Chapter 70: It was his failure to protect Ting Meng that got him hurt.

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Sui Yan and Yu Yan need at least a month to get Dr. Te Ba to Xia State, but the more time they have, the better the success rate of the operation. Yue He's pre-surgical care continued, and everything else had to be perfect.

Gurley's room is located on the second floor of a separate building to the left of the main house, which was originally used for miscellaneous items, but is still a nice place to live.

Sui Yan was originally worried that Ting Meng would not fit in, but in the end he turned out to be the one who fit in the best. He is fine with it, so we just continue to get along.

And everyone else consciously does not come to the second floor, which is reserved for Sui Yan Ting Meng's private space.

Yu Yan and Yue He can live in other places, but there are still a lot of things that have not been clarified, the Yan residence is the safest and most suitable place, and Sui Yan also recognized that this is the home of Yu Yan and Manjia Yan, they are qualified to live.

This day, Wan He is still inactive, but Yifei Li is invited to the police station, although she is soon released on bail, but this torment, she seems to be sicker, but Sui Yan still think she is pretending to be sick.

The Meng master's side called Feng Wang several times, wanting to negotiate with Sui Yan, a private solution, Sui Yan directly let Feng Wang explicitly refused, unless Yifei Li this disease really died, or crazy, otherwise this jail, she is sure to sit.

The next morning, Sui Yan took Ting Meng to the lab before he went back to the office. Yu Yan and Yue He were still at home, Han Zhen went to the vet for half a day and came back in the afternoon to help Gurley. As for Manjia Yan, she spends most of her time in her studio, where many framed paintings are still hanging on the otherwise empty walls.

Manjia Yan is also like that. She finds it very nice to paint and watch a piece of work take shape.

But this afternoon, there was a strange thing that made Manjia Yan quite speechless, someone from the organization she took to the competition suddenly called her and said that a judge wanted to buy her work at a high price, and the price offered was really not low.

Manjia Yan refused without saying a word, and the person on the other side probably also found this inexplicable, and did not advise much, but said he would convey Manjia Yan's intention. The phone call was hung up like that.

Manjia Yan was speechless for a moment, and then also continued to do his own thing.

Ting Meng was still concentrating in the lab when Mingya Yan called and asked Ting Meng to mix ten or so bottles of violet and blue ice by himself, and he sent someone to pick them up, which is not a difficult task for Ting Meng, he needs to practice mixing fragrances every day, just a few more bottles.

Mingya Yan there soon got the finished product, he was in front of him these days running North City to run out of town, it was difficult to invite the master fragrance tasters, what is their evaluation of blue ice and vine, basically identified its future market value.

"Not the same, not the same ......"

"What's different?" Mingya Yan followed up with a question, "Ting Meng blended the fragrance according to the recipe he gave himself, so how could it be different?

But no one immediately answered Mingya Yan's question, and the five tasters exchanged ideas before Jinrong Fang of Sea City gave Mingya Yan the answer, "These are good, but they are not as good as them."

"This must be from the hand of the master perfumer, if you sell it as ordinary Perfume, it will be a big loss."

Jinrong Fang is a master fragrance taster and a master perfumer, but at this moment he was a bit in awe of the ten bottles of Perfume that Mingya Yan had brought in, and he looked at Mingya Yan, "If it's convenient, could you introduce us?"

This Mingya Yan can not decide, but the attitude of these people is quite sincere, he considered for a while before saying, "I need to ask him."

"As it should be, as it should be."

This topic was skipped and they moved on, but the Perfume IPO is already on the agenda, with a batch to be released first, roughly at the end of the month.

When the five master perfumers left, Mingya Yan looked at Ting Meng's hand-mixed Perfume and suddenly had a great idea.

"Little Aunt, I will order the bottle for your incense blending in the future, and I need to design a word on the bottle, just use the 'Iris' in your name, what do you think?" Mingya Yan naturally knew about Ting Meng's separation from the Meng family, and it was definitely inappropriate to use the word Meng again.

"It's up to you." Ting Meng returned Mingya Yan's call while he was still mixing the fragrance.

The more time he spent in the lab, the more amazed he was at Ting Meng's talent and skill, as if he had been perfumed from his mother's womb, which was so unscientific.

"Okay," Mingya Yan answered and was about to hang up the phone when she suddenly remembered the request of Jinrong Fang and others, "There are some masters who want to see you, do you want to meet?"

Ting Meng really hesitated, he looked at the Perfume in his hand and declined, "I'm very busy and I can't meet anyone else in the meantime."

Ting Meng does feel that he is too busy, and his daily lab perfumes take up a lot of his energy and time, leaving him only for Sui Yan.

"Is there a hindrance?"

"No, no," Mingya Yan said hastily, not daring to force Ting Meng into anything.

Ting Meng is too young, and there is definitely a big difference between him and Jinrong Fang and other people's expected look of the master, so it is better to accumulate a few more years of fame and then see him again, then there will not be so many unnecessary questions.

"Little aunt, you are busy, I'm hanging up."

"Well," Ting Meng responded, a little on the phone, and he went on with his business.

Mingya Yan was quick and knew how to market. He first sponsored some celebrities with Perfume and soon got their love, then attended some Sea City parties and gave Perfume as gifts.

In just a week's time, Perfume has spread like a gust of wind through Sea City's expensive circles before it even hits the market.

Mingya Yan wanted to create the effect of momentum from the current point of view is achieved, but two more days, the news of the Mang Wei and Blue Ice to participate in the international incense tasting competition successively won back, and even Fang Jing Rong and some other masters of the industry also publicly expressed their preference for it.

The words also refer to a once unknown master perfumer, but with these two bottles of Perfume, his fame was inevitable.

October 27th was the day Perfume launched, but it was also the day Ting Meng went back to school for her midterm exams.

A lot of media came, but in the end the master that made Jinrong Fang and other people praise everyone did not appear, but the launch still did not disappoint, in addition to the Cranberry red bottle and blue ice blue bottle, there is a special gold bottle, that is from the hand of the master of perfumery limited sale.

Ten bottles were sold on site, ten bottles at most at each counter, and only fifty bottles on the internet, so Ting Meng has not a single bottle of Perfume left from her daily practice this month.

Gold bottle value than the red bottle blue bottle nearly ten times more expensive, but still priced out of the market, the network was sold out in less than three minutes, the site and subsequently on the shelves of the major shopping malls counters were also sold out in the morning.

Many people are curious about whether the Perfume is worth the price, and some people are gloating and waiting to buy it, but the truth is the opposite of what they expected, and many calls were made directly to the company's sales department, with a bunch of people wanting to reserve it.

"Really like it too much, this feeling that can't be said, fortunately I have fast hands, hahaha ......"

This is a well-known beauty blogger issued a social platform message, in addition to her, other people who grabbed it have also come out to express their feelings, but most of them are such a gainer, many people are unable to buy gold bottles purple bottles as expensive Perfume, but medium-priced red ping and blue bottles can still afford to buy.

After a try, many people also said they liked it, for the gold bottle naturally more envious desire.

The effect of the gold bottle was even better than Mingya Yan expected, and the Internet was so hot that the large stock of Perfume that he had dared to have the Perfume factory produce before came into use.

But these are limited to the Internet and some higher level consumer class, for school high school students, there is no impact, and even Shi Yan scandal, which was a sensation in the media some time ago, is not much known to the senior students.

No one has made the connection between that Ting Meng and Ting Meng, who has very little presence in senior class 2.

He came back to take the exam and was in a different class from his classmates, so everyone was full of articles or formulas, and no one recognized who Ting Meng was even if they were in the same class.

He brushed up on his paper, checked it again after writing it, and then turned it in, yet he was still almost half an hour ahead of the other students.

He wanted to go out early and ask the driver to take him to pick up Sui Yan, but when he left the class, he was stopped by Qiuyu Wang, the class teacher who was passing by.

They talked for another half hour, mainly she asked and Ting Meng answered, but when she let Ting Meng go, everyone else was out of the exam room.

"Goodbye, Mr. Wang!"

Ting Meng bowed gently and walked out of the office, breathing a sigh of relief that Qiuyu Wang was not the same as his previous teachers, she really cared about his study and health.

He accelerated his steps towards the entrance of the school, he did not receive Sui Yan, now it is probably Sui Yan to pick him up, so Ting Meng thought Ting Meng face floated a little smile, the pace is also two points faster.

" Ting Meng!" Mu Xiao suddenly looked over, his eyes lit up, wanting to be surprised, but then he darkened his face again. The Ting Meng looked back at him, then turned back and walked away. Is this because he didn't recognize him, or just didn't care about him?

Mu Xiao directly ran up to catch up with him, Ting Meng also wanted to run, but there were too many people in front of him, and a bunch of people crowded up behind him, he wanted to run, but could not run.

" Ting Meng , are you sick? I was worried about you."

Mu Xiao saw Ting Meng's wariness and didn't come too close. He put a smile back on his face and looked as if he knew Ting Meng well.

Ting Meng looked back at him one more time and frowned, "Who are you? I don't know you."

Ting Meng is pretty sure she has no friends at school and doesn't know anyone.

Mu Xiao's expression wanted to crack again, and he almost gritted his teeth as he said, "I'm your tablemate, and my name is Mu Xiao."

Ting Meng withdrew his gaze, then gave a soft "oh" and continued to take a few more steps before he said, "Sorry, I still haven't remembered."

He is now full of Sui Yan, did not spend any thought to think, and do not feel the need.

Mu Xiao stopped and did not follow Ting Meng anymore, he is also a man of blood, Ting Meng said so, he is no longer embarrassed, but this does not mean that he gave up.

He followed him out of the school gate and got into his own car, but not so much as to leave yet, and kept sitting in the parking space, gazing at the passing cars, and sure enough, in a flash in front of the car window was the appearance of Meng Ting talking intimately with a man.

That person, Mu Xiao, also has some impression, seems to be Ting Meng's brother or something.

"Let's go." Mu Xiao finished speaking to the driver, and he took his cell phone out of his book bag to make another call.

"The third brother is me, should you say Ting Meng Yes ......" This third brother is also some time ago he came to Sea City , Mu Xiao only know, has been a very distant relationship, than he is older than twenty years, but they are considered the same generation. But this is also common in large families.

There is no doubt that the third brother of Mu Xiao is Zi Xiao ......

"Okay, my car is following, but what are you going to do?"

There was no answer for Mu Xiao, but he was really hung up on Ting Meng, and he wanted to know where his house was, or what he was doing with that man. He had a feeling that Ting Meng and the man were very close, but Ting Meng was the one he was interested in.

Ting Meng did not care about Mu Xiao before, and now he still does not care, he saw Sui Yan, full of heart and mind is full of him.

"Tomorrow is a holiday, so I can be with you again."

Ting Meng said, his foot on Sui Yan's leg, his hand hanging on Sui Yan's neck, looking quite happy.

"Well," Sui Yan sniffed and rubbed Ting Meng's cheek, then continued to hold her in her arms.

"I brought the clothes, you change, and we'll go straight to the celebration party."

This celebration party is the celebration party of Ting Meng and Mingya Yan's company, and Ting Meng, as the biggest contributor, naturally has to attend. However, he still did not attend as the chief perfumer, but only as Mingya Yan's little aunt.

Both Sui Yan and Mingya Yan feel that Ting Meng can stand up to the public, but it's a little too early to do so, after all, the storm of public opinion has only just stopped and it would give the impression of over-hype.

The key to Mingya Yan's success is that Ting Meng's Perfume meets, and even exceeds, the expectations of popular taste.

The banquet was held at the company headquarters set up by Mingya Yan, two floors above the largest store in Sea City.

When they arrived, the party had already started for a while. Mingya Yan was surrounded by a group of people, and he entered and left with dignity, not arrogant and not overly humble, which made people wonder how fearful the young man is, he is only 18 years old.

But they don't know that the master perfumer, who was praised by Jinrong Fang and other masters, is actually only 18 years old.

Mingya Yan noticed Sui Yan and Ting Meng and immediately came over to greet them, "Cousin uncle, little aunt, you're here."

Sui Yan nodded, and it was clear that Mingya Yan was happy, but he still admonished, "Drink less."

"Yes," Mingya Yan straightened his back at the words and nodded his head repeatedly, he had always been so obedient in front of Sui Yan.

Ting Meng's eyes swept around the hall, Sui Yan's usual party friends did not see too many, he asked Mingya Yan, "Did we make any money?"

"Of course," Mingya Yan nodded, looking at Ting Meng as if she were a golden lump. If Ting Meng were not his elder and Sui Yan's wife, he would have wanted Ting Meng to keep perfuming. The Perfume he handled was ten times more than the normal Perfume, but it was not the limit.

It is said that some people use the bottle of gold bottle Perfume bought online, speculated nearly twenty times the price, but there is still room to rise, not personally feel, it is difficult to understand the charm of Ting Meng Perfume.

"Little aunt we made a fortune! This first batch sold out, we got back all the money we invested in the early stage! We'll make as much as we can sell next!"

Ting Meng, still unable to understand the gap inside, nodded his head, "Just make money."

Originally thought Ting Meng skipped this topic, he again so and Mingya Yan barked a sentence, if other people still think Ting Meng how short of money, "My card number you know it, I earn money you remember to call me ...... "

"Okay," Mingya Yan couldn't answer anything else but that.

But he was indeed happy today. Before the dinner, he received a phone call from his grandfather Zhenbo Yan, and the conversation was naturally complimentary, and even Shuya Yan called to test the waters, but Mingya Yan chose to keep it to Zhenbo Yan, so how could he reveal more to him.

This project is not related to Shi Yan, and there is no need for Zhenbo Yan to give him the results, as long as he can give a satisfactory result by the deadline.

What is the achievement, money is it!

With more than a year to go, he believed that the miracle he and Ting Meng had created could not be surpassed by Shuya Yan no matter how hard he tried. Thinking about it, he realized that he didn't really care that much about Shuya Yan and Shi Yan anymore.

He can create his own business kingdom, a F country Shi Yan for him is just the icing on the cake. Only now did he understand the real meaning of what Sui Yan had said to him in F.

Mingya Yan was still very busy, and after greeting Sui Yan and Ting Meng, he went to meet the others.

Sui Yan still took Ting Meng to eat and drink, and when it was almost time, he brought people out.

"Let's go home early, you should be tired today," Sui Yan rubbed Ting Meng's hair, looking at Ting Meng but also some heartache. A few days ago, Ting Meng not only had to go to the lab, but also had to prepare for the midterm exams when she got home, and she fell asleep on the paper a few times.

Ting Meng nodded and was obediently led by Sui Yan out of the banquet hall, they entered the elevator, he was close to Sui Yan's side, he should want to kiss Sui Yan, but the elevator door suddenly opened, Ting Meng's movement froze, then continued to stand straight, he swept a glance at Sui Yan, as if to say I will kiss you later.

There were two people in the elevator, a man wearing a hat and mask, looking like cleaning, and a pregnant woman in professional clothes but with a belly, the man walked in and went into the corner, but the pregnant woman also smiled at Ting Meng Sui Yan.

Mingya Yan only rents the top two floors of the building, there are other companies on other floors, so it is not surprising that there are people coming in the elevator. But Sui Yan still alerted, he swept his eyes to the man wearing a mask and pulled Ting Meng to his side.

But at this time, the man raised his eyes and looked, and then a small knife fell from his sleeve and stabbed Ting Meng over.

Sui Yan pulled Ting Meng back violently, then kicked the man hard in the abdomen, and stomped on his wrist again, kicking the knife into the corner.

Ting Meng was pulled against the wall of the elevator, he was a bit shocked, but quickly calmed down, the space in the elevator is too small, he will only help Sui Yan.

"Ahhh!" The pregnant woman screamed, seemed to be scared, the whole person directly to the ground, Ting Meng subconsciously wanted to hold her, but then her hand also slipped out a fruit knife.

Sui Yan restrained the man, but his eyes could clearly see the woman hitting Ting Meng through the mirror on the inside of the elevator. He subconsciously tried to kick her away again, but Ting Meng suddenly turned around and blocked Sui Yan's kick, while he was stabbed in the side of his waist by the pregnant woman.

"Ting Meng!" Sui Yan's foot retracted and continued to kick the man on the ground unconscious, then held Ting Meng up, looking shocked and puzzled.

"Do not kick the stomach, inside is a real baby ......" Ting Meng said and did not touch the pregnant woman, he tried to pull the knife|out, but found that the insertion is quite deep, he did not move, let Sui Yan hold him.

Sui Yan held Ting Meng in place and looked at the pregnant woman with a vicious and obscure look, but didn't do it again.

She sat down on the floor with her stomach in her arms and really cried out, perhaps because she felt that her action had failed and her future was bleak, or perhaps she was touched by Ting Meng's words, but whatever it was, Sui Yan and Ting Meng didn't care about her anymore.

"Don't be afraid, I'm fine," Ting Meng leaned against Sui Yan, not knowing what to say to comfort him, but the blood on the side of his waist had soaked through his coat and was blinding on the white jacket.

"Sui Yan just pressed the alarm signal in a panic, and Bing Zhao had already brought his men over.

"They did not go to the hospital and went straight to the house. The operating room originally prepared for Yue He, but now the first person to use it was Ting Meng.

It only took twenty minutes to drive from Perfume's office to Sui Yan's house, and she ran a red light all the way home.

Gurley and Han Zhen were already waiting with the wheeled surgical bed when the car stopped at the door.

During this journey, Ting Meng was injured and did not dare to move much, and he was a bit afraid to talk to Sui Yan when he felt he had done wrong, but when he was picked up by Sui Yan again, his hands firmly grabbed his clothes.

"Are you staying with me?"

Ting Meng can't see himself, and naturally he doesn't know how bad his face looks at the moment, the kind of bad that makes people afraid.

"I'll stay with you." Sui Yan placed Ting Meng on the surgical bed and said with certainty.

Yu Yan Yue He Manjia Yan and others were alarmed, but Ting Meng's injuries had to be stabilized before they could pursue other questions, and they didn't even dare to persuade Sui Yan, whose face looked more worried than Ting Meng's.

Ting Meng was pushed into the operating room and Sui Yan followed her in.

Ting Meng had a shadow about taking medicine for surgery, but now he was injured like this, it was impossible not to treat, Gurley directly gave him anesthesia in the respirator, Ting Meng looked at Sui Yan, originally still see people clearly, but then also gradually blurred.

Gurley quickly checked and raised his hand to Sui Yan at the counter, telling him to go away and get out of the way.

"Brother, you stand away."

Han Zhen also opened his mouth to Sui Yan, and as he spoke, he quickly prepared some of the tools for the surgery.

Sui Yan fixedly looked at Ting Meng twice before he took two steps back and just stood there watching them cut open the clothes and pull out the knife|the bright red blood that flowed out together was blinding.

But Sui Yan still watched unblinkingly, the operation did not take long, it was over after half an hour, only Ting Meng lost a little too much blood, and used anesthetics, it is estimated that he will not wake up until tomorrow morning.

"He knows how to protect himself and did not hurt his internal organs, he will be fine in ten days or so."

Gurley's eyesight and medical skills naturally do not doubt, he did not see the scene, but from the angle of the wound and the tearing situation, to speculate on the situation, but Ting Meng suffered is certain.

Sui Yan carried Ting Meng back to their room and stayed inside for a while before he came out.

Yu Yan Yue He they already know the general situation from Bing Zhao, this is not a simple case of □ □, Sui Yan that kick if Ting Meng did not block, the pregnant woman is certainly to miscarry, Sui Yan even in a position of self-defense, but still have to be some condemnation.

But he would rather suffer such public pressure than have Ting Meng go into a coma after being stabbed.

"I was careless," was the first thing Sui Yan said. He thought he was there to keep Ting Meng safe, but he didn't expect their enemies to use everything, even a pregnant woman.

"It's their fault, Suisui don't blame yourself too much," Manjia Yan couldn't help but speak up, it's really Sui Yan's face is too ugly, just afraid he would rather be hurt himself than Ting Meng has no damage.

Sui Yan didn't answer this, he looked to Han Zhen, "You help me guard, I'll leave for a while."

"Okay," Han Zhen nodded, he got up and went to Sui Yan's room to take care of Ting Meng with Wang's mother, while Sui Yan left the Yan residence directly after that.

The man whose wrist was almost broken by Sui Yan is a professional killer, but he didn't expect Sui Yan's reaction to be so timely in such a small space, and his knife was smeared with poison|pill, the kind that can kill quickly. The first time I saw him, I was able to see him.

As for the pregnant woman, as Yu Yan and others have speculated before, her side is trying to use an unborn baby to bring Sui Yan or Ting Meng down, trying to use public opinion to restrain Sui Yan's increasingly urgent actions.

But the pregnant woman's side would not have expected Ting Meng holding the pregnant woman at the same time, happened to feel the movement of the child in her belly, he did not think too much, but he instinctively protect the child.

Ting Meng was injured when the small space in the elevator limited his and Sui Yan's ability to play.

Zi Xiao was calling Wan He and scolded her before she could say anything.

"Don't you know how powerful your son is? Buying|killing|people? Do you think you have not left Sui Yan with enough leverage? If you are so stupid, how come Sui Yan is so smart?"

For this Zi Xiao is quite puzzled, obviously Yu Yan and Wan He are not very shrewd people, how to have a Sui Yan can force his father's generation to scare up.

"What kill or not, you told me to hold back, I did not hold back!"

Wan He finally blew up. From Shi Yan's press conference until now, she had followed what Zi Xiao had told her not to do anything rashly, and she suppressed her anger and fear and didn't go anywhere.

He said he had a solution, then she waited, but I didn't think he'd come over with a phone call and scold her.

"Zi Xiao, if you don't tell me everything, I'm not finished with you!" Wan He got up from the bed with a terrible look on her face, and the dressing table mirror reflected her overly grim face, which had aged ten years in just twenty days, and she hadn't noticed it yet.

"Not you?" Zi Xiao's tone was still a bit skeptical, he believed that Wan He had taken a shot at Sui Yan, let alone against Ting Meng.

But this time he really misunderstood Wan He, the two sides of the collision together, it is not really Wan He's own initiative.

Zi Xiao hung up the phone with doubts, but at the same time still felt troubled, but he could not find the pregnant woman himself to find, Sui Yan even if he suspected him, can not find direct evidence, it does not affect him too much, really can not he then hide back abroad.

Sui Yan almost did not sleep this|night, when the day was almost dawn he returned to the Yan residence, the room Han Zhen still guarded, Sui Yan came back, he yawned and went back to sleep.

Ting Meng's eyebrows were slightly furrowed, probably because the anesthesia had passed and he felt the pain of the wound.

Sui Yan came out of the shower and sat on the edge of the bed, looking at the person for a long time, not daring to touch, and then a moment, he raised his hand to hold Ting Meng's cheek, he slowly leaned down again, Ting Meng gently embraced, "I'm sorry." It was his failure to protect Ting Meng that caused him to be injured.

Sui Yan heart of self-reproach in this moment finally flowed out, and continue to hold it, he really should suffocate himself.

Ting Meng is still not awake, but the frown that has been frowning seems to have smoothed out a bit.

Sui Yan didn't leave again, but he didn't go to rest either. He just sat by the bed and waited for Ting Meng to wake up.

Around seven o'clock, Ting Meng opened his eyes with a frown. He was in a trance for a while before he could look at anyone and saw Sui Yan sitting next to his bed, and he was confused for a while before he remembered what happened.

" Sui Yan ......"

"I'm here," Sui Yan answered, and then took a small spoon to give Ting Meng some water, "Good boy, drink water first."

Ting Meng pursed his lips and did feel thirsty, he opened his mouth slightly and let Sui Yan feed him.

He drank while measuring Sui Yan, last night Sui Yan that ugly face, Ting Meng all remembered.

When Ting Meng had drunk enough, Sui Yan put the cup aside and before his body turned around, his other hand was grabbed by Ting Meng, but Ting Meng's hand was still too weak to have much strength, and he was able to break free with a little effort.

"Sui Yan, are you angry with me?" Ting Meng asked Sui Yan, looking a little panicked. Ting Meng asked Sui Yan, looking a little panicked, he tried to pull Sui Yan over, but with a little force, his brow furrowed.

Sui Yan looked back at Ting Meng's appearance and got really angry.

His hand was still allowed to be pulled by Ting Meng, a|night without sleep, and his voice had hoarseness, "What am I angry about?"

"Angry that I got hurt?" Ting Meng was actually not very sure if Sui Yan was angry with him, but he also felt that he should be angry, "I'm not good, I didn't protect myself, I made you sad."

" Sui Yan, don't be sad, okay?"

Ting Meng is not sure if Sui Yan is angry, but he is sure that Sui Yan is worried about him and is sad for him.

Sui Yan carefully held Ting Meng's hand, then got up and dropped a kiss on both Ting Meng's forehead and lips, "Don't think so much, I'm not mad at you, I'm here with you."

He was angry with himself, and he was about to sit back down, but he was embraced by Ting Meng. His hands are still not much strength, but the person he is holding is very strong will.

"I'll be fine, I said I'll always be there for you."

Sui Yan's hand fell to the side of Ting Meng's neck, holding this position for a while, Ting Meng's hand was completely exhausted before he sat down again.

But Sui Yan's depression of the storm did not fade much, and he did not tell Ting Meng that if he changed the knife, he might really lose him. At that time, what Ting Meng will have to do to fulfill the promise he gave him.

He's too self-righteous, he wants to get it over with, but he's putting Ting Meng in danger.

Ting Meng's hand continued to rest on Sui Yan's hand, not only did he not have the strength to hug people, he also did not have the strength to speak, his eyelids gradually became heavy, Gurley and Han Zhen came again to show him the injury, he did not even notice.

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