Chapter 45: "I will want you, forever."

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Ting Meng continued to stand in the alley for a while, before he turned back to look for Sui Yan, he was so old that he didn't think it was a serious matter that he was lost, but Sui Yan and Xi Ai were going crazy.

Especially before it gets dark, both people are planning to call the police.

"It's my fault, I'm the one who brought you to the flea market ......"

Xi Ai was so ashamed that he was about to bury his own, he could see that Sui Yan was really worried, he had never seen him look so bad, the longer Ting Meng was missing, the harder Sui Yan seemed to control his emotions.

"The hotel can send out, all sent out, wait another half hour, if not found, I will call my brother, I guarantee that people will not be lost."

Sui Yan knew that Ting Meng was not a little girl, but he was not a normal eighteen-year-old boy, and there was no way to tell Xi Ai about his specialness.

" Sui Yan!"

A voice from afar, Sui Yan thought it was his own illusion, he turned around, Ting Meng holding a bouquet of white roses, appeared at the end of the street, waved at him, smiled at him, and walked step by step.

Sui Yan's eyes quickly locked on him, and then took a big step forward, Ting Meng blinked, his steps forward stopped, and soon he was hugged by Sui Yan with the flower, very hard.

" Sui Yan ......"

Ting Meng's words came out and he was smothered tighter in his arms. He guessed Sui Yan would be worried, but he didn't expect to be this worried.

Sui Yan hugged him, his arms trembled slightly|Ting Meng froze, then softened his body and let him hug him, not caring about the bouquet of flowers that he had so easily in his arms.

Sui Yan's arms continue to tighten, as if wanting to embrace people into his blood and bones, and other than that, he can not say a word.

Before he found Ting Meng, he was worried and angry, that is, Ting Meng, he also wanted to teach him a good lesson when he saw him.

Lost in place and waiting for him, how can you follow people running around, what if you meet bad people, what if ...... he dared not think about this one.

But when he saw the person, he was instantly overwhelmed by the fear and ecstasy of the lost and found, except for holding the person tightly, he could not say anything.

" Sui Yan , I'm sorry I scared you."

Ting Meng whispered, rubbing the side of Sui Yan's neck and then kissing him on the cheek.

Sui Yan held Ting Meng for a long time before releasing him. He carefully looked Ting Meng over to make sure he was unharmed, then with a black face, he led him to the hotel.

Sui Yan nods gently as she passes Xi Ai, and then continues to lead the way inside.

Xi Ai's complexion was astonished, and he didn't know whether he should follow, or not.

Ting Meng looked at the side of Sui Yan's face and tried to look back at Xi Ai, but before he could see his face, he was taken into Sui Yan's arms, and the suit jacket he took off directly wrapped around him, and then no one could see him anymore.

Sui Yan still didn't speak to Ting Meng from the time she entered the hotel to the time she entered the elevator and then to the time she entered their room, and it seemed that she wasn't going to say anything to him either.

Gradually, Ting Meng became a little panicked.

He thought Sui Yan would be angry, but he didn't think he would be so angry. He looked at the flowers he was still holding and felt a little lost and scared.

Sui Yan looked at the quiet person in his arms with a slight choke in his throat, the door of the room just closed, he hugged her again, more vigorously than before, Ting Meng's hand bouquet fell to the floor, hands reached out, but finally chose to hug Sui Yan back, did not care about it.

" Sui Yan ......"

Before he could finish his words, Sui Yan lifted his jaw while kissing him.

Sui Yan's kiss was seven parts fierce, two parts lust, and one part restraint, as he swept Ting Meng's lips, that fierce and insistent look giving Ting Meng the illusion that she was about to be devoured.

When Ting Meng's breathing was getting more and more chaotic, Sui Yan let go of her and looked at Ting Meng twice before he picked her up and headed to the bedroom in the suite.

Ting Meng's hand wrapped around Sui Yan's neck, and his expression was more thoughtful, as if he was thinking of how to say something, but while he was thinking, he was already carried back to his room by Sui Yan and put on the bed, and then Sui Yan's kiss pressed down again.

From the forehead all the way to the chin, and then from the side of the neck down, not to say fierce, but also can not say gentle.

Ting Meng gasped lightly and held Sui Yan's head, scratching his hair, but still couldn't stop his next move.

" Sui Yan , are you angry and won't talk to me?"

Ting Meng doesn't mind being intimate with Sui Yan, but the fact that he hasn't spoken to him until now makes him a little worried.

"You're still going to talk to me later, right?"

Sui Yan responded by grabbing a certain sensitive point on his body and biting it gently, with a tongue|head that caused Ting Meng to tremble all over his body, his hand holding Sui Yan's hair tightened slightly, but fearing that it would hurt, he let go and tried to grab the quilt under him, but Sui Yan grabbed it.

Ting Meng's hand was grabbed by Sui Yan above his head and this alternative punishment didn't end there, however Sui Yan didn't want to hurt the person, he confirmed Ting Meng from hair to toe with strokes and kisses, but something still didn't work out.

Ting Meng's eyes were misted with water, the look of being bullied, Sui Yan's heart softened, he reached over to rub Ting Meng's face, but Ting Meng turned her face away, then grabbed the blanket and moved away from Sui Yan's arms, and then wrapped herself up.

Sui Yan's hand did not withdraw, but the darkness in his eyes was darker than when he first met the person before, he thought Ting Meng was also angry, indeed, he should be angry.

Before Sui Yan had time to blame herself, a muffled voice came from under the covers, "If you don't talk to me, I won't talk to you either."

Ting Meng was really sad when he said this, but more strongly, he was afraid that Sui Yan would never talk to him again.

Soon after, he was embraced by Sui Yan and wrapped in her arms, calling out to him in an unspoken tone, " Ting Meng ......"

After Sui Yan called out, Ting Meng got out from under the blanket and hugged Sui Yan's neck tightly, whining in a low voice, "I know I'm wrong, you can scold me or fight with me, don't stop talking to me."

"I'm sad and scared."

"I'm sorry," Sui Yan opened his mouth, but also apologized, he held the person tightly in his arms, Ting Meng back to his side of the real sense of this settled in his heart, "It's my bad."

He was the one who lost the person, but relocated his emotions to Ting Meng. He picked her up with the quilt and patted Ting Meng's back, and he said again sincerely, "I'm sorry."

"Mm," Ting Meng answered, and then the hand that was tightly wrapped around Sui Yan's neck was loosened a bit, "From now on, if you get angry again, you have to talk to me, okay?"

"Good," Sui Yan responded, but it was clear that Ting Meng still did not understand his fear, and he did not open his mouth, not because he did not want to say, but could not open his mouth, but also afraid to say anything to make himself regret.

"Well, then you don't have to apologize," Ting Meng said, not wanting to keep listening to Sui Yan say sorry to him, knowing that he was wrong in the first place.

"I didn't mean to do it."

Ting Meng leaned against Sui Yan's shoulder, his eyes looking at Sui Yan's side face, he spoke slowly but clearly, "I returned the flowers to that person, then I went to look for you, there were too many people, I followed for a while before I realized that the person was not you."

"But he resembles you, at first only the back, then he turned his face, I found that he looks like you too."

The man has a beard on his mouth and a disheveled and disheveled look, but it is undeniable that such a man is not handsome, but in Ting Meng's eyes, the most important thing is that he looks like Sui Yan.

"He was older than you, and I thought it might be Dad, so I followed him up again quietly."

Ting Meng still looked at Sui Yan's reaction, but found that he did not react to anything, and even the strength of his hug did not change. He paused, not understanding what Sui Yan was thinking at the moment, but continued.

"But it didn't take long for him to be discovered again ...... I'm so useless."

Ting Meng repeated the conversation between him and the man, and Sui Yan, and then followed him into silence.

That person is obviously Yu Yan, but he said he did not know Sui Yan, Ting Meng originally did not feel, now see Sui Yan silence, he also some sad. Sui Yan is not wrong, but he has suffered a lot of anger, or anger from those closest to him.

They are right, but so is his Sui Yan.

Sui Yan reached out and rubbed Ting Meng's hair for a long time before saying, "He doesn't know I'm normal."

If he could he would only want him not to exist, if he did not exist, between him and Yue He would not be the situation later, he did not contact the family for so many years, a large part of the reason is also because of him.

Because he was born of a woman he absolutely loathed, it would be hard not to relent in this situation.

"Thank you, though."

Sui Yan said and tilted his head and kissed Ting Meng's brow, his voice also lowered a bit, "It's good that he's alive."

This is not only his hope, but also the hope of the two old men who passed away. The last words Sui Yan's grandfather gave him before he died were, "Don't blame him." At first he thought the "he" was a "she", a Wan He, but now he sees that it should be Yu Yan.

Sui Yan naturally doesn't want to blame anyone, and only the living can be blamed. His grandfather also knows that Yu Yan is alive, or he believes from the bottom of his heart that he is alive, even if he doesn't want to come back and see anyone associated with the past.

After knowing that Wan He didn't like him, he just treated her lightly, maintaining the decency he should have, and then waited for the day when they broke up completely.

It was a feeling, a strong feeling he had since Wan He attempted to control him, because there was no way he would be a puppet on a string in her hands, he was just the son she had given birth to and didn't like, he was a human being.

Ting Meng's feet moved, stretched out from the blanket, and then embraced Sui Yan with his arms and legs, not knowing what to say to comfort Sui Yan, he could only express his feelings with a hug.

"Are you going to have someone find it?"

It's only been an hour or two since he saw Yu Yan. Even if Yu Yan left F, he wouldn't move that fast, so Sui Yan would definitely be able to find him.

Sui Yan, however, shook her head, "I can't find it."

Yu Yan disappeared almost twenty-eight years, these twenty years he is not in vain, otherwise Manjia Yan would not have searched all over F country can not find people, he may have never left F country, or Manjia Yan and Zhenbo Yan surveillance, for him is not useful at all.

He can come to F when he wants to, he always comes and goes as he pleases. The Yan family's men will not be waste, Sui Yan grandfather often said this to him, perhaps in Yu Yan is also fulfilled.

And he wants to see him, not only to go to him this way, there are other ways, such as to find out why he appears frequently in F, such as to find out the current situation of Yue He, such as let the things of that year come to light ......

At that time, Yu Yan will appear without him looking.

This is also what he feels, more strongly than when he broke with Wan He.

Ting Meng was silent again for a moment, then he did not continue this for Sui Yan to say some heavy topic, "he did not let me follow, I did not follow, I came back to look for you did not find, look at the time also found late."

"A little girl told me that it would be easier to get forgiveness if I apologized and had a gift, and I helped the owner at a perfume store, and as payment he gave me money with which I bought flowers."

He wanted to give the bouquet to Sui Yan as a gift, but Sui Yan dragged him back and didn't care much about the bouquet, which was still on the living room floor.

Ting Meng was not without money, on the contrary, both the dividends from Sui Yan's shares and those from Meng family were enough for him to buy the whole store, whether he wanted a perfume store or a flower store.

But Ting Meng felt that it was different and that it was more sincere for him to buy flowers for Sui Yan with the money he earned himself.

"You don't seem to like it?"

Ting Meng asked sullenly, and then without Sui Yan's reply, he himself perked up again, "I'll give you something better later."

Although the bouquet was chosen by him with care, but the flowers in the flower store are limited, even if they are well chosen, they are still not good enough. Sui Yan did not like it for a reason.

Sui Yan's hand slid to the side of Ting Meng's neck and brought him to meet his eyes, then he moved forward slightly and kissed him on the lips, "Like it."

He only saw Ting Meng and didn't have time to care about the flowers in his hand. He didn't know that Ting Meng was specially chosen to make amends to him, and he thought it was another gift from someone else.

Ting Meng's hand around his neck, slightly pulled down a little, the two foreheads against each other, and a moment later, Ting Meng smiled, "That's good."

"Are you still angry?"

Ting Meng nuzzled the tip of his nose against Sui Yan and asked in a small voice, this was the first time he had seen Sui Yan angry, or angry at him.

"Scared?" Sui Yan's embracing hand remained firm, only allowing Ting Meng to move around within the borders of her arms, and it was unlikely that she would want to leave the embrace for the time being.

Ting Meng thought about it, shook her head gently, and nodded again.

"I'm afraid you'll be angry with me all the time and won't talk to me anymore." He was also afraid that Sui Yan would not want him because of this.

Ting Meng's greatest fear, although not said, Sui Yan can see it, he sighed softly, turned his face to his cheek, in his ear solemnly said, "No, I will want you, always want you."

"I remember your words, Sui Yan, and I will always remember them," Ting Meng said, and then hugged Sui Yan even tighter with all her limbs.

"Good," Sui Yan's face finally surfaced a smile, hand on Ting Meng's back gently patted, he did have the suspicion of overreacting, but even at this moment to recall, the fear of self-recrimination is still too strong to ignore.

Ting Meng was important to him, very important. Sui Yan once again made sure of that.

It was a long time before Ting Meng whispered, out of place, "I'm hungry."

Xi Ai has been hesitant to break into the suite after Sui Yan took the man away, he was afraid that Sui Yan would use the same set against them to deal with Ting Meng, but this is his daughter-in-law, how can she be the same as their thick-skinned buddies.

He slipped outside the suite and then the door was opened.

Sui Yan came out with a person, her breath was completely stable, and Ting Meng looked unharmed, so his heart finally fell back slightly.

He opened his hand to give Ting Meng a hug, but only when he opened his hand, Sui Yan's eyes went cold, and then he retracted his hand.

"Meng Meng where have you been? Yan and I are going crazy."

Ting Meng looked at him, then at Sui Yan, and then sincerely apologized, "I'm sorry, it's my fault."

"No, no, no, it's my bad ......"

They said this while heading to the restaurant, and in the end did not come to a conclusion on who was worse off.

Xi Ai's dinner was very generous, and after putting his heart back in his stomach, he became active again, with Sui Yan not answering and Ting Meng occasionally nodding his head. As a price, he was stuffed with dog food by Sui Yan and Ting Meng.

The first thing he did was to take care of his son, which was not as meticulous as Sui Yan's. Anything he could do, he didn't need Ting Meng's hand, so he finally understood that he was worried for nothing before, how could Sui Yan have done anything to Ting Meng.

After dinner, the original river swimming program, Xi Ai also no longer proposed, today the three of them are more or less frightened, Sui Yan now looks recovered, but the degree of recovery is still not clear.

"The driver is at your disposal, just call where you want to go, I'll leave you alone."

Xi Ai also has his own worries. He can't hide from Sui Yan and Ting Meng, so naturally he has to look elsewhere.

At the elevator in front of the restaurant, Sui Yan looked at Ting Meng, "Do you still want to go out for a walk?"

Ting Meng looked at Sui Yan and hesitated for a moment before shaking his head. After such a long time, he only slightly felt some fear, the fear that he was lost and might never see Sui Yan. Therefore, he did not want to go out for the time being.

"Okay, let's go to our room."

Sui Yan gently touched Ting Meng's cheek and then led him to the elevator.

After the shower, the time is still early, Ting Meng lying at the window to see the city's lights, his eyes are very calm, his heart is also very calm, Sui Yan out of the bathroom, also went to the window, will embrace him, Ting Meng's calm suddenly more sparkling ripples.

The two of them hugged each other quietly, and only after a while Ting Meng looked back at Sui Yan, "Shall we go home tomorrow?"

Although F country is fun and Rosebud Manor he likes, but he is clear that this is not their home, their home is in the place where they got married, in Xia State , in Sea City.

"Go home," Sui Yan said and kissed Ting Meng's cheek with his head, and with two hands, Ting Meng turned around, and the two looked at each other, and then slowly approached each other, and the kiss, soft and with the taste of the night wind, lasted for a long, long time, forgetting all about it.

This time the kiss was not only tender but also a little bit of uncontrollable love|lust.

"Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you." Sui Yan whispered in Ting Meng's ear, and then took his earlobe, which was already red, and Ting Meng purred like a cat, and the redness on his face increased a bit.

" Sui Yan ...... Won't we go back to our room?"

"No," Sui Yan answered Ting Meng's words with certainty, gently flipping him over and biting the knot of his throat as he lowered his head, his tongue scraping across it, Ting Meng's half of his body going limp, his eyes widening slightly, the familiar and not yet fully accustomed to the rage of love|lust.

His subconscious reaction was to raise his foot and hook it around Sui Yan's waist, but he felt that something was wrong and wanted to take it back, but Sui Yan already held his foot down and forbade him to take it back, "That's it, don't move."

"Good, good ......" Ting Meng answered, his eyes narrowed slightly, and in his misty vision was Sui Yan's passionate yet restrained look, just as he had looked when he kissed him all over in the evening, only he wasn't in the mood to see it then, but he was now.

The thought of making him happy last night resurfaced, and he moved his hand from the sofa pillow and climbed onto Sui Yan's chest, and he moved forward slightly and kissed him seriously, just like he kissed him with the same intensity and method.

Ting Meng was only halfway through the kiss before he ran out of steam. He grabbed Sui Yan's hand and licked his fingertips, and his kiss was complete.

Last night's drama was too much to make Ting Meng sick, Sui Yan at this point again think also have two points of reason, but Ting Meng to this kind of thing, is a self-taught goblin, is completely to suck him dry for the purpose, he still can tolerate, he is in vain as a man.


"Is it ...... good yet? I think it should be good ......"

Ting Meng is lying on the back of the sofa, toes slightly curled up, his whole body is lightly pink, he is soft on his hands and feet, his whole body is soft, he has been stimulated several times, but Sui Yan is not half stopping.

"Yikes, huh ......"

He managed to get out a full sentence, which then turned into a slightly odd soft call.

"No need to put up with it, I like the sound of your voice."

Sui Yan's arm gently wrapped around Ting Meng's body, holding him up as he tilted over again, and whispered this in his ear.

" Sui Yan ......" Ting Meng tilted his head and called out, seeing a little more red in his eyes, then he called out again, " Sui Yan , Sui Yan ......"

The soft call with some mute color and full of unconscious tenderness is most exciting.

Sui Yan held Ting Meng for a while, he kissed her again, he kissed away the water that had spilled out of Ting Meng's eyes, and then continued to kiss down, softly and with a soothing taste, and some of Sui Yan's feelings that he could not put into words.

Ting Meng actually does not reject such a kiss.

Ting Meng's eyes gradually came into focus, only to dissipate some of the red haze crept back in, his eyes looked straight at Sui Yan, as if trying to determine what from his face.

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