their bags and took the car to the airport, where they flew to North City two hours later.

Not only did Zhou Ning come to pick him up, but Huimin Xiao also came with him.

"Nuo Nuo, here!" Zhou Ning saw Ting Meng from afar and waved happily. She opened her hand slightly and Ting Meng gave her a hug when she approached.

"Mom," he called softly before sending his well wishes again, "Happy Birthday, Mom is so beautiful today."

He swept his eyes to Huimin Xiao and immediately said sweetly, "Daddy is also very handsome."

Sui Yan is the most handsome, he added in his heart, and then turned back to Sui Yan and smiled, his meaning was completely written on his face, how could Huimin Xiao not see it. However, he had already given up fighting with Sui Yan for anything, and Ting Meng could accept them just fine.

"Did you feel uncomfortable on the plane? Did you bring enough clothes? North City is much colder than Sea City."

Zhou Ning asked Ting Meng, and looked at his face carefully, his face was rosy, he did not look bad.

Ting Meng dutifully replied, "I'm not uncomfortable, Sui Yan has prepared a thick coat for me, so I'm not afraid of being cold."

They had slept all the way through, basically making up for all the sleep they had missed last night. Sui Yan was also the one who prepared the luggage for their trip, and he knew more about Ting Meng or what they might need than Wang's mother.

"That's good," Zhou Ning nodded, looked at Sui Yan and thanked her seriously, "Thanks for taking such good care of Nuo Nuo."

After Zhou Ning knew that Ting Meng could not take medicine, she was very concerned about it, but except for the accident Xiao Zi caused, Sui Yan did not let Ting Meng get sick again in the past six months, and it was not easy to do that.

"It's the right thing to do," Sui Yan responded, then regained her grip on Ting Meng's hand as they continued talking and headed out of the airport to the Xiao family's car, where they went to the old Xiao mansion in North City.

Zhou Ning has kept a low profile over the years, but this time she didn't want to continue to keep a low profile. She and Huimin Xiao invited all the people they could, and Ting Meng, although his family tree hadn't been changed, was their child, so this time they should introduce him to North City's noble circle openly.

The first thing you should do is to take a look at the latest news from Sui Yan.

"Does Grandpa know that Sui Yan and I are coming?" Ting Meng couldn't help but ask again.

Zhou Ning and Huimin Xiao's expressions were simultaneously puzzled, and then Huimin Xiao opened his mouth.

"Know," Huimin Xiao said, sidling over, he stroked Ting Meng's hair and said with certainty, " Nuo Nuo , where your|mother and I are, is also your home, and it doesn't matter if your grandfather doesn't know. "

"Well," Ting Meng didn't avoid Huimin Xiao's hand, thinking slightly before he nodded, he looked to Huimin Xiao and Zhou Ning , "I see, Sui Yan and I are coming home. "

He said that he went to see Sui Yan again, and he was actually more afraid of Sui Yan or the possibility of being treated coldly than himself.

Sui Yan gently rubbed Ting Meng's hand that he was holding, then nodded, "You're right."

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