Chapter 1: "When am I getting married?"

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Ting Meng has been told he's a dumb one, probably since he was a governor, and is becoming more and more hopeless.

Slow to crawl, slow to sit, slow to walk, even to learn to speak, and generally when a child speaks one sentence after another, he still has difficulty expressing his needs in monosyllabic syllables.

Quiet, awkward, gloomy ...... a very unpleasant child.

He was taken back from Orphanage by his grandmother at the age of seven and raised until he was fourteen, the same seven years, and his grandmother repeatedly told Ting Meng every day that he was a dumb kid, a food bucket that only ate, and a complete and utter useless loser.

Ting Meng was once terrified of words like useless and useless, so when he was a little more aware, he fearfully tried with all his might to be useful, smart and normal.

In the eyes of outsiders, he did, free from the shackles of "waste", but only he knows that those so-called "useful", in fact, is overdrawn his heart and life in exchange for.

He died, to be precise, he died of exhaustion.

He died of exhaustion, also known as "sudden death" or "overwork", after two days in the lab at Meng family's private base, just as he was about to produce his results.

He vividly remembers the feeling that his heart was strangled by an invisible hand, his throat was choked by the pressure coming from all sides, suffocating like drowning, he could feel the condition of his body, but could only meet death awake and powerless.

He died at the age of twenty-eight.

Now, he is alive again, not saved and awakened in the operating room, but back to his seventeenth year.

He was the "product" of his college student mother and her married husband, Mr. San Meng, who ended up not wanting him, and was born less than three days after his birth mother threw him at the door of the orphanage, where he was raised until he was seven years old. They raised him until he was 14 years old and sent him to a closed high school for three years.

It was here that Ting Meng encountered a darkness more horrific than hunger and curses, and it was here that he escaped the shackles of "waste" and got into the university and major that his grandmother and the Meng family wanted him to get into. After graduation, he was sent directly to the Meng family's laboratory and began to experiment and mix fragrances day and night until he died of exhaustion in the laboratory.

Live to twenty-eight years old, but in fact a few words can be summed up, that is, he himself also feel that the life is boring monotonous, nothing to remember in particular.

Once, Ting Meng how much he expected to be "useful", now how much he feared such "useful", he no longer wanted to be exhausted, that feeling is too terrible, not only he experienced death, but also his reborn wake up this month.

He just a little sleep, the suffocation and powerlessness will come again, he woke up alive, this is still good, more terrible is that many times, he could not wake up, in between sleep again and again to experience that sense of powerlessness and fear of facing death.

After suffering a month of such torture, Ting Meng can still test well is strange, of course, bite a tooth, it is not so bad, but he could not find he let bite the teeth to survive the reason, he did not want to "useful", he when "waste" is good.

When he got the report card, the family also received it, and then Uncle Wen, the right butler beside Master Meng, called Ting Meng, the second call he received in the three years he came to this high school.

The next morning, a car was parked in front of the school, and soon after, a man in a suit came to the school to do the paperwork for Meng Ting, who was to be picked up and taken out of the prison like school.

" Ting Meng!"

When the class teacher called Ting Meng out, the whole class cast a pitying and wary glance at him, generally speaking, being called out by the class teacher is not a good thing, closed or running exercises for everyone in this school, as a matter of routine, but also the most useful means of punishment.

So the students in this school face the teachers and the head teacher, than a mouse to see the cat is more well behaved, but this does not mean that these students are all well behaved, on the contrary the law of the jungle here than any school, want not to be bullied, weakness absolutely can not have.

Ting Meng, who was thin but not short, sat in the penultimate row. As he got up and passed the table in front of him, a thick leg of the tall and strong body member crossed in front of him, and he raised the corner of his mouth provocatively and looked straight at Ting Meng.

Generally speaking, Ting Meng is found, but also must give him this face tripped on the ground, otherwise ...... have him well.

He was sent to this school less than half a year ago, by strong physique as a senior class two in addition to the class president of the second hand, he wanted to make a move on the back table who never gave a damn about him for a long time, but because the class president of Ting Meng inexplicable awe, let him hesitate for some days, now, he still decided to make a move.

Ting Meng's gaze only swept from his fat body, he did not reach his face before retracted, and then raised his foot kicked him in the calf, looking at what force was not used, but the body committee "ow" scream, fierce foot back, hit the edge of the table foot, and again "ow! "A" sound.

The pain is real, some people think he is faking it, but some people don't dare to think so, not because of him, but because of Ting Meng.

Nearly half of the students in Ting Meng's class, who have been with him for three years, vaguely recall Ting Meng's first six months of school, almost no day without injuries, but gradually, the old bullies in the school, when they saw him, they went around.

Their class president has never tried to provoke Ting Meng so far, Ting Meng in their class has always been the existence of the invisible boss, although he himself may not have had such an understanding, and today the goofy big guy of the sports committee, actually tried to provoke him, which did not taste the bitterness.

Ting Meng continued to walk forward after he retrieved his foot, and then followed behind the class teacher until he met the Meng family's visitor.

The class teacher seemed to want to say something to Ting Meng, but Ting Meng just looked at him and said nothing as well, and there was nothing to say. He followed directly behind the man in the suit and just left without saying goodbye, just as he had done before.

Ting Meng also knows that from this moment on, he has embarked on a completely different path from his previous life, the path of the Meng family "waste".

The man in the suit finally looked back at Ting Meng for a moment as he walked out of the campus gate, "Young Master Seven, please get in."

Ting Meng heard the words and raised his eyes to look at him, then opened the back seat door and sat up, and the man in the suit only when Ting Meng raised his eyes, looked at him clearly, and at the same time was a little stunned|beautiful.

A blue and white sports school uniform, and the young ladies living in this home are not wearing comparable at all, but Ting Meng height legs long, but also do not see difficult to seem, a short black hair, with some natural slightly curly, the face is a little too pale, but the features are surprisingly delicate, especially the eyes, eyes with peach blossom, born wind|flow phase.

He somewhat understands why the main family still bothered to pick up this waste of less than two percent in the entrance exam.

The man in the suit pursed his lips, walked to the other side, opened the car door, sat next to Ting Meng, and then said to the driver who had been waiting for an hour, "Drive."

The driver sniffed and nodded gently before the sedan started up.

This is a suburb of a prefecture-level city, a three-hour drive from Sea City, where the Meng family is located, and with some delay after entering the city, it would take them roughly four or five hours to reach the Meng family's old house.

"My name is Zhong Meng."

Zhong Meng waited for a long time, but did not wait until Ting Meng opened his mouth to ask him something, so he had to introduce himself, but Ting Meng only shifted his gaze, still ignoring his intention.

Zhong Meng heart gently tsk, this has not yet to Meng family, and he posed Meng family young master's frame.

"I am considered your cousin uncle." A table of three thousand miles, change the main family in front of any young master and young lady, Zhong Meng absolutely do not dare to say so.

"You are ranked seven in the Meng family grandchildren, upwards the first young master and the third young lady are born to the first lady, your cousin and cousin, the second young master and the eighth young lady are born to the second lady, the third young master and the fourth young master are born to the third lady, the third lady is your father's original wife, as for the fifth young master, the sixth young lady... ...are the same as you."

The same what? The same are illegitimate children or illegitimate daughter, need to be raised outside until the age of 16 or 17, only to be recognized back to the master's children, he is afraid that there are and he quietly raised the same.

Meng family now or Meng Laozi is the head of the family, only in the past few years gradually release some power to his eldest son and second son's hands, as for the third son of this prodigal son, is he also can not manage over, more than 40 years old, lace news on the uninterrupted.

The fact that he has been found or recovered again and again is nothing new in the Meng family or even in Sea City circles.

The Meng family is the first time that the Meng family's illegitimate son was exposed, he immediately found his three sons and daughters-in-law and established his so-called rules.

He couldn't let the Meng family's bloodline stray, but he wouldn't give these children the right to inherit the Meng family's property, and they weren't even allowed to be taken back to the main family to raise them, they were all kept outside and only brought back when they were almost adults, those who could be used to help the family, and those who couldn't, were used for business alliances.

In short, no matter how many illegitimate sons and daughters the Meng family has, they cannot threaten the rights and status of the main family's few legitimate children.

He has said so, several ladies again have a grievance, but also do not dare to openly again some what.

The eldest son Yihang Meng and the second son Yigui Meng are competing for the succession of the head of the family, and are not keen on women having children, but the third son Yide Meng is very much in the style of Master Meng when he was young, the red flag at home does not fall, the colorful flag fluttering outside, and has made one illegitimate child after another.

The union between Yide Meng and his original wife Xuejun Han was originally a business marriage, and apart from the two children they had during their first two years of marriage, they have since gone their separate ways.

However, compared to the family is openly placed on the two big and small wives of Master Meng, Yide Meng also dare not get the third and fourth to the family, so far also received back a few illegitimate children, or almost adult.

Of course, he may not care much about these is it, the mother of those illegitimate children, married married, is not married, but also has long been old and decrepit, there are young girls to attract him, as for these children with half of his bloodline, there are also long ago the rules of Master Meng there, he did not particularly favor anyone, to the point of disobeying the old man for him.

Ting Meng didn't mean to leave Zhong Meng hanging, either, as he struggled to scrape his brain for what little information he had about the Meng family.

Ting Meng spent seven years accepting that he was an orphan, then seven years being read by his grandmother, accepting the fact that he was a bastard, and in addition to the three years he spent fighting in a closed high school, he spent another ten or so years proving that he was better suited to be a "loser".

Even after being reborn for more than a month, he is confused about his current situation and future.

But after all, he also lived more than a lifetime, he knew he could not and should not show this confusion, Meng family Benjiah do not have to think much, you know that is more than closed schools, more than a thousand times more complex than the experimental base, and with his kind of natural stupid qualifications, to play the estimate is difficult.

Zhong Meng rambled on some more, but introduced Ting Meng to Yide Meng's original spouse Xuejun Han and his nominal siblings, some places that he should avoid paying attention to, these are also what Uncle Wen explained Zhong Meng to tell Ting Meng.

But Ting Meng this apparently wandering look, Zhong Meng also want him to get out of temper, anyway, his obligation is to do, Ting Meng do not listen to provoke who, the bad luck is not him, regardless of his love to listen to it.

Zhong Meng finally closed his mouth, and Ting Meng was able to ask what he wanted to ask.

"When am I getting married?"

"Ahem ......" Zhong Meng was choked by Ting Meng's straightforward question, but finally swept him another glance, ignoring what he had already experienced of Ting Meng's sullen to suffocating nature, and just looking at his face. Meng family are not likely to let him marry freely, he is a bit sober about his future, not to do what the gentry son daydream to go.

Ting Meng watched Zhong Meng choke on his words, somewhat unable to understand, he changed his question again, "How can I marry someone as soon as possible?"

Anyway, in the end can not get rid of the fate of the marriage union, he wanted to marry early, early from Meng family, and then seek a way out, otherwise, with his own is unable to escape the control and manipulation of Meng.

It took Ting Meng a month to clarify this more realistic or easily achievable goal, which is, to marry someone.

Ting Meng straightforward, Zhong Meng also can not follow straightforward, he weighed the words, "you go back to the main home, Uncle Wen will invite people to give you lessons, you follow the learning on it, as for ...... have to see the right opportunity it."

Zhong Meng said with a twinkle in his eyes, in fact, so anxious to take Ting Meng back to the main family, because recently there is an opportunity, but that kind of thing, not he can know in detail, he can hear a little wind even if it is good.

But he thinks it's likely that this Ting Meng has really hit the nail on the head, and he shouldn't be too long away from marrying someone, if it goes well.

Ting Meng nodded, he had always lacked a proper understanding of his own appearance and had never felt good looking, or rather, he didn't understand what good looking was.

He didn't say anything else, but he was already distressed about the next classes he might be assigned to.

He is not only not smart, but also not very normal, for many people will learn those, he is clumsy not a little bit, fighting is not counted, potions and perfumes is the only thing he can count so far, but those have been overshadowed by overwork, this life, he is not going to touch again.

But if he wants to marry successfully, he can't expose his shortcomings too early.

The tip of his eyebrows frowned slightly, but really distressed, he is not only a lot of shortcomings, but also not very good at talking, not to mention the difficult things like cheating, he estimated that he is the most frustrated and useless reborn people ever.

Zhong Meng abruptly shifted his eyes away, but some dare not look at Ting Meng up, beauty stare what, the killing power is not generally large, almost to his previous ignored by Ting Meng out of the fire to scatter light.

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