Chapter 55: "Finally, I'm mad at him."

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He did not want to bite the person pain, but the teeth across the stimulation is always more intense, Ting Meng and never hide themselves, Sui Yan really heard the sound he wanted to hear.

" Sui Yan ...... Sui Yan , don't do this ......"

Ting Meng gently grabbed Sui Yan's hair, his over-sensitive body subconsciously wanted to hide, but the two were too tightly entwined, he was hiding, but also with Sui Yan, the end result is just a move.

Sui Yan slowly looked up, with a layer of crystal water on his lips, he smiled gently at Ting Meng, and then Ting Meng forgot about his shame, he blinked his eyes and said with certainty, "Sui Yan, you are very pretty, really."

Sui Yan still did not respond, he gently brushed Ting Meng's forehead away and kissed him on the forehead before returning, "You look better."

Sui Yan once said that he fell in love with Ting Meng at first sight, which is not a lie. When he first met Ting Meng, Ting Meng was special in his eyes at first sight.

Ting Meng blushed at the compliment, but he came back up and kissed Sui Yan on the lips, "We both look good."

"Well," Sui Yan responded, but didn't just let the person go, or should I say, Ting Meng's few words made him more and more desperate.

The night is long, although there is no red tent, but just the two-meter bed is enough for them to roll around.

The next day Ting Meng did not wake up early again, he looked at the time on the phone and was surprised, so Sui Yan could not help but laugh again, "Good boy, it's okay, running at night is the same."

"It's okay if I get lazy?"

Ting Meng did care a little bit, he used to be the most diligent, but now he is getting lazier by the day. He used to wake up more or less at five o'clock, but now he wakes up at seven.

"It's okay," Sui Yan once again gave Ting Meng certainty as he said picking the person up and heading for the bathroom, "I'm here with you."

Ting Meng looked at the side of Sui Yan's face for a while before nodding, "I didn't run in the morning, I must run in the evening, you're with me, we have to be healthy and live a long life together."

Sui Yan's footsteps were halted and her eyes dropped to look over before she answered again, "Well, live long."

But he already knew in his heart that Ting Meng was a shadow of his previous life's overwork death, but Sui Yan felt that Ting Meng's death might not be as simple as he thought, but in a different life, he wanted to find out is a bit difficult.

Ting Meng's recipe was already sorted out, and he didn't have to go to school again from today, Sui Yan asked Ting Meng, and then brought him to the company.

The staff at Yanshi Building are familiar with Ting Meng, the person their boss brings in every now and then to show off, so how could they not be familiar?

However, there are not many people Ting Meng can remember: Feng Wang, his secretary assistant Chen Fang who often comes into Sui Yan's office to deliver things, and a few company executives whom Sui Yan has introduced to him.

Sui Yan brought Ting Meng to the office not long after, Chen Fang came in with a pile of fruit and snacks, Ting Meng brought two papers, but also did not want to waste time, he can be so top in science, problem solving is not exempt.

Sui Yan continued to take care of things and went out for two meetings in between, and it was almost 11:30.

Ting Meng was very serious, after Sui Yan was not in the office, he became more serious, Sui Yan came back, he did not even notice, until he was kissed several times on the cheek, he only reacted.

Ting Meng put down the pen, covered up the paper and put it aside, then turned around and hugged Sui Yan, kissed him twice on the cheek, and then said happily, "You're back."

"Well," Sui Yan responded and rubbed Ting Meng's hair, he had actually been back for a while, but Ting Meng was so focused that she couldn't see him, but his advice to him was fair enough, he kissed a relative, hugged a person, and Ting Meng noticed him.

However, Sui Yan still has a slight nagging feeling that if someone else were to kiss Ting Meng, wouldn't he have been taken advantage of before he noticed something was wrong?

"What's wrong?" Ting Meng asked and stood up, he leaned back to his desk and pulled Sui Yan closer, he reached over and rubbed Sui Yan's temples and asked with some heartache, "Aren't you tired from work?"

He will not be able to help Sui Yan's, is the heart of people, he can only ask so.

Sui Yan lightly shook his head, he rested his chin on Ting Meng's shoulder, a little amused by his sudden troubles, "It's okay, I'm used to it."

The current state of work is not really tired, the real tired time has passed, especially after Ting Meng together, his sudden change of style, has fallen through many people's glasses.

" Ya Ming is here, let's go out and have dinner with him."

Ting Meng sniffed and pondered for a moment before remembering the name, he narrowed his eyes, "F's great nephew."

"Yes," Sui Yan smiled again at his words, Ting Meng's perception of identity was a bit stereotypical, but stereotypical in a rather cute way.

Mingya Yan arrived last night, got jet-lagged and prepared a little bit before calling Feng Wang again.

Feng Wang actually came back from Ting Meng's school not long ago. He talked to Sui Yan about Ting Meng's teachers' opinions, which were more or less the same as Sui Yan's guess, that Ting Meng would be treated as a sick leave, but he would return for the mid-term and final exams at the same period.

Other times for his performance, and then timely adjustment, but this is the arrangement of this semester, the next semester Meng Ting at least have to go back to the serious one or two months of classes, after all, is the college entrance examination, or need to be treated carefully.

Sui Yan took Ting Meng outside and said the same thing to him, Ting Meng nodded and did not object.

Zhao Bing car at the entrance of Yanshi Building, Sui Yan Ting Meng got into the car first and then drove to the restaurant for dinner.

Mingya Yan, dressed in silver gray formal wear, looks noble and calm, sitting alone in the restaurant is very attractive to people's eyes, he waited at the seat ten minutes ago, as time passes, even some people are tempted to come over to talk.

But then a man who looked the same age as him but more refined and beautiful walked in, he looked around, Mingya Yan waved, he nodded gently, and came over too.

The original intention of the people consciously put down the idea of accosting, but the eyes still unconsciously look over there.

"Little aunt, why are you alone, where is Ninth Uncle?" Sui Yan in his generation line nine, Mingya Yan call him cousin uncle when there, nine uncle also when there, but the latter will seem more intimate.

Mingya Yan beckoned Ting Meng to sit down and immediately brought him a glass of water.

"We met someone under the arm, they were talking in the cafe, I came up first." Ting Meng said, his eyes swept to the table, but there was nothing but water, he looked at Mingya Yan again, "Let's order food first, I'm hungry."

So he left Sui Yan came up by himself, he was too serious before, Chen Fang prepared him fruit snacks, forgot to eat, ate breakfast at seven o'clock in the morning, has long been consumed.

"Good," Mingya Yan smiled, still impressed by Ting Meng's straightforwardness, he immediately asked the waiter to come over, they ordered, and Ting Meng also ordered for Sui Yan.

Ting Meng saw the waiter leave before he dropped his gaze back to Mingya Yan, he thought for a moment and said, "I heard Sui Yan say, you should take a look first, if you don't think it's suitable, don't force yourself."

Ting Meng has a good impression of Mingya Yan, but because he feels good, he doesn't want Mingya Yan to force himself to choose him because of his relationship with Sui Yan, their cooperation must be Mingya Yan really agree with his perfume, so that they can continue.

Mingya Yan nodded at his words, he was more or less nervous to come to Sea City, not for any project, but because of Sui Yan, whose opinion was more important to Mingya Yan than his own grandfather Zhenbo Yan.

But the barriers of his heart, which he himself had not been able to dissolve, were cleared up in two words of Ting Meng, and it is indeed necessary to be appropriate.

He thought about it and laughed, "Don't worry little aunt, I'll think about it and decide."

"That's good," Ting Meng nodded, seeing the waiter bring the food, his eyes fell on the food, he did not continue to chat, "we eat first, Sui Yan still do not know when to come up."

The man Sui Yan was talking to was a middle-aged man in his 40s or 50s. They were talking about some business matters and the time was probably not short.

"He stood up and leaned forward slightly to help set the plates and move the glasses of water, which, from some angles, would appear to be a little intimate between the two.

At this time, to their lower left, there was a cell phone lens pointed at them, and several consecutive photos were left inside.

"Yu Si, what are you shooting?" The man who spoke turned his back, then also saw Ting Meng who was seriously eating, he paused slightly before turning back over, "It's really quite good, but it doesn't look like your favorite model."

Siyu Su is exquisite and beautiful, and has always rejected people with a similar aura, and his friends around him knew that.

"The man across from him is also a superb one." That's the type Siyu Su would like.

Siyu Su put the phone down, his face somewhat obscure, "I didn't invite you to dinner for you to troll me."

Siyu Su is sitting across the table from his senior who has graduated from college two years ago and is working at a newspaper. Although he has not made it to the position of editor-in-chief, he has gained a firm foothold and has a certain amount of say compared to his contemporaries.

" Yu Si ...... I see that your state is a little bit wrong lately." The man named Yuanxing Xiang, he looked at Siyu Su's gaze obviously through a different general interest, he tentatively touched Siyu Su's hand, although again was slapped away, but he still smiled again.

"Say, what do you want from me?"

Siyu Su slapped his hand away and fell back into his thoughts. For a few moments, he raised his eyes to Yuanxing Xiang and looked at him very seriously, which made him feel more and more tickled.

Siyu Su was not planning to meet Yuanxing Xiang today, originally he contacted someone, that is on the basis of the plan went well, but that plan almost put him behind bars, this Yuanxing Xiang in his eyes is also useless, but do not want to have a windfall.

"Senior Xiang, right now there is an opportunity for you to go to the next level, it depends on whether you dare to put up a fight."

Although Yuanxing Xiang came to see Siyu Su with some other thoughts in mind, he still had his professionalism, so he thought about it and looked back at Ting Meng and Mingya Yan's table.

He lowered his voice and asked, "Who is he?"

It is clear that the people at the table that made Siyu Su not so normal are not normal.

"Wife of Sui Yan, the current head of the Yan family, Ting Meng, the illegitimate son of the Meng family."

Siyu Su said the word "wife", his voice was particularly low, the indignation is also very obvious, his current state of mind in the end, he himself is not sure, but do not do something, he felt that he had to be driven crazy by himself first.

Yuanxing Xiang heard the word Yan's, the eyelids could not help but jump, his family is not bad, but only better than the well-off family, Yan's for him and his family, is a behemoth, Sui Yan a little tactics can force him and his family to live worse than death.

He turned back to see, Ting Meng still focus on his food, grooming can not say how elegant, but people look good, how to look are pleasing to the eye, his heartbeat accelerated two more, "you let me hook up with him, you think too much of me, right ......"

Siyu Su's face was a bit ugly, Yuanxing Xiang thought he was not qualified to seduce Ting Meng, but he came to seduce him all the time, Siyu Su's eyes were fierce again, "You are naturally not qualified, but you said, Mrs. Yan behind the back of Sui Yan and men's private meetings ......"

Siyu Su did not say more, not to let Yuanxing Xiang comprehend himself, but he saw Sui Yan, who appeared at the entrance of the restaurant.

Sui Yan's eyes swept a circle, and then directly towards Ting Meng's table, he stood on one side, first rubbed Ting Meng's hair, and then sat down, this natural intimacy, but and before Mingya Yan's courtesy is completely different, Ting Meng actually and who have a relationship, it is clear.

"Is it still appetizing?" Sui Yan sat down and nodded to Mingya Yan, then inclined her head and asked Ting Meng.

"Not bad," Ting Meng nodded, good food he likes, but really not to his taste, he will not be picky, he is actually very well fed.

Sui Yan picked up a napkin and wiped Ting Meng's cheeks, which had been rubbed with some gravy, then he also sat upright and prepared to eat, "Eat your fill first."

He was sort of speaking to Mingya Yan, and this was not the right place to talk business.

The three of them continued to eat, and Mingya Yan looked at Sui Yan's natural care for Ting Meng and raised her eyebrows helplessly.

His cousin's uncle treats Ting Meng like a child. Of course, this is not derogatory, it is unique for Sui Yan, he has never treated anyone else like this except Ting Meng, and it is unlikely that anyone else will be treated this way.

Yuanxing Xiang, even if he is not knowledgeable, can guess who is beside Ting Meng by looking at Siyu Su's reaction.

Moreover, they also have their own rules of survival in the newspaper, the Yan family is the existence of a million people who can not be provoked.

Unless ...... unless he doesn't want to hang out in Sea City anymore.

" Yu Si , I think it is better to forget." Yuanxing Xiang advised, he was shocked, those charming thoughts then also scattered.

He was barely a man of the hour in college, but out of society, it is also known that his "glory" what is not, want to get ahead, still need to rely on relationships, Siyu Su helped him, by definition, he helped back also should be.

But Siyu Su is not the one he can afford to mess with, not even the Su family behind Siyu Su.

Siyu Su did not answer, but look at his eyes obviously did not want to give up so, and a moment, he suddenly smiled at Yuanxing Xiang, "What are you afraid of, I became the wife of the Yan family head, you are still afraid of no benefits?"

If it was before, Yuanxing Xiang will still want to turn around and take a look again, now his back sweating, simply do not dare to move, " Yu Si ......"

"You don't believe me?" Siyu Su tapped his finger on the back of Yuanxing Xiang's hand, and his voice slowed down a bit, "I Siyu Su want someone, there is no one I can't get."

Siyu Su indeed knows how to provoke|tease, Yuanxing Xiang should have been annihilated thoughts, in this ambiguous tone, rekindled, he hesitated again.

Siyu Su's heart is clear, Yuanxing Xiang has not escaped his palm in his last life, this life naturally do not want to. Of course, he will not use himself to exchange for his willingness to help him, but there are other ways.

He swept his eyes over there, they had finished eating, Sui Yan was wiping Ting Meng's mouth, both of them looked very natural, obviously Sui Yan did not do this often, each of the three of them are considered excellent, so it was a great pleasure for some people.

Sui Yan beckoned the waiter to come over to pay the bill, his card was sent not long before it was sent back, together with the restaurant's lobby manager, he bowed, but to Ting Meng, "My name is Kai Liang, is the lobby manager, the boss back to his own restaurant to eat, so you don't have to pay."

Kai Liang said this is also a bit helpless, the restaurant and cafe has been transferred to Ting Meng's name for more than two months, but they have not seen the new owner until now, and now it is still through this way.

Ting Meng thought for a while before remembering that there was such a thing, but after that it was Feng Wang who was getting it, and he booked them here probably because of this relationship, Ting Meng's ears reddened and then nodded, "I know, you all have worked hard."

"It's good that the boss is happy to eat."

Kai Liang said and bowed slightly again, he was about to give them back, but was called back by Ting Meng.


Ting Meng thought for a moment before continuing, "I'm the owner and I don't have to pay for my meals, so can I not allow someone to come to my restaurant?"

Ting Meng's request was a bit strange, but Kai Liang answered it anyway.

"Naturally, you can. It's your restaurant, you can make the call."

"Well" Ting Meng nodded in satisfaction, he slowly turned around and pointed his finger at the table Siyu Su was at, "In the future, if he and his friends come, kick them out, they are not entertained in my restaurant."

After Sui Yan came in, Ting Meng's eyes swept over, but Siyu Su was looking at Sui Yan and didn't notice his gaze.

Before Ting Meng thought there was nothing he could do about not wanting to see Siyu Su in a public place, but now it's his store and he can make the decisions, so there's no reason to hold back.

Once Ting Meng pointed, Sui Yan and Mingya Yan also looked over, Sui Yan took a step to the side and stood closer to Ting Meng, the gesture of protection was obvious.

The people at that table were all looking over, and there was no point in Siyu Su trying to hide anymore, so he just stood up, but before he could do anything, Sui Yan grabbed Ting Meng's shoulder and led the others away.

Siyu Su a breath of air in the chest, the face more and more ugly, at this time Kai Liang came over, he did not maintain a lobby manager service class etiquette, he smiled, but his eyes are cold, "two gentlemen, please go to other places to eat, here can not entertain."

"What ...... what?" Siyu Su almost felt like she was hearing things, but Kai Liang's diction was clear, and the meaning was unmistakable.

Siyu Su stood up, and the people around the restaurant looked over, "I'm your guest here!"

His VIP card was also brought to him by Qi Meng, who gave him priority in getting a reservation and the lowest discount.

Kai Liang was not afraid of Siyu Su's attack, he straightened his back and continued, his voice not deliberately amplified, but not too loud, enough to be heard by those listening carefully at other tables around.

"You turned out to be our VIP, but you drugged our boss to assassinate him, so no longer, please go out, you two will not want me to call security up." By then it will not be a good word, but a direct drag out.

Siyu Su was so angry that he was blue in the face, but he was really only released on bail by his dad and had not been cleared of any suspicion.

He grabbed his phone and headed out, Yuanxing Xiang naturally had to follow along.

"Just a moment, you two haven't checked out yet."

Siyu Su footsteps still do not stop, then only Yuanxing Xiang stop, no discount, they ordered expensive, this meal almost a third of his salary, the feeling of pain is inevitable, but he also rely on Siyu Su's interpersonal relationship in the newspaper to stabilize the position, the money he must pay.

Siyu Su chased him out of the glass revolving door on the first floor, Sui Yan's car had just arrived, he asked Ting Meng to get in first, then he got in, Mingya Yan also got in the front seat, Siyu Su subconsciously came this way, just as he was about to catch up to the car, the car drove away.

How can he run on two legs than four wheels, he was furious and kicked a garbage can on the side of the road, "bang", attracted a lot of attention.

In the car Sui Yan pulled Ting Meng back who was still looking backwards, he gently smoothed Ting Meng's forehead hair and then held his hand in his palm.

Ting looked at their clasped hands, and a small smile appeared on his face, "Finally, he's pissed off."

When he said that, not only Sui Yan laughed, but also Mingya Yan in the front seat. Ting Meng's way of being angry with people is very straightforward and rude, but I have to say that it can really make people angry, and it is also the kind of anger that pokes people's pain points.

The key is that Sui Yan also cooperated very well and let Ting Meng take a good look at the effect of his anger.

"Don't worry, I won't let him go," Sui Yan whispered as he rubbed Ting Meng's hand. He hadn't moved until now, so naturally there were some plans, but after these plans, there was no chance of letting Siyu Su go.

Ting Meng sniffed and naturally leaned onto Sui Yan's shoulder, "I'm not worried."

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